Shamrock Triple Gym Door Station

Shamrock Triple Gym Door Station

  • The only pull up AND dips doorway gym, the dips bar just hooks on
  • Also included is a complete bodyweight suspension trainer!
  • Over 35 exercises possible, work every major muscle group
  • Made from heavy duty steel with high quality foam grips
  • Hooks onto standard doorways in seconds (24″-32″ wide) 300lb maximum user weight


The Shamrock Triple Gym install’s on a doorway by using leverage, a support bar goes around the back of the doorway on top of the architrave and another bar comes across the front of the door, they effectively squeeze in on the solid uprights of the doorway rather than pulling down on the weaker architrave.

Yes the extension or dip bars of the Shamrock Triple Gym are adjustable, there are three holes on each side which gives 4 different widths for doing bodyweight dips and the other exercises. Common opinion is that the most comfortable width for doing exercises like dips, bodyweight rows, leg raises and other bodyweight exercises.


The Shamrock Triple Gym allows you to do all the most common types of pullups and chinups. Wide grip pullups are widely accepted as being the most challenging type of pullups, the muscle that’s predominantly used is the lateral muscle in the back and also the bicep. Neutral grip pullups or chinups are where the palms of the hands are facing together, this type of pullup predominantly uses the middle or “meat” of the bicep. Close grip pullups or chinups are very good for the lower part of the bicep.



There are over 35 bodyweight exercise suggestions on the A2 chart but the possibilities are endless. The most popular bodyweight exercises like pullups, chinups, dips, leg raises, knee raises, suspended pushups and suspended flys but there are also a wide range of other exercises that can be done, the only limit is imagination.

Reviews of Shamrock Triple Gym Door Station

Shamrock Triple Gym Door Station Review 1: The best pull-up/dip bar for the home!

I purchased this system just over two weeks ago and it is excellent! I have it set up over my closet door so I pass it every morning as I get up and I knock out a set to and from the bathroom. The set up was quick and easy. I was slightly concerned after opening the box that I wasn’t going to have all the parts as they were loose in the box but they all made it. It is extremely sturdy and I have no concerns hanging on the door frame.

I am 6’1″ and about 200lbs and I’m very happy with it. The dip bar comes off easily and I just store it in the closet when not in use. I am very pleased with the construction and quality of this bar and feel it out-classes all other doorway pull-up bars I’ve ever tried. I really like the fact that the bar is OVER the doorway, which gives my legs more room from the floor. For me, I absolutely love having the dip bar option. This was the one reason I almost got a huge stand-alone unit. The dip bar is great and is used often and I’m so glad I didn’t go the route of the big standing unit!

I have not noticed any issues with the handgrips and have no issues with the bar marking up my doorframe. If I do notice something down the road, I’ll simply put a washcloth or papertowel over those spots. If you are looking to get a doorway pull-up bar, get this one.

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Shamrock Triple Gym Door Station Review 2: Best doorway pull up bar on the market

Best doorway pull up bar on the market. Shamrock has the widest bar [1.25″ with rubber guards] of any doorway pull up bar that I’ve seen on the market. Though it is likely made of aluminium tubing, it is extremely sturdy and hangs higher than the majority of other bars, making less of a problem for taller [5’9″] people to do a nearly completely extended exercise.

The dip bar, which has three adjustments for width, is very sturdy and is better, in my opinion, than floor stand dip bars without that ability to adjust width. This is overall a quality piece of equipment. I am very pleased and pleasantly surprised with this purchase.

Shamrock Triple Gym Door Station Review 3: Works for “beginners” as well as for those who are stronger

I would like to add my voice to those praising this product. I am 73 years old and can no longer do either pull-ups or chin-ups. However, the gym is designed to make it possible to work up to these and to build your strength. It has an exercise guide illustrating beginning, intermediate and advanced exercises, thus showing how someone like me (at the “beginning” level) can work up to be able to do more challenging exercises.

The dip station is terrific. The straps enable a variety of exercises for beginners to build their strength. This is not just a chin up bar but a doorway gym that makes possible a wide variety of exercises to strengthen the back, shoulders, chest, and arms.I installed it in a doorway in my older home. It should be terrifically helpful.

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