WODs 2.0: A Collection of More Than 200 Great WOD's
WODs 2.0: A Collection of More Than 200 Great WOD’s

WODs 2.0: A Collection of More Than 200 Great WOD’s in one book!

Take your fitness to the next level with WODs 2.0!

This book was made to let you easily access a complete list of WODs from your kindle or any other device. You can take these workouts with you to any place – the gym, a park, or simply use it at the convenience of your home.

This book contains a wide variety of WODs:

The Benchmark Girls WODs

Results are measured by breaking old personal records and setting new ones on lifts, skills, and WODs such as the Fran. The Benchmark girls WODs are foundational WODs made to test our fitness development over time by comparing new results with past results.

Beginners WODs

WODs for beginners are simple and easy workouts made for starting this special fitness regime or get back into ‘‘the game’’. These WODs will help you to get started and ease into the more rigorous WODs which will follow later on.

Hero WODs

The Hero WODs are the most intense workouts that you’ll experience. They are designed to be very intense in honor of the fallen heroes.

WODs to go (no equipment needed)

With these workouts, there’s little excuses that can be made whilst you’re travelling, or on vacation, or at home without equipment. Fitness doesn’t need any equipment to be effective which is one of the best things about it. All you need for these WODs is effort, a bit of time and space and a watch or a clock and you’re good to go!

So what are you waiting for? Scroll up, download this guide and have all the WODs in your pocket!

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P.S. There’s a FREE bonus which will get you motivated for the workouts!


“I have been doing crossfit for 7 months but the cost was hard to keep up with. I was paying between $125 to $150 per month. Then my kid’s school schedule changed and I could no longer go from 5:30 am to 6:30 am. I switched to Lifetime Fitness and found an App that had crossfit workouts. This book has more workouts than my app and I am able to continue at half the price and go on my own schedule. Great book!”
Stephanie F., Amazon.com customer
“Love it! Yes, I understand the psychology of expectation with regard to grammar …however this is the best Kindle compilation of WODs I have come across thus far. Can you find WODs all over cyberspace!? Uh…yeah. Yet, I highly recommend this eBook if you’re an on the go lovetohavethereferanceonmykindle type. I do 2 to 3 WODs per day (I do my own CrossFit programming because I have the training and experience to do so) and this is my go to source for those moments when I want a refresher of some of the originals…or I’m throwing in an extra WOD. I highly recommend it.”
K.Campise, Amazon.com customer

“If you are into cross-fit, this is a good source for doing your own workouts without having a trainer lead you through it.”



– Amazon.com Customer

About the Author

David Forrester is a writer, a big fan of CrossFit and the proud author of Amazon bestseller “WODs 2.0: A Collection of More Than 200 Great WOD’s”. David came up with the idea for his book when he realized that he had to search for WODs each time he wanted find a new WOD or wasn’t sure about the specific exercises or reps of an old one. To find out more, check out David’s book “WODs 2.0: A Collection of More Than 200 Great WOD’s”!
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