• Cotton/Polyester/Spandex
  • 75% cotton
  • 20% polyester
  • 5% spandex.

Come on now, say it like it is: Business in the front, “Bad Ass” in the back. Kinda like a mullet. But mullets are not cool, okay. Just release the desire to rock the mullet. Buy these socks instead; your love life will thank you.

Reviews of Bad Ass Socks,BLACK/WHITE

Review 1: They fit great. I have very muscled calves (15″) and these …

I bought these for a relay race. They fit great. I have very muscled calves (15″) and these were definitely tight, but not uncomfortable. I am sure a human with average sized calves would have no trouble with these staying up. The foot was a little big around the heel. The fabric is soft, and about as thick as a regular dress style sock.

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These should work fine for running the relay. I would do a 5k, MAYBE a 10k in them. They are NOT thick enough for a half marathon for sure. If I were going to wear them for that I would double up with a pair of regular running socks underneath. They feel cotton-y, so don’t wear these for a wet race!

Don’t buy these expecting to own them forever. They feel like average mid weight soft fabric socks. I expect them to start getting holes after a few months of regular wear and probably after the three legs of my relay!


I am addicted to socks! The funnier, crazier the better. When I saw these, I knew I had to have them. I wear these with my boots that come up to about my calf. Then these socks and I will wear a pair or tights and shorts or a skirts and I get more compliments and people asking me where I got them. I love them, I am going to be ordering more from this company. They are expensive at 10 bucks a pair. But, they will hold up will and I will pay 10 bucks a pair for unique socks!

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Review 3: Crack-up!

These are too fun and totally motivating for some of those grueling ‘I know I can do it and it will suck, but I’m one of a few that acutally can’ sort of days… not to mention friends find them quite comical. 🙂 Wish they were a little bit thicker or more absorbent or anti-stink as they are more a casual day-sock material than a supportive workout liner.

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