Metolius - Super Chalk
Metolius – Super Chalk

  • Refillable or our non-refillable Standard sock for gym or home use
  • Reduces dust

A refillable or non-refillable chalk sock containing the #1 selling brand of climbing chalk in America.

Reviews of Metolius – Super Chalk

Review 1: Great chalk, decent bag but too big pieces

Works well, comes in a decent relatively thick plastic bag with a good ziploc-style seal (very important to prevent spillage). If I have one complaint it would be that the chalk is way too “chunky” to use without breaking it up.

While I understand the value of having the chunks having them smaller so I didn’t have to dup out the bag and break them up myself would be a big plus. Overall great product – would recommend and buy again.

Review 2: Good lifting chalk/poor for climbing

This chalk, for the price was perfect. My one complaint is I had ordered it for climbing and not lifting. It’s a very smooth and fine chalk (even the chunks break smoothly…silky is another word to use). I find this to be very effective for lifting, but when it comes to climbing, I prefer a chalk with a bit more grit.

Let my team use it, and they agree, it’s just too fine for climbing. Don’t get me wrong, its not terrible for climbing, it dries your hands just fine, but again, myself and my team, we prefer a bit of grit.

Review 3: Great for Powerlifting

Overall, this chalk bag works well for me in my weightlifting application. However, it is intended for bouldering or rock climbing and given this use, I would rather have a bag of pure chalk to ensure I get as much grip as possible.

For weightlifting in a public gym at my college, this works pretty well. What I am trying to accomplish with this bag of chalk, as opposed to a solid chalk brick (which I use at my home gym), is to not make a mess. I do not know if my gym allows chalk, but I’d rather just not ask to avoid someone telling me I cannot use it.

So I use it responsibly and without drawing attention to myself. Given the world we live in today, they would probly ask me to not use it so I do not agrivate someone’s allergies around me. Its comical to think about, but people are ridiculous.

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This bag of chalk gets an adequate amount on your hands, providing a significantly better grip. Someone like me really needs these benefits as my hands sweat pretty bad, especially when exerting myself in activities such as powerlifting. It is not as good as the sold chalk block but it gets the job done.

As previously noted, it does a nice job at keeping things clean as long as common sense is used and you do not pound the bag into oblivion, sending clouds of chalk across the gym. The other benefit to the bag is that it will conserve the chalk a little bit longer. I have had mine for about 6 months and it is about halfway full. Not bad. At it has a drawstring closure so you can refill it and it does not leak as it keeps a tight seal.

I recommend this bag for those in this situation. If you are simply looking for the best performance, a chalk block will be a lot better as it has a much better capability to cause build up on the bar. The chalk build up helps improve grip even more.

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