Monkey Hands – All Natural Hand Goo Designed to Combat Hand Rips

High quality hand salve to help combat hand rips. Ideal for Gymnasts, Crossfit Athletes, Rock Climbers, Weight Lifters, etc.

Every ingredient is not just all-natural and high quality, but also work together to deliver the right amount of moisture, protection and healing properties.

Product contains: Lanolin, Benzoin, Shea Butter, Cocoa Butter, Eucalyptus Oil, Orange Oil, Jojoba Oil, Grape Seed Oil

  • Used to combat hand rips
  • Monkey Hands is all-natural and high quality
  • Ideal those of us suffering from torn up hands due to working out. i.e. Gymnasts, Crossfit Athletes, Rock Climbers
  • All ingredients work together to deliver the right amount of moisture and protection
  • Formulated for tough hands

Apply a small amount to hands and massage into skin just after a workout or before bed. We recommend applying at least 2-3 times daily for best results.

Reviews of Monkey Hands

Review 1: This is a must-have for every crossfitter!

I’ve been Crossfitting for 2 years now, and have turned my soft lady hands into those of a lumberjack. I have a callus on every section of my fingers and at the tops of my palms. I’ve tried every callus remedy available on the market and this was the only product to give me results OVERNIGHT.

I used the salve on my hands overnight after showering, as per the instructions, and I woke up with new hands (nearly). My hands do occasionally peel from the friction of the weights and bars, but the calluses are nearly gone/softened and my skin is more supple than before. Since it is made of all natural ingredients, it smells like a mash up of honey, orange, and eucalyptus – which is an incredible scent to fall asleep to. I’ve recommended this to all the members in my local crossfit community and those who have purchased it love it too!

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Review 2: Monkey Hands isn’t just for cross fit!!

I have been painting and doing a lot of rough house work/remodel and my hands have been so torn, barely have cuticles left! I just heard about Monkey Hands and tried it. . . INSTA SMOOTH and my hands feel better, total relief. Being from Chicago, with the wind and frigid weather, my elbows, knees, hands and just all over body is cracked and broken. With Monkey Hands, I am HEALING! This product is phenom!!

Review 3: Does what it says it does!

It has a nice scent to it and a little goes a LONG way! Less is more here and it brings my hands back to life in a couple of days!


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