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Primo Chalk – The world’s Best Chalk for Athletes

  • LASTS ABOUT TWICE AS LONG with half the amount you are used to using from plain magnesium carbonate chalk
  • SUSTAINABLY SOURCED AND TRUSTED in NFL and NCAA weight rooms. Our customers include professional and collegiate teams with coaches that know their lifting chalk!
  • ESSENTIAL OILS your condition skin and provide natural protection against tearing and dryness common from plain weight lifting chalk
  • DRAMATICALLY IMPROVES GRIP with fine grind gym chalk and high quality natural epsom salts
  • FRESHENS SHOES, BAGS AND ANYTHING ELSE you choose. Our climbing chalk has a unique blend of essentials oils that create a pleasant “Primo” scent

Primo Chalk is different and we’ve found that it’s often helpful for customers to get some tips on how to get the full experience. So, here goes!

  1. If possible, It’s a good idea to wash your hands to get the oils and stuff off before you use chalk. You don’t have to but it could improve your experience and work out. We’ve found that this is especially true when climbing and doing Crossfit.
  2. Get a little, knock off the excess and work it into your hands. More is not usually better with Primo.
  3. Keep the package closed when not in use. Moisture from the air gets absorbed and will change chalk (not just Primo) over time.
  4. if you bought loose chalk in one of our buckets, we recommend dispensing some into a smaller container. It’s a real bummer if someone knocks over a bucket of loose chalk on your gym floor.
  5. Finally!! wash your hands after working out. That’s good practice anyway. Even better though, when using Primo Chalk, our essential oils go into overtime and condition your skin when you do!

We created Primo climbing chalk with organic essential oils and high grade epsom salt. Primo Chalk is antibacterial and conditions skin. Weight lifters and Crossfitters have reported that Primo gym chalk reduces and even prevents rips and tears. It provides a strong, lasting grip with less than your usual lifting chalk.

It also smells great! Try putting some Primo Chalk in your shoes, bag or anything else that’s getting stinky! Preferred by athletes around the globe. Made in the USA. Contains no harsh chemicals and no antibiotics.

Reviews of Primo Chalk

Primo Chalk Review 1: Great grip and fabulous lavender scent

This is my new favorite chalk. I keep a bag of this in my garage where I work out at home and it works wonders for weight lifting, pull ups, wall balls, etc. I use it straight out of the bag and also have a medium sized chalk bag that I hang up on one side so I don’t knock this big bag over. The lavender smell is great and I love the antibacterial properties. The grip is also VERY good with this chalk, and is superior to the chalk that came with my bag, which is why I dumped that out and use this instead.

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Primo Chalk Review 2: The best chalk you’ll ever use and the only chalk you’ll ever buy

I have had my eye on buying the 5lb tub of primo chalk for quite some time and it certainly DID NOT disappoint.
I lift weights and I also indoor rock climb so I am constantly testing my finger/ hand strength which means I’m always tearing the skin off my hands.
I have used other brands of chalk which do the job but Primo Chalk is in its own category. The chalk is so fine that you only need a bit of it to cover both hands (finger tips to palms). I find that a quick layer of chalk will last me through at least 2 set of me lifting weights or at least through one route of climbing holds at my local climbing gym. I find that after my workouts once i was washed the chalk off my hands that my hands feel softer.
I have noticed that other reviews say that they notice a cinnamon or lavender smell. I don’t get that from my chalk but i will say that it smells clean/ pure it definitely a different smell than other chalk brands.

I say if you are trying to decide what chalk to use Primo Chalk is he only way to go and if you buy the 5lb tub, and your the only one using it, it’ll be the only chalk you’ll ever need.

Primo Chalk Review 3: worth it

Expensive, but worth it. Everyone who dips their hand into my chalk pause for a moment and go “wow”, followed by “this is amazing!”

And from there, people get divided into two categories: 1. the ones that keep borrowing it, and I often catch them with their hands in my chalk with a guilty look, or 2. the ones that apologize for “wasting” my good chalk and don’t want to use it at all, hah!

It took me about 6 months to use up a 1 lb bucket, climbing 4 days a week and lots of people using it.

In other news, I haven’t been close to getting a flapper since I switched to this chalk. Sure, I maintain my skin, but… there might be some credence to the claims of skin conditioning.

I’m ordering the 5 lb bucket now!


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