Yoga Strap 8' Cinch Buckle Cotton Yoga Strap

Yoga Strap 8′ Cinch Buckle Cotton Yoga Strap

Yoga strap and belts are useful for yogis of all levels. One reason people stay away from starting yoga is they believe they are not flexible enough. What they don’t realize is that yoga is not about flexibility, but about strengthening the body to join with the mind and spirit. Yoga straps help achieve this goal by making a pose attainable from the onset until flexibility is achieved. Belts provide length, enabling you to grasp limbs that are otherwise too far away.
Our YogaAccessories™ Cotton Yoga Straps are 1.5” wide, providing maximum comfort and preventing constricted circulation. The 6′ belt is our most popular length, and is ideal for most uses. For taller or less flexible yogis we also have 8′ and 10′ lengths. Our yoga straps are available in your choice of d-ring, cinch buckle, pinch buckle, or even no closure at all (available only in 10′ length).
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  • Anti-slip cinch buckle yoga strap
  • High quality, extra durable fabric
  • Great color choices!
  • 1.5” wide

Reviews of Yoga Strap 8′ Cinch Buckle Cotton Yoga Strap

Review 1: Nice length, decent color selection, good for my uses

I’m no hardcore yogini, heads-up. Years ago, I was so flexible that a strap was unneeded, but those days are behind me. I use this for athletic-type stretches after doing aerobics or weight-training five mornings a week. I also have a fairly gentle Hatha yoga practice three evenings a week, and use this strap to help out w/ stretching my fairly tight legs. It also helps with some upper body stretches, too.

The extra length of the strap is nice when you have to hold a quad stretch behind you (for which something like a folded hand towel would be too short), or hold your foot down firmly for a calf stretch. The material is firm & well-stitched, but not scratchy against my skin. As I’m not an advanced yogi at all, I can’t say how much it would help someone hold more difficult poses, where the strap is a sole means of holding your pose together.

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But I think for a moderate yoga practice, this serves the purpose well at a reasonable cost. I recommend buying it with a yoga block & a long, thick yoga mat (even if you have carpet) for the best results during yoga practice or athletic stretching. I bought this in Blue, and it matches the bottom layer of my Firm TramsFirmer step. A matching yoga block can easily be found here, too. I like to keep my exercise equipment looking matched well, so this was a nice bonus. 🙂

Review 2: I like it

After doing some research and reading reviews, I do enjoy using this yoga strap! Helps with flexibility and trying to improve on new moves:)

Review 3: Great Yoga Strap

Perfect strap. Love the material of the strap. The buckle is solid. Perfect for my stretching. Thank you!

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