The Universal Five Position weight bench
Universal 5 Position Weight Bench



  • Adjustable bench offers five positions (-10, 0, 15, 30, and 45 degrees) and dozens of exercises
  • Challenges your entire core and upper body
  • Contoured shape and five-inch foam rollers ensure safe and comfortable workout
  • Stabilizer levelers provide stable base on almost any type of flooring
  • Measures 17 by 25 by 51 inches (W x H x D); 250-pound maximum user weight; 430-pound maximum user weight and lift load


The simple, effective challenge of a free weight workout remains one of the most efficient ways to build strength and muscle mass. The Universal Five-Position bench, from parent company Nautilus, offers positions of -10, 0, 15, 30, and 45 degrees, and dozens of exercises to challenge your entire core and upper body.

The Universal 5 Position Weight Bench has contoured shape and five-inch foam rollers ensure a safe and comfortable workout, while stabilizer levelers provide a stable base on almost any type of flooring. The bench measures 17 by 25 by 51 inches (W x H x D). It has a 250-pound maximum user weight and a maximum combined user weight and lift load of 430 pounds.

Compare these Weight Benches

Decline Bench
Five-Position Weight Bench
Bowflex SelectTech Adjustable Bench Series 3.1 Bowflex SelectTech Adjustable Bench Series 5.1
$99.99 $169.99 $199.00 $279.00
Number of Positions 1 5 total
-10° / flat / +15° / +30° / +45°
4 total
-10° / flat / +45° / +90°
6 total
-17° / flat /+30° /+45° / +60° / +90°
Bench Description Single piece Single piece top
Standard seat
Single piece top
Rounded seat for legs
Two piece top
Rounded seat for legs
Leg Brace
Yes – fixed Yes – fixed Yes – Removable Yes – Removable
Maximum Weight
200 lbs     250 lbs 300 lbs 300 lbs
(L x W x H)
45″ X 17″ X 25″ 51″ X 17″ X 25″ 56″ X 26″ X 20″ 56″ X 26″ X 20″
Assembled Weight
16.3 lbs 33.4 lbs 55.1 lbs 61.7 lbs
Frame: 2 years
Upholstery: 30 days
Frame: 2 years
Upholstery: 30 days
Frame: 2 years
Upholstery: 30 days
Frame: 2 year
Upholstery: 30 days

Reviews of  Universal 5 Position Weight Bench

Review 1: Fantastic value Universal 5 Position Weight Bench

For only ~$100, I don’t know if you can do better. I heard bad things about the cheapo Apex bench and wanted something that wouldn’t kill me. It was between the Universal 5 Position Weight Bench or the Bowflex benches. Since I hear bad things all the time about Bowflex products and they’re all horrendously overpriced, I went with this one.

– Sturdy (430lb weight limit). No qualms about stepping on this holding dumbbells.
– Very comfortable. Wide enough for an average person to lie down comfortably. Good height and length. Foam is dense but not hard and the surface feels VERY nice to the touch. Higher quality than I’d expect from a $100 bench.
– Easy enough assembly

– Item is slightly different than bench pictured. There is no rounded cushioning under your knees, it’s just a flat cushion. It also appears to be lower than the one pictured.
– I’m 5’11” and the top of the bench hits my very upper neck. If supporting your head is important, be weary if you’re above 6ft tall.

– Foam rollers aren’t the most comfortably thing in the world. I wish they had a vinyl cover or something.

Overall I’m very pleased. I don’t like making compromises on quality but as far as a cheap bench goes, you can’t go wrong with this one.

Review 2 : Relatively easy to put together and serves the purpose I bought …

Relatively easy to put together and serves the purpose I bought it for. This isn’t a $500 bench so don’t expect it to be completely rock solid like the professional ones in the gym, however I have no problems using it for all of my dumbbell exercises. It has held up fine so far to me (5’11” 195lbs) and my set of 90lb dumbbells so if you are wondering if it can handle some decent weight, I would say yes it can! It is easy to adjust, and there are only a few things I don’t like but can live with. 1. No seat adjustment 2. Won’t come up to 90 degrees to support your back for seated presses 3. Padding is a little too soft for my taste. I gave this 4 stars due to the lack of seat adjustment and 90 degree back support, but for the money you can’t go wrong and I would recommend the purchase of the bench to anyone looking for a great low-cost solution.

Review 3: Solid Bench, Especially For the Price Point

Really great Universal 5 Position Weight Bench. A bit of my lifting history… I’m 26 now, started lifting in 10th grade for 8 years, been to multiple gyms and used varying workout equipment, took a break for a few years, then just got back into it now. In some other reviews, people are saying this bench is suitable for a novice but not an experienced lifter, I respectfully disagree. This bench is extremely well-made for the price, offers all different kinds of angles to hit the muscles appropriately and effectively, and just generally feels solid, especially for the price point.

I bought adjustable 200 lb dumbbells from New Coast LLC, and the combo with this bench is so extremely effective. Bench pressing is a snap, going from incline for a few sets, down to flat bench, and even lowering it down below flat for a slight decline, is quite effective for hitting the various pectoral muscles. Doing flat skull crushers? Very effective. Sitting shoulder press? Works great.

Just note, if you’re above 5ft 11in, you’re going to run into problems with your head going off the top of this bench. At 5ft 11in my head already starts to go off the top, but not quite, so it’s still comfortable to lift and use it for leverage. If you’re above that height though I would look at other benches that are longer and more suitable for taller people. Also, the leg bar isn’t very high quality, it feels cheap but it does provide relatively solid leverage for your legs to push off of, nothing fancy though.


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