Xiser Commercial Mini Stairmaster, Black

Xiser Commercial Mini Stairmaster, Black

  • Cast Aircraft Alloy
  • Ergonomically Optimum Design
  • Light Weight 14 lbs.(Portable), NO ASSEMBLY REQUIRED
  • 100% Made in USA Parts and Labor since 1977
  • The first stepping machine and only step sprint trainer on the market

The Anaerobic Trainer™ by X-iser® Diet and exercise are the main means to look younger and maintain optimum physical and mental health.

• improve fitness

• build muscle

• burn fat

• Boost metabolism

• fight depression

• reduce stress

• insomnia

• improve memory

• posture

• strengthen immune system

• halt signs of aging like osteoporosis.

Choose the right exercise regime and reward yourself with a more positive body image, increased confidence, energy, healthier sex drive and overall wellness. High intensity interval training HIIT offers superior muscle-building, fat-burning benefit. Trends like CrossFit, Spinning and the Tabata protocols are all easily done on the Anaerobic Trainer™ Why HIT Excessive aerobic activity can be harmful. Unless supplemented by anaerobic activity, it can inhibit strength gain, increase risk of injury through repetitive motion, and weaken the immune system.

HIT Facilitates the natural production of human growth hormone HGH, Testosterone, and a better internal chemical balance for insulin and leptin sensitivities. To build muscle and burn fat there is nothing better. The results are healthy weight loss, toned muscles, and better overall fitness. Xiser’s portable stepping machine is the most durable, light-weight and compact mini stepper on market. The Stairmaster motorized stair climber comes close to a maximum velocity trainer but Anaerobic Trainer™ is the only stepper geared toward anaerobic training and capable of aerobic workouts, or even use with a stand up desk Made in the USA. How it Works 60 seconds of high intensity sprint training a day.

The unique design means it’s proper use promotes and helps you create

• better balance

• core muscle strength

• toned abs in addition to stronger, leaner legs, and firmer more youthful butt.

Performed correctly, your body will burn extra calories and burn fat even hours after your quick workout has ended. Achieve the Body You Want a lower BMI and more muscle mass.

Reviews of Xiser Commercial Mini Stairmaster, Black

Review 1: Solid construction, great stair climbing workout

Initially I was skeptical whether or not this small piece of stair-climbing equipment could really be effective enough to justify its $400+ price tag. It does seem a bit on the high side, so it was a little while before I took the plunge. Now that I’ve had the Xiser for a few months and have had a chance to run it through its paces, I recommend it without reservations.

First, this small gem is solidly constructed. It’s a cast aluminum alloy that reminds me very much of airplane aluminum. Unless you happen to get a unit that has a structural defect, this thing isn’t going to break on you!

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The height of the step is about 8 to 10 inches at the rear of the pedals, so overall it feels somewhat comparable to going up actual stairs. It does not, however, have the same gargantuan step as the powered stair machines at your local health club. Then again, if you know the secret to using this machine properly, it doesn’t need that kind of range of motion. Watch most people on a stair machine and you see their heads flopping up and down and their shoulders rising and falling with each step…

That’s exactly what you don’t want to happen, but that’s how most people use a stepper. To really get a workout on any sort of stair machine, imagine you have a book balanced on your head and you need to step in such a way so that the book remains balanced there. Or imagine you are carrying a cup of scalding hot coffee filled right up to the top of the rim in your hand held out in front of you, and you need to step so that you don’t spill that scalding liquid all over yourself.

What this imaginary scenario does is forces you to do all the work of stepping with your legs, primarily your gluts, your quads, your hams, and your calves. Then do this at a relatively quick pace, not racing by any means, but not just strolling along like you were walking up some stairs and holding a casual conversation with a friend, either. Get your legs moving. And keep that book/coffee from going wonky on you.

