Weider Pro 255 L
Weider Pro 255 L Sit-Up, Slant Board, Workout Bench



  • Ideal for dumbbell exercises and other weight lifting workouts, this bench adjusts to deliver a personalized workout and proper exercise form with a 90° seat adjustment.
  • Enjoy comfortable stability and a more controlled workout with the 4-roll leg lockdown feature.
  • Durable, vinyl seats add comfort to your training.
  • Maximize your results with the included step-by-step exercise chart. Created by a Certified Personal Trainer, this chart delivers the expertise you need to get the body you want!

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Can you be comfortable while you lift weights?

With the  Weider Pro 255 L Sit-Up, Slant Board, Workout Bench you can. The bench can be folded into flat, inclined, or declined positions, allowing this sewn vinyl bench to be comfortable in any form. Durably constructed of steel for lasting longevity.

Powder coated steel frame. Sewn vinyl seat in black and red. Ideal for dumbbell exercises and weight lifting workouts. Features 4-roll leg lockdown for safety. Dimensions: 40L x 18.25W x 53.5H inches.

About ICON Health & Fitness

Founded in 1977, ICON is dedicated to changing lives with fitness innovation. The company originally entered the health and fitness industry with the manufacturing of treadmills before swiftly expanding their product line to include treadmills, exercise bikes, and home gyms.

Now one of the largest manufacturers of fitness equipment in the world, ICON employs nearly 4,000 people in 11 locations around the world. In addition to manufacturing, the company performs its own marking, research, development and industrial design for all products. It is ISO 9001-certified, meeting the international standard of quality for manufacturers.

With nearly 200 patents for innovations and new technology, ICON and its associated brands, including NordicTrack, EPIC, Proform, and Weslo, are committed to pushing the envelope and providing high-performance products.

 Weider Pro 255 L Sit-Up, Slant Board, Workout Bench is Excellent for the Cost

The  Weider Pro 255 L Sit-Up, Slant Board, Workout Bench was easy to assemble. It came with a plastic-sealed kit with each part numbered, making it easy to identify each part. Finish assembling within 30 minutes, and easier to assemble with two people but not necessary.

The seat came with bits of black spots on red part; I didn’t really care but just wanted to give people a heads up. The back of the bench wasn’t able to support my head when adjusted to a 90 degree angle (I’m 5’8″). The 4-roll leg lockdown feature is pretty awesome except I find it to be a bit loose, as in the padded rolls leave a little space, showing the bar and causing the leg rolls to move side to side. Aside from these minor flaws, I love this bench. It’s very comfortable and has 6 angle adjustments, allowing me to do various exercises. It was relative cheap, compared to the other products on the market. On a final note, the seat/back cushion is very comfortable but its one of those cushions with staples in the back, so not sure how long the chair will last.

Finally, the product came relatively fast, within 4 days after ordering it. The shipping was also free, which was awesome.

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Worth it once built

The pieces to the Weider Pro 255 L Sit-Up, Slant Board, Workout Bench are poorly made, some pieces for me were bent out of place. When I change the position, the piece that you move to change the incline scrapes against the metal piece acting as a saw and scratching it. Also, the pin you use to lock the position has a string that is suppose to be screwed into the base, but there was no hole to put the screw into.

However, these problems only made it harder to put together, and didn’t effect the usage at all. The pin string that is made so the pin doesn’t get lost I have just taped to the base, and it is fine. The curved position changing piece scraping the side is okay because it is still easy to move and the scraping will eventually stop once I break it in, and it is not offset enough to saw through the base enough to cause danger.

The back is wobbly if you leave the bolt that holds the back into the base loose like the directions tell you to, but do NOT listen to the directions here, and tighten the bolt so that it is secure, and the back should move just fine, with no risk of it wobbling if you leave it loose like the directions advise.

The plastic caps that go on the side of the foam leg pads have to be hammered into place with something that is very gentle because one hit onto one of the plastic caps and I broke one. However these caps don’t effect performance so I’m okay with it. Just be gentle while putting them in. Free poster explaining how to do 18 exercises with pictures! Very nice seat and back.

Be sure you have a wrench and some tool to hold the back of the bolt while tightening the nut! These two tools are very very recommended to tighten each bolt safely and securely. Aside from some manufacturing errors, yours may be different but if not once it is built it works very good.

Definite design flaw, but still will use Weider Pro 255 L Sit-Up, Slant Board, Workout Bench

Probably rating this between a 3 1/2 and 4 because I have never used  Weider Pro 255 L Sit-Up, Slant Board, Workout Bench yet. I am 260lbs. and 6′ 2″ so I will come back with an update after using it a few times. But, at this point I notice one huge design flaw that I should have noticed at the very beginning because it’s so obvious. This is NOT a flat bench. Clearly in the picture the bench is slanted in its design. Naturally this is going to be a noticeable problem for anyone using totally flat bench exercises.

Why they didn’t just create the frame to be totally flat is beyond me. It would have been very easy to do so. There’s really no reason why the bottom frame should be slanted at an angle that I can tell. It actually even depreciates the ergonomics of the bench as a flat bench naturally would be more sturdy. But go figure. So keep in mind when purchasing this bench that you will always be at a decline and when you put the bench either straight up or straight horizontal the seat is constantly at an almost 45 degree angle.

Constantly. That won’t change, even if you adjust the back. So yeah, there’s that. But for now, I think, for the price, this bench is pretty good. We’ll see how well it holds up with use and how well it works for someone my size and weight.

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So used it a few times and it seems very sturdy. I realized the flat bench issue is not that much of a problem actually. It’s pretty comfortable really, and I’m 6’2″ 270 about, so keep that in mind. For me, the ab function is far less comfortable then I’d like, so I might only use that occasionally and just save the ab exercises for when I go to the gym. When I put my legs into the foam pillars it just really hurts to go back. It works better if I keep my calves outside of the foam pillars actually.

So for me, the main functions I will use on this bench are for my upper body. The incline, the decline, and the flat bench for chest will probably be the most used functions for me. That’s all I can say for now, it’s pretty sturdy, not wobbly, and I weigh a lot so it should suit the average guy a lot better than it does me. Pretty good buy for the price and it’s function. Not the best, not perfect, but for the price, it’s a good deal.

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