Knee Brace by NeotericBody
Knee Brace by NeotericBody

Knee Support Brace For Meniscus, ACL, Arthritis, Running, Basketball, Sports, Ligament Pain Relief – Open Patella Stabilizing Knee Wrap – Neoprene Brace For Men & Women

  • PREMIUM CONSTRUCTION & ENHANCED SUPPORT: Made out of durable, 4 mm neoprene, our knee brace is, on average, 25-35% THICKER than its mass-made counterparts, offering superior knee support and stabilization, while aiding in attaining pain relief and improved mobility. Ventilated for 5 WHOLE days, post-manufacturing, our brace is FREE of chemical odors, while, thanks to our superior quality neoprene fabric’s breathability, our brace will NOT cause chafing or discomfort to your knee area!
  • STEEL STABILIZERS FOR A FULL RANGE OF MOTION: Most knee braces on the market, even the so-called premium ones, feature cheaper, metal or plastic stabilizer versions and sometimes even lack these protective features completely. On the contrary, the NeotericBody brace provides superior knee protection, backed by its unique, angled flat spring coiled stainless steel stabilizers, allowing you to effortlessly participate in sports and outdoor activities, WITHOUT impeding natural leg flexibility!
  • EXPERT KNEE FIT, UTMOST CONVENIENCE: Forget bulky, bunching knee braces, outfitted with many, useless straps! Our knee brace measures 12.5 – 18 inches (One Size – Fits Most) around the kneecap, glides over on your knees and stays firmly in place, without the need of any silicone “stay up” grips! Featuring a smart, open patella EVA gasket, our brace stabilizes your ACL, PCL, LCL, and MCL ligaments, while keeping your patella in the right position, resulting in fully mobile knees!
  • MADE FOR VERSATILITY & EXCELLENCE: Revel in pain-free movement, without compromising your agility or flexibility. Participate in sports, take up running and improve your rehabilitation regimen for meniscus, ACL, MCL, or other knee and ligament injuries, by wearing the NeotericBody knee brace. Our hi-tech brace design guarantees knee stabilization, helping in preventing the incidence of knee injuries, while remaining tremendously comfortable, throughout wear.
  • SATISFACTION GUARANTEED: Make a wise investment and gain back what your knee issues have robbed you of, by getting the most thoroughly developed knee brace on the market, whose R&D and advanced manufacturing result in a product which is THRICE as costly to manufacture as common braces – yet remains affordable! Consult our size guide and ensure that our brace is the perfect match for you! Purchase Now The Best, Premium Neoprene Knee Brace Support On Amazon!


The New Way To An Active Life: Introducing The 12.5 – 18″ NeotericBody Knee Brace

At NeotericBody, we manufacture our braces with your comfort and convenience in mind.

Breathable, lightweight and tremendously efficient, due to the combination of 4 mm neoprene, an open patella and QUADRUPLE Stainless Steel Spring Stabilizers, this brace contours around your knee and retains its shape, through many washes – and for many years to come!

Treat Yourself To The Benefits Of Wearing The NeotericBody Knee Brace:

• Boosted blood circulation in the knee area;
• Lasting pain relief;
• Knee & leg muscle, joint and ligament rejuvenation;
• Reduces the incidence of cramps, tendonitis, knee- and leg-related injury flare-ups;
• Improved mobility, flexibility and agility, allowing participation in sports and everyday activities, with incomparable ease.

Get your own knee brace, today, and consider purchasing several more, to help ease life for loved ones struggling with leg weakness.

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A Farewell To Knee Pain

This knee brace is a small investment with priceless returns – your quality of life.

From the first moment of onwards, you will be able to make the most of every day, armed with the most impressive mobility accessory on the market: the NeotericBody knee brace.

Don’t Be Constricted – Be Proactive.

Click Add To Cart Now & Stand Back Up On Your Feet, With Renewed Confidence!

NOTE: Should you have a pre-existing knee or leg injury/condition, consult with your physician, prior to purchase. This product is not intended to substitute therapeutic regimens, or treat any health issues.

DISCLOSURE: Made of Neoprene. DO NOT buy/wear in case of a Neoprene allergy.

