Seek Thermal
Seek Compact Thermal Imager for iOS (Apple), Black

Seek Compact Thermal Imager for iOS (Apple), Black

  • This thermal imaging camera for your iOS smartphone detects infrared light and creates a visible image on your screen
  • In broad daylight or complete darkness, you can now detect levels of hot and cold, water leaks, and more
  • Simply plug Seek into the USB port of your smartphone (Lightning port on an iPhone) to generate high quality imagery
  • Seek captures heat signatures and converts them into an easy and convenient real time picture for your smartphone device
  • Useful for homeowners, inspectors, contractors, and more

Seek Compact

Made for iPhone

Powerful and portable, the Seek Compact is a state-of-the art thermal imaging camera that connects directly to your smartphone. Using over 32,000 thermal pixels, Compact detects invisible infrared light and displays a visible heat signature on your phone.

With its wide 36° field of view, Compact is perfect for use indoors and around the home or building. Just plug Compact into your phone, tap the app, and find, fix and solve faster with more confidence.

  • 206 x 156 Thermal Sensor
  • 1,000 ft. Viewable Distance
  • Wide, 36° Field of View
  • Detectable Range of -40° to 626° F
  • Operates in Total Darkness
  • Free Mobile App Included

Reviews of Seek Compact Thermal Imager for iOS (Apple)

Seek Compact Thermal Imager for iOS Review 1: Beware of early models

This is a third update on a SeeK camera I purchased in Jan of 2015. After a thorough review of comments and reviews on retail sites, and on the SeeK mobile application, I think I understand the problem. I’m pretty sure the camera hardware was revised some time — not too long ago. Early reviews tend to be terrible, with misplaced thermal pixels and false temperature gradients proliferate in the reviews.

I purchased the camera in January (while the price was still $200) and most of the problems had been resolved, but the camera would malfunction occasionally and the temperature readings were off about 6-8 degrees Celsius. The camera ended up failing completely within a month and I was able to exchange it through Amazon.

The replacement I got carried the $250 price tag and it works flawlessly so far. The temperature readings with the new camera are accurate within a degree and the images and videos are detailed and much smoother than the previous camera. If anyone has a camera that doesn’t work as well as you think it should, then you should think about exchanging it ASAP. I’m not sure the company is exactly forthcoming with hardware revisions and malfunctioning camera issues.

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Seek Compact Thermal Imager for iOS Review 2: If you are comparing Seek vs Flir

Waited for a third gen ‘Flir one’ to come out, eventually did, with the wrong port for my old Note 3. Needed an imager asap and bought the Seek. The only reasons I wanted the Flir was 1. Real/Thermal Image Overlay (dual camera) and 2. The name seems more known. How wrong I was.

  1. About half the price of the other brand
  2. This seek imager runs from your phone power (Unlike the competitor that gives you 15-20 minutes use on a charge that takes 2-3 hours) – HUGE bonus as I have a 10,000 mph battery, I’ve used this thing for 3 hours straight with no noticeable drain. Never have to charge and what happens in 3 years when the non-removable battery dies on the other product?
  3. This is smaller and lighter (less stress on the phone port) and very easy to carry all day in my pocket with it’s well built, waterproof case.
  4. The ranges are better than Seek has stated (probably legal safety), I can confirm the temp range high of 626 and believe the -40 (though have only gotten to -24) BUT “allowing you to detect thermal energy up to 1000 feet away”, is a bit off. I live in the country and can see the thermal image of my neighbors single story, 2 car garage sized shop, exactly 1/2 mile away. I’ve taken video of a commercial plane flying over (30,000′?) though low quality and even the moon shows up as a few thermal pixels.
  5. Sensitivity (pictured) – In the right conditions, with the right filter, you can almost read a newspaper in thermal – (In my shop with a few incandescent and halogen lights, the ink and paper reading about the same temp but the ink radiates at a slightly different rate). So image overlay isn’t essential when you have great sensitivity.

All in all, if you are even comparing like I was, get the Seek, especially if the price difference still applies. All the benefits Greatly outweigh a couple bells and whistles on the Flir that has less range (in both senses) and won’t matter when the battery dies. Do yourself a favor and read up on thermal imaging, methods, theory, etc, and play play.. um.. practice your baselines… it’ll greatly enhance your purchase and expand it’s usefulness and accuracy.
(I was not paid for this review but if Seek wants to share any awesome products, I’ll keep an open mind) 🙂

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Seek Compact Thermal Imager for iOS Review 3: Great camera!!

Been wanting a thermal imaging camera for some time and was considering the FLIROne, but not interested in a product that works ONLY for a single phone (what were they thinking?) so held off. I know FLIR is making a model similar to the Seek’s design, but as we were getting new windows in our house, I had the perfect rationalization to buy one! 🙂

First, this thing is small and sturdy, and the case is likely bulletproof. Once I started inspecting things around the house, I just ended up keeping it in my pocket (in the case) pretty much all the time. It’s not much bigger than some of the “smart” car keys, and a camera isn’t any good if you don’t have it with you. My wife and friends have commented on the geekiness of having a thermal camera with me at all times, but I think they’re just jealous.

Image quality is very good, though you can clearly see how low the actual resolution of the sensor is, and you can see small details well. Checking the insulation around a newly installed large, double window from about 10 ft away, I could easily see where they missed the foam insulation in a thin layer about 1 inch long. That’s not a big deal as far as the windows go, but I may as well seal it up completely as long as we’ve got things apart. On a cold night, I’ve scanned the new windows and the old single-pane windows and the inside of the glass is about 5 degrees colder on the old panes.

Useful for checking electrical systems. See the photos of an extension cord I was using with my electric car charger. During charging, the plug was heating up to 161 degrees, even though it was rated for the load it was using. Removing it from the chain, the charger plug only heated to 89 degrees. I also found two circuit breakers that run hotter than the others in the box – not scary hot, but just hotter – so I’ll be investigating the load on them.

At a commercial building, I was able to see the steel studs through the drywall in an uninsulated interior wall. Can’t see the wooden studs in my house though.

Software isn’t perfect, but has been reliable (has crashed the phone once, and I’ve got to restart occasionally, but only when I’ve been putting the camera on and off many times in the day). The split-screen mode that uses the regular camera at the same time as the thermal also captures both images when you take a shot and you can use the split-screen capability when viewing later too, not just in the live mode. The high/low temperature boxes are a little bit large and it would be nice for them to be off to the side of the actual hot/cold spot with a connecting arrow or line, but that’s a nit-picky detail.

One thing I’d like to use this for is locating owls that we hear in our back yard woods. Technically, I think it would work, but the lens is a little too wide angle for this to be realistic for the distance and even a big owl is going to be pretty small and hard to see. It would probably work with larger wildlife though.

The refresh rate for video is not very fast though, so something moving fairly rapidly across the image will display multiple ghosts. The only time this was really glaringly obvious was when I was taking video of a train out the window of a slowly moving car – people on the sidewalk showed up as 4 or 5 ghosts of themselves – not exactly a major limitation.

Overall, I haven’t regretted buying this for a second. It works well, is a terrific design, and lets me see a view of the world I can’t get otherwise. As silly as it sounds, the well designed case makes this a massively more useful/enjoyable camera since I can comfortably and easily have it with me all the time.

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