Sport Gym Lock Jaw Olympic Barbell Collars
Sport Gym Lock Jaw Olympic Barbell Collars

  • Material: high quality ABS
  • Solid Frame Construction
  • Exceptional durability
  • inner Diameter: 5cm
  • Will not damage chrome coatings


Material: high quality ABS.
Solid Frame Construction.
Exceptional durability
Fully Captured Pressure Pad.
Will not damage chrome coatings.
inner Diameter: 5cm
package includes:
2 x Barbell Collars

Reviews of Sport Gym Lock Jaw Olympic Barbell Collars

Review 1: Way better than spring clamps

I bought a used Olympic weight set a few days ago, and it came with spring clamps. Maybe because my barbell sleeve is 50 mm in diameter, and the spring clamps are 2″ (which is a slightly different size), but the clamps sucked. They would not keep the weights in place, as they just kept moving around.

This was a big issue for me, as I do power cleans and power snatches, which require the weight to be moved quite rapidly. On the first day of working out, the spring clamps gave way, and the weight on the barbell flew off, luckily missing the plasma TV in the basement, where I work out. I went ahead and ordered these immediately, and with Prime, the shipping was free, and the lock jaw clams were actually delivered the next day (less than 18 hours later).

These work way better than the old clamps, as the weight is secure, and I can fling the barbell about freely, without worrying about the TV and the game consoles located a few feet away. The clamps feel heavy duty to me, and doesn’t feel like they would snap off any time soon. I would still buy a replacement, if any of them break.

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Review 2: I’m happy

They don’t necessarily work at keeping the weights on the bar any better than the typical metal clips. During a WOD with high reps, I still have to re-tighten them like I would with the regular clips, but they are faster and easier than those. So, I am happy with them.

I’ve heard some of the really heavy-duty lock Jaw-type clips are really hard to fasten on (but they hold the weights tight), so these are a good compromise IMO. When Oly lifting (lower reps), I rarely have to re-adjust them.

Review 3: Ready to Pump You Up!

I’m glad I didn’t “cheap out” on spring clips, as I had considered doing to save a few bucks. I decided I didn’t want to have to shimmy the clips on and off the bar between sets, so I bought the lock jaws. This product looks rugged, feels solid, and the design exudes toughness – a minor point for sure, but when you clamp them down and look at them, you’re fueled to pump some iron. These collars have a solid lock and feel very durable. I’m very happy with this purchase.

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