Seek Reveal - All In One Handheld Thermal Imager with Flashlight, Blue
Seek Reveal – All In One Handheld Thermal Imager with Flashlight, Blue

Built for the realities of work and play, the Seek Reveal handheld imager combines powerful thermal insight and a high-performance spotlight in one durable device. With a detectable range of -40° to 626° F, Seek Reveal lets you pinpoint specific sources of heat—and heat loss—up to 500 feet away, all at just the touch of a button.

About the Product Seek Reveal

  • See more, and know more all from the palm of your hand. Ergonomic grip with an angled heads-up display
  • State-of-the-art technology, tough enough for the toolbox. Rugged, rubberized casing, intuitive controls to go and work where you do
  • See through the dark. Light optional. Reveal has advanced infrared technology and when you need it, a powerful 300-lumen LED light
  • Use Seek Reveal to your advantage. Customizable settings let you choose from dozens of preferences; image settings, light levels, power usage, and more
  • Store, transfer, and share your images. Seek Reveal makes it simple. Quickly and easily transfer the thermal photos you capture right to your computer

See through the dark. Light optional.

Seek Reveal’s advanced infrared technology lets you see thermal images even in the darkest night. And when you need it, Seek Reveal’s powerful LED light makes sure you know exactly what’s out there.

Military proven technology, tough enough for the toolbox.

Life can get pretty dirty. So Seek Reveal can, too. You can count on its rugged, rubberized casing and intuitive controls to go and work where you do—no matter what conditions you face.

Seek first. And save money.

Seek Reveal’s advanced thermal imager lets you pinpoint heat—and heat loss—in seconds.

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Seek first. And save time.

Nothing uncovers clogs, drafts, and leaks faster than the powerful, portable Seek Reveal.

Seek first. And stay safer.

Keeping out of harm’s way is a whole lot easier when you can see in the dark.

See The Unseen.

Whether you’re a plumber searching for a clog, an electrician checking for an overload, a hunter tracking game, or a homeowner looking for peace of mind, Reveal delivers the insight and illumination you need to find, fix, and feel safe faster.

Just received my Seek Reveal. I already have the Android cell phone version. I ordered this from the Seek website when I was under the impression that the sensor was upgraded to 320×240; I soon found out that that was the display resolution. I was primed to immediately return it until I saw the actual hardware. I have changed my mind and am going to keep it.

First impressions: the image is MUCH sharper than the cell phone version, even though the cell phone screen is much higher resolution than the Reveal screen. The thermal calibration, while still lacking an emissivity setting, is better that the cell phone version. As an example, my skin registers at 90F with the Reveal but only 88F with the cell phone version.

The general impression is that it is well made and should handle a fair amount of jostling around. Dark blue case with black buttons and accents. The display is obviously vulnerable, and a carry case would have been a nice addition.

All functions are button/menu controlled. The center button turns on the IR camera. Takes about 3 second to show an IR image.The changing functions of the buttons appear on the screen below the particular button. The center button now becomes a Menu button and the left is for various color mapping filters, while the right is for image capture. Further descriptions of the various Menus are beyond what I want to do right now.

There is a dedicated button on the right side that turns on the flashlight, the first click is on high bright, if it is clicked soon after the light dims to save battery. If it is clicked a third time (or after a longer wait) it shuts off. The percentage of brightness is selectable in a buried menu.

As far as the flashlight, it is claimed to be 300 lumens, but when I A/B compared it to two different Surefire LED 200 lumen flashlights and I find that the Reveal appears about as bright, but not brighter to my eyes. Of course this judgement is clouded by different light patterns; Reveal has a very soft spot surrounded by a larger spill region compared to the Surefire lights. At 100% brightness it should be great for most near work around the house and yard.

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The microSD card and the microUSB connector are under a rubber plug in the rear of the device. The microSD card is installed when you get the Reveal, however removing it is a real chore. It is a spring loaded socket, but when it ejects there is very little to grasp and it is even made more difficult to remove because of inadequate clearance for you fingers. You will need tweezers.

The Welcome Guide is very sparse. Mostly contains pictures, many that are clearly not from a Reveal camera, that illustrates possible Reveal uses. It is possible to update the software, but it isn’t clear how it is accomplished. At any rate, there are no new software as of November 2, 2015.


I thought I would add a few comparisons to the cell phone version. In general, the cell phone version software has more functionality: it can capture motion video; it has more imaging modes. Both have “spot” temperature modes, but the cell phone also has “hi/lo” where it displays the temp of the hottest and coldest portions of the scene; it also has a “threshold” mode where a desired temperature can be set and when a portion of the scene exceeds this temperature it is highlighted in color (the cell phone help screen says emissivity can be selected here, but I haven’t found out how to do this even though I have searched; I think the help file is out of date).

Both version share some color palettes: White, Black, Tyrian, Glory, Iron Cool, Glow. The cell phone version has three additional palettes: Amber, Indigo (incidentally I think one of the principals in the company ran IR imaging companies with these names in years past) and Envy.

The cell phone version also has an “image smoothing” function. that appears to slightly blur the image while hiding noise speckles somewhat (maybe a “median filter”?). Not clear whether the Reveal has this function on or off.

As far as my earlier comment about the better image of the Reveal, I think after further observation that might be due to better contrast. There is no contrast adjustment in either version.

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