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I guarantee you that if you do this, in 30 seconds or less, you’re going to start feeling those quad muscles start the burn, and with a few seconds more you’ll start to feel it in the other muscle groups as well. If you monitor your heart rate, even though you’re not really “racing” along, you’re going to find that your heart starts cranking itself up to compensate for the greater oxygen demand your muscles place on you.

You’ll burn out those quick reserves of glycogen in the muscle tissue, and you’ll force your body into replacing them and spending a tremendous amount of energy in the form of burning fat as fuel to do it. This after-workout fuel resupply can go on for as much as 24 to 48 hours continuously, after your workout is over, depending on how long your push yourself and to what degree of intensity during the workout. If you use some sort of interval training, like Tabata intervals (20 seconds of hard work followed by 10 seconds of less intense recovery work, repeated for a total of 8 to 10 minutes) and you keep it up for 10 to 20 minutes, you’re setting yourself up for a lot of improvement to your cardiovascular system not to mention the improvements to your waistline, if that is one of your goals.

In my opinion, the price for this device could probably come down a little. I’m not entirely convinced that for the amount of metal and the casting process, there is $400 worth of work and materials here, but then again, I could be wrong. I have tested out other mini-stepper machines, and most of them quickly develop metal fatigue at this, that, or the other spot and break.

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That’s not going to happen with the solid construction of this unit, and if by chance you got one with a structural defect and it did break, it’s got a 5 year manufacturer’s warranty, so it can be easily replaced. On cheaper equipment, their hydraulic cylinders start leaking, or squeaking so loudly that you can only use them when there’s no one else in the house to bother with the loud sound.

And, while I haven’t yet encountered any squeaks or creaks with the Xiser’s hydraulics, others who have noted a little noise creaking in have said all you need to do is spray a little graphite or other lubricant under the caps of the cylinders and they go right back to being silent.

I do know that $400 is still cheaper than a $50/mo membership to a health club for a year, and you’re a lot more likely to use this device in your own home regularly, and for more than just a couple of weeks, as is the way with most health club memberships.

The unit is small, and will easily fit beside your shoes in the front hall closet or other small space. It is not heavy; only about 14lbs., which means most of us can pick it up with one hand and move it around wherever we need to use or store it.

Out of all the health machines I’ve tested and evaluated over the years, this one gets marks as high as any. I highly recommend it.

Review 2: Solid, made in America, effective workout

It is expensive, but it is solid and it feels like it will last a long time. Made in the USA is important to me. Watch YouTube videos to see how to use it. If you follow the instructions the workout will be effective. I was surprised at how it looks simple but is hard. It is not extremely portable, but it is portable. It was portable enough that I took it to work and it was amazing how some people were able to use it properly from the get go. For me it takes some concentration.

If you are using it like a stepper you have it wrong. If you can do it for a lengthy period then you are doing it wrong. Kind of sit back and do quick, rather short, coordinated stepping (the only way I know how to explain it) where you feel the burn in a minute, Its rather comical to watch when you are doing it correctly, but it will win you over when you feels the effect.

Once we were all using it I did not think “he looks silly”, I was thinking wow what balance and coordination I am going to keep trying until I can use it like that. Overall I say it is very effective and worth the price.

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Review 3:  Awesome piece of Equipment!

This is an excellent product. When I purchased this I had no idea it would be any different than any other stepper, except that it was better made. Well , It is really well made and a whole lot more. It is all about Maximum Velocity Training MVT ,or High Intensity Training HIIT. Go to you tube and watch all their videos and learn the proper way to use it and other exercises you can do with it. This is all about burst training.

One minute at a time, all out where you don’t think you can do anymore . There is a very informative video on Xisers website where a guy did a study on what is the best form of exercise. What they found was we don’t need to exercise for hours on a treadmill. Its all about short burst ,all out training. I am super excited and hope this works! I will check back in a few months and let you know. So far so good!

Update! I purchased this 2 months ago and have lost 10 pounds. I use it no more than 3 minutes a day . This is an amazing piece of equipment. It has really toned and firmed my body.

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