Best Fitness BFFT10 Functional Trainer

Best Fitness BFFT10 Functional Trainer

  • Smaller Functional Trainer Footprint
  • 19 vertical pulley adjustments
  • Single 190 lb weight stack
  • Integrated Straight Chinning Bar
  • Best Fitness IN HOME ONLY Warranty, 3 years on Frame, 1 year on Parts


Best Fitness Functional Trainer

The BFFT10 brings affordable functional training to customers of all exercise levels. The BFFT10 features adjustable pulleys which swivel 180 degrees providing a wide variety of starting positions. The 190lb weight stack is challenging for most users. The no cable change design allows you to go from exercise to exercise quickly. Two adjustable nylon cable handles are included with the unit.

Reviews of Best Fitness BFFT10 Functional Trainer

Review 1: Used it for a year so far, definitely recommend

I’ve had this for a year now, overall very satisfied with it. I use it every 2 or 3 days for 30-60 minutes each time…non-stop succession of a variety of exercises, I run through somewhere around 20 different exercises. Very smooth movement…gym quality feel.

**This equipment is not for ‘getting huge’, but it will definitely build muscle. It’s for increasing strength and tone, through a huge variety of exercises, in your home…it’s excellent for that. Small footprint, and not too tall for a normal room. A lot of functional trainers and cable crossovers are too tall for a normal ceiling height, which is another reason I opted for this model.

The weights can get a little light for some movements after a while — I just slow down and increase the reps. It’s all about time on the muscle.

Assembly was very straight forward, a little time consuming, but nothing mechanically challenging. *tip: don’t over tighten the pulleys or you’ll create drag/friction…they need to spin freely*

Delivery was quick, no damaged or missing parts. I ordered a couple of extra accessories (a triceps rope, a straight bar, and a bent bar), to bump up my exercise options. With the adjustable post locations, and a couple of accessories, there are plenty of exercises to change up your workouts.

As far as maintenance, just have to occasionally lube the pulleys, which are all exposed and easy to get to. After a year, the cables are in solid shape, no issues. Only thing I’ve had to do besides the pulleys is tighten some slack in the cables, which stretched a little bit after the first couple of weeks.

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Bottom line, this is an excellent, very affordable, home-sized piece of equipment, smooth movement, with a huge number of exercises, and plenty of resistance to gain/maintain strength, and tone. People reviewing negatively complaining about the weights not being heavy enough should not have bought this model in the first place. My experience with the purchase/shipment, etc., was very good.
Definitely recommend this functional trainer.

Review 2: Four stars for this very good home cable machine

Four stars for this very good home cable machine. It goes together fast and I was impressed with the construction. The cable routing is a little odd and therefore I give it one less star. The range of motion to me seems less than it should be. I find I hit the stops quite soon and I’m a small guy. On that note I do think if you are used to doing a lot of weight this may not work for you. I’m 150 lbs and I can use all but three of the plates single handed.

If you’re a big buy you’re going to run out of weight quick. Also the weight is split between the cables so if you two hand it it’s even less. This is for the average to smaller guy who likes to put cables into his circuit. I would not recommend this for the power lifter, not enough weight.

Review 3: Good quality, easy fix to add extra weight

I really worried about buying this based on another reviewer but I am glad I did. Do a search , you might be able to find it cheaper. It was relatively easy to put together, I stressed on the cable diagram but it was really easy. The machine has a small foot print, smooth pull.


A cheap easy way to add more weight is by inserting a 3/8x12inch threaded rod, less than $5 at home depot, through top plate hole, add a 45 plate to each side, add a large grommet/washer to keep plate from moving, up to 90 extra pounds.There is a straight long bar attachment available on amazon that costs about $40 so you can do a lot more exercises, including standing bench press and standing arm curls.

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