ProSource Premium Quality Yoga Blocks
ProSource Premium Quality Yoga Blocks (Set of 2), 9 x 6-Inch/Large, Black

  • Provides assistance for getting into poses safely, extending your reach, and working toward greater flexibility.
  • Reduces injury and muscle strain by offering sturdy support and allowing for proper body alignment.
  • Flexible high-density foam offers a non-stick surface and the lightweight design is great for travel and carrying.
  • Solid structure, contoured edges, and a soft surface ensure optimal grip and comfortable stability.
  • Comes in a set of 2 large blocks, size 4” x 6” x 9” and 0.7 lb. total; available in a variety of colors to suit your style.

Boost your yoga practice with ProSource yoga blocks. These blocks will safely allow you to reach deeper into your poses, while maintaining proper form and alignment. They will accommodate your level of flexibility which can be important for beginners or for more experienced yogi’s to perfect challenging poses.

Use them at home, take them with you to the studio and surprise others or pack them in the bag and take them with you to your vacation or any trip. These yoga blocks are light weight and easy to travel with and store, weighing in at a total of 0.7lbs for both blocks. Made from 4LB density foam with beveled edges for extra comfort and support. These are ProSource Premium Quality and best seller on the market.

  • Non-stick surface, durable foam and light Weight
  • Soft, scratch-proof exterior good on any surface
  • Handy block helps you “reach the floor” in key poses
  • High density and studio quality, 9″ x 6″ x 4″
  • Safely assist with alignment and aids in flexibility

Reviews of ProSource Premium Quality Yoga Blocks

Review 1: Perfect price and proportion

My Yoga and meditation practices have been taken to new heights thanks to the addition of these ProSource Yoga Blocks, which are firm enough to stand on and comfortable enough to sit on for hip elevations. I received them promptly via “regular” ground shipping and even with shipping costs added in they were still cheaper than the blocks in stock at my local discount store.

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Review 2: Great for at home use

These are such a steal at the price. You get two blocks instead of 1. I didn’t think it was necessary to buy a brand yoga block as they all serve the same purpose. But I was also aware that there is such thing as poorly made blocks that do not hold any weight. Luckily these worked out great. I use them for practice at home and so far so good.

Review 3: Strong challenger to a more ‘premium’ brand.

I got a pair of Hugger Mugger blocks and also this significantly cheaper pair in the ProSource brand. The Hugger Mugger block is a tiny bit denser, heavier and firmer than the Pro Source. The H/M block also looks and feels just slightly more premium. H/M is 4″ thick whereas the ProSource is actually 3.75″ thick.

I find I like both blocks for different reasons. The H/M blocks do feel ever-so-slightly more stable – likely due to the extra 1/4 inch width, density and weight. But the ProSource is still a strong challenger to the pricey H/M brand. I find that the very slight softness of the ProSource makes holding yoga poses easier because it feels more comfortable to my soft hands and against my back. Plus it’s an incredible value for the price.

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