Seek Thermal XR Extended Range Thermal Imager
Seek Thermal XR Extended Range Thermal Imager, iOS (LT-AAA Apple Lightning)

About the Product
  • Same clarity and resolution as the original Seek Thermal camera, but twice the magnification and a focus-able lens for precise macro thermal imaging.
  • Over 32,000 individual thermal pixels with a range of detecting temperatures from -40C to 300C
  • Prior to Seek Thermal, this type of resolution was only available in cameras costing $3,000 and above
  • Perfect for Hunters, Boaters, Outdoor Enthusiasts, Home Owners, and Electrical Engineers.
  • Works in total darkness, broad daylight, or obscured visibility conditions.

Seek Thermal XR Extended Range Thermal Imager, iOS (LT-AAA Apple Lightning

  • 206 x 156 Thermal Sensor
  • 1,800 ft. Distance
  • Narrow, 20° Field of View
  • Detectable Range of -40° to 626° F
  • Operates in Total Darkness
  • Free Mobile App Included

Seek CompactXR

Made for iPhone

Powerful and portable, the Seek CompactXR is a state-of-the art thermal imaging camera that connects directly to your smartphone. Using over 32,000 thermal pixels, CompactXR detects invisible infrared light and displays a visible heat signature on your phone.

Sometimes you need to see further—and with Seek CompactXR, you can. With its narrow 20 degree field of view, CompactXR has nearly twice the distance as Compact, making it perfect for hunters and outdoor enthusiasts. Simply connect-and-detect at up to 1800 feet away.


I owned a FLIR One for my iPhone 5s prior to buying the Seek Thermal XR for my iPhone 6+. With a new FLIR on the horizon (FLIR Two?)that could attach to any iPhone I was planning on buying that device but then Seek came out with the “XR” that had a much greater range than my FLIR One and the ability to focus on objects near or far. I do like my XR but I also miss my FLIR One.

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Pros of the Seek Thermal XR Extended Range Thermal Imager over FLIR One:
Higher resolution/thermal pixel count
Much better App for iPhone (like MUCH better)
Seems to be more accurate (skin is actually 98f!)
Wider displayed temperature range
Automatic calibration

Pros of the FLIR over XR
Second camera for visible spectrum
Contrast of thermal seems to be better

My FLIR would tell me <32f or >212f if I pointed at something colder or hotter than that. I have gotten 24f and 626f (thermite) off the XR so far. The 626f must be its peak displayed temperature as it hit that number within a few seconds of the thermite’s ignition and it stayed there for a few seconds after it went out.

The XR is purely a thermal camera so unless there is pretty good contrast in temperature you will feel like you are looking at a sea of gravy. The FLIR provides a visible spectrum camera as well so it provides additional details in the image/video like outlines, facial features etc.

Focusing the XR takes some practice as the area you are focusing against isn’t clear to begin with. After focusing on several dozen objects you do get a sense of where it should be and then can just tweak it a bit while looking at the image. You can actually get really good detail for a thermal image by doing this. Seek’s Facebook page has several people who have sent images in demo’ing this.

The image itself seems much more zoomed over the FLIR One which is both good and bad. I have had to take a few (several) steps back from something I wanted to image since I couldn’t get the entire “something” in the screen without doing so. For outdoor longer distance uses though the zoom level seems more appropriate – I just wish I could control the zoom level on the XR. I believe it is the same as having an image zoomed in to 200% – all the time. Its an optical zoom so you aren’t losing resolution though.

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I did have an issue with my Seek Thermal XR Extended Range Thermal Imager – there was a defect that showed a small rectangular area in the upper right corner as being several degrees cooler than the surrounding image. I don’t know if it was a sensor problem or something on the inside of the lense. In any case the Seek guys offered an exchange and a pre-paid FEDEX label to send it back. The one complaint I have is that I had to let go of my XR – have them receive and process the return prior to them sending me a new one. Not a huge deal but I’m currently without my XR and I’m missing it! Update: 3 days after they received the device I got a FEDEX notification that another was on the way. Ill update again when it arrives.

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