Black Mountain Products 1200lbs Rated Multi-Use Exercise Gymnastics Rings
Black Mountain Products 1200lbs Rated Multi-Use Exercise Gymnastics Rings

  • Set of B.M.P. Multi-use exercise Gymnastic rings
  • Holds a maximum load of 1200lbs
  • Portable and easy set up
  • Extra long Nylon strap: 1in x 15ft
  • Comes with manufacturers Lifetime Warranty

Brand New set of Black Mountain Products Multi-Use Exercise Gymnastic Rings. B.M.P. Rings are capable of holding up to 1200lbs and come with a 15ft strap for greater adjustment lengths. Gymnastics rings are lightweight and portable for use anywhere