Reviews of Knee Brace by NeotericBody

Review 1: but this has made my situation so much better. It stays in place all day and it’s …

3-17-16 I really need to have my knee replaced, but this has made my situation so much better. It stays in place all day and it’s so easy to adjust. I highly recommend it. I’ll try to write another review in a few weeks …see if I feel the same after using it for a while.

3-24-16 I found that by the end of the day part of the brace irritates a small portion of my knee… solution …I fold a plush wash cloth twice ( 4 thicknesses) and place it between the brace and my knee. Make sure to cover the part that’s irritated.

It’s awkward and takes a few minutes but then I can wear it 24 hours and it’s still comfortable. It has helped so much and is well worth the price. I have done it with a single fold ( 2 thicknesses) and it works fine… experiment for yourself and see which works best for you.

Review 2: Comfy knee brace that offers great support.

I have such horrible knees, even at 27! I have had issues for the longest time with my knees, though. I can remember in middle school having the hardest time getting up off the gym floor in PE. And long car rides in our truck were the worst, I would have to stretch my leg out to the other side by my little brother(he still thinks I just did it to bug him).

Recently in the past 2 years, I finally went to the doctors about my knee and other joint issues. They said my blood test came back okay but I guess over the coming years things can get worse. Being a mommy of a 4-year-old little boy I am always on the go. I can not let my knees get the best of me and take away those fun times with my son or the memories in the making.

Luckily I found this adjustable neoprene knee brace that has been awesome! It has helped me so much on the days where my knees do not seem to be having their best. This knee Brace is one size fits most, but unless you are some huge giant it will work just fine for you.

There are Velcro straps on the top and bottom. So you can adjust them exactly how you like and feel works best for yourself and your knee. The high-quality neoprene of this knee brace will not chafe or itch when you wear fit against your skin. I tested this out with one of our days while outside working on our garden with my son.

The knee brace is designed with quadruple spring stabilizers, there are two on either side of the brace which means maximum support for your knee. The brace has the ability to stabilize your knee and also stretches enough with your knee to allow the best stability without pinching your skin.

This knee brace has offered my knee the best support compared to any other knee brace that I have tried in the past. This one gives me such great support on me knee but allowing me to still move around and get through my daily activities. Also, this brace has been very sturdy and is lightweight and super comfy, almost makes me forget that I have it on. If you or anyone you knows​ are in need of a great knee brace then you should check out this knee brace!

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Review 3: Great for leg pain nice to wear after long bike rides four legs and the lower back.

I’m a bicyclist and generally ride about 10 miles a day on a mountain bike outside on a mountain, and I purchased two of these leg braces and wanted to tell you that I have seen such relief with the recovery of my knees and my back after riding. I would not change these eg braces for anything on the planet. I can do a ride and not put the leg braces on after work and I end up hurting so bad that by the middle of the night I’m hurting badly enough that I’m unable to sleep half of the night because I’m in pain.

I don’t often forget to put these leg braces on, but I do every now and then, and I am truly punished for it with pain. When I do put the leg braces on,particularly if I put them on within an hour or so after doing my daily ride, I can feel the difference as soon as I put them on my legs because the legs feel so comfortable in these braces that I think they don’t have a chance to get uncomfortable and painful because they’re too busy getting comfortable and forgetting all that pain when the braces are on. I don’t know if that makes sense at all, but I’ll sum it up with very clear words and very quickly… I would not trade my leg braces for anything.

I enjoyed learning how to use these leg braces and finding the exact fit that was right for me. I definitely have enjoyed wearing the leg braces after my daily ride everyday, and I really, really am punished physically on the days that I either forget or don’t have enough time to put the leg braces on and leave them on. I like to put them on and keep them on for at least a couple of hours, but some nights I actually leave them on all evening and sleep in them because they are that comfortable, and they really do relieve the pressure on the muscles and bones.

They really do prevent the legs from going through a lot of pain. They actually even do relieve some lower back pain that I’ve noticed I have gotten a few times. Sometimes I’ll get the pain in my lower back, and that’s before I put the leg braces on for my legs, and the leg braces will alleviate that back pain and have a good evening and not suffer through the evening, so I recommend them highly, and I hope that anyone who suffers from overworked legs for whatever reason… I hope that to alleviate some of the pain that they’ll try these out. Good luck with it.

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