ProSource Puzzle Exercise Mat High Quality EVA Foam Interlocking Tiles - Covers 24 Square Feet - Black
ProSource Puzzle Exercise Mat High Quality EVA Foam Interlocking Tiles – Covers 24 Square Feet – Black

  • PROTECTIVE WORKOUT FLOORING – Durable, non-skid textured tiles protect floors while creating a comfortable workout space
  • EASY ASSEMBLY – Lightweight puzzle pieces connect quickly and easily, and can be disassembled just as simply for quick storage
  • VERSATILE – The water-resistant and noise-reducing design is easy-to-clean, great for use in garages, gyms, home fitness rooms, or even children’s play areas
  • COVERS 24 SQ. FT. – Each tile measures 24” x 24” x ½”- thick from the highest point of the texture; Includes 6 tiles and 12 end borders for a polished look
  • HIGH QUALITY FOAM – High-density EVA foam provides excellent support and cushion; Contains NO toxic phthalates

Exercise Puzzle Mat

Convert any area into a safe and convenient workout area with the ProSource Exercise Puzzle Mat. The interlocking pieces are quick and easy to assemble so you can set it up and take it apart easily. Great for garages and basements and even on the carpet to protect floors, reduce noise, and make floor exercises more comfortable. The dense, textured foam offers the perfect base for weight lifting benches, dumbbells, kettlebells, and other workout equipment. Train like a pro, train with ProSource!

  • Includes SIX 24-inch square tiles and 12 end border pieces
  • EVA foam is ½” thick from the highest point of the texture
  • Provides a non-skid, protective workout floor
  • Easy to assemble & water resistant
  • Great for gyms and at-home workouts

Convenient Workout Flooring

The Exercise Puzzle Mat is perfect for working out in areas with hard floors, such as garages, basements, and CrossFit boxes. If you need a safe and comfortable area to workout, but don’t want to completely redesign or install flooring at home or in your fitness studio, this is a great option. The dense foam provides more room and cushion than yoga mats or folding exercise mats, allowing you to spread out with weights or a bench and perform a variety of workouts.

Benefits and Uses

The ½-inch thick flooring protects floors from stationary bikes, weights, equipment, and sweat. The water-resistant material makes these mats super easy to clean and maintain. The textured, non-skid surface improves grip and prevents slipping during workouts for and a safer workout.

Durable Cushion

High-density foam provides a comfortable cushion for knees, back, wrists, and elbows. Great for floor exercises like push-ups, sit-ups, setting a bench on for bench presses or foam rolling and stretching. It can even be used for yoga or Pilates. It’s built to last for long-term, dependable use.

Adjustable Coverage

The 6 square tiles cover a total of 24 square feet and include 12 borders for a polished, finished look. Use fewer if needed, or buy more to cover a greater surface area. The interlocking tiles are easy to assemble and can be removed just as easily when needed so you can maintain a versatile space. They are very easy to cut for customized projects.

Reviews of ProSource Puzzle Exercise Mat High Quality EVA Foam Interlocking Tiles

Review 1: First impression is great.

Update 1:

This is definitely 1/2 inch thick and consistent. We got two sets (gray and black) and they combined beautifully. It reduced floor temperature of about 2-3F (I will post more photos soon). Enough that I can step on it barefoot compared to the concrete. So definitely is a thermal barrier. I like enough to buy two more sets to extend it towards the laundry area. I’ll probably get more.

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Original review:

Okay, this is just a preliminary review as I just installed it yesterday. Looks great, fits well together. It is NOT slippery as I thought based on some reviews I’ve read. Enough cushion that is soft but firm. No smell.

Will it hold up to heavy stuff? Will it leave a permanent imprint? Will it degrade over time? I don’t know yet but I will try to update this review every few months.

My goal is to find a practical way of covering our basement floor ENTIRELY as previous owners ripped out the flooring leaving ugly adhesive marks on the bare concrete. Otherwise, it works right now as the floor for our exercise equipment.

Review 2: The ProSource Puzzle Exercise Mats are good for home use

The ProSource Puzzle Exercise Mats are good for home use. They are a little soft compared to commercial and industrial rubber exercise mats. These are more foam rubber material. They are best on a flat surface which works well.

I also have them placed on a carpeted surface in a room and cover the whole room, and they work good, but sometimes gap a little over-time. They do feel great when doing exercises. They give you a gym like feel working on them. If you have them over carpet, they definitely feel better than exercising on carpet that’s for sure. If you place them on concrete, I doubt they would move or gap at all. On a smooth surface like hardwood flooring, they might gap a little. But, you can always use duct tape underneath to tape them together as back-up to keep them firmly together.

Placing equipment on these are fine, but they will sink into the foam, so expect that. The foam does go back to normal over-time if you move equipment and leave an indentation. If you place equipment over them on a carpeted surface, it does cause some mild gapping between tiles where they connect since they are soft and the carpet is not a firm surface allowing movement.

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They are not commercial or industrial rubber mats, so don’t expect them to be when you get them. I would not say they are cheap, but they are pretty much like the ones you can buy in the stores which are the soft foam rubber kind like these. They are priced as expected. If you have Amazon Prime, the 2-day Free shipping is nice. They are kinda on the thin-side to me at 1/2″ thickness. But, they are thick enough to make a big difference when you exercise.

If you are looking for high-quality commercial or industrial rubber mats, these are not them. Industrial rubber mats are expensive.

Review 3: This stuff gives rubber horse barn mats a run for their money!

I needed rubber matting for the barn. I have sheep/emus not horses. Ordered the real expensive stuff at the local farm supply store and they never got it in so I was running out of time. I figured I would at least buy something that could get me through the cold spells here in FL. This stuff was so easy to install. We had a 24 x 26 barn concrete floor installed in about an hour.

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Was a lil worried about it being ripped up by the critters, especially the emus as they have razor sharp nails on those long toes. This stuff has held up wonderfully. Actually its not even scratched (albeit I have shavings and straw on top of it). The measurements given are dead on, it really is 1/2″ thick. Good insulation against a cold concrete floor. Best bonus? the bugs don’t seem to like it.

I spray and spray for cockroaches and spiders and we get some really nasty ones here in FL. Havent seen one since this has been installed for some reason. Not sure if that’s related. This is pretty tough flooring for foam. Its actually a VERY dense foam. Lightweight but very tough. I’m pretty impressed with it. A 4 x 6 horse mat runs around $30 to $40 apiece. The price of this stuff attracted me as I thought it would be temporary. It will no longer be considered temporary. Very impressed with this product.

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