YOGA FOR HEALTH. A single video offering a more targeted routine focusing on gastro-intestinal ailments accompanied by another set of routines designed to combat depression. Both routines promote overall health in addition to their targeted purposes.


Review 1: Finally, A Real Yoga Class!

I can’t tell you how annoying it is that so many “yoga” videos are just promoted and filmed as fad “lose weight” or “get your butt toned” or some other garbage that yoga is not actually about. Finally, here we have a REAL yoga class taught by a very proficient teacher. This is as close to being in a real studio with a great teacher as you can get at home.

This is yoga in it’s basic, holistic, well-being-promoting form. No gimmicks here, no attempted “coolness” or anything fake, just the real thing. If you are able to do all of the exercises through to the end, you will feel an immediate, palpable boost to your circulation and wellness. That said, I am about 40 or so pounds overweight and found it hard to sustain some of the poses because my belly got in my way; but I did do it all.

If you are over 60 pounds overweight, you may have a hard time achieving the poses, but even coming close will benefit you and daily practice will increase your flexibility and leanness. The rhythm of the video is excellent, the repetitions deepen the poses, and the flow or order of poses works very well to lead into the next.

The instructor is one of the best on video ever. She has an accent, and I’m 90% sure she is from Argentina (I’m Latin; I can tell), but I’m not sure why anyone would negatively comment on her accent. She is clear and very eloquent throughout; her voice is relaxing and the music is non-distracting. I really also appreciated that the people in the video were real people who were not all “perfect” synchronized yoga robots. It was really like being in an actual class.

The program ends abruptly while in “Shivasana” or corpse pose (the most relaxing) so you can just linger there if you need to!


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Review 2: This instructor is so good at this

So here’s the deal… I just finished this video and got on my computer to write a review. Well, 10 minutes after savasana, I mean. ☺️

This instructor is so good at this. The guidance is superb physically and mentally.

Someone in a previous review said something like, “finally, a real yoga class”, and that is true. This is the best one I’ve ever seen on video and probably in an actual session.

I had surgery in my GI area, from neck to abdomen, and have issues. This relieved the issues. Having GI problems can leave you depressed and full of anxiety. This took care of it and can’t wait to do it again.

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Review 3: Love this

I really began to see improvements after using this every day for 2 or 3 weeks… I became more flexible, and in a better mood… More peaceful…. I found it amazing how Jenny would just know, when in certain positions, the areas that I might be clenching, and she would say say stuff like, “relax your jaw, relax your face”.

And i would think, “how did she know I was clenching my jaw!” How does she know? Because she has been doing this for years obviously, and knows her stuff. Great teacher… and I found her accent cute… No pain, no gain, don’t give up! Yes, some of the editing and sound is a lil wonky here and there, but, not a big deal, it corrects itself within a split second, and is not all that distracting at all… I hope she puts out more and more DVDs! Keep up the good work Jenny!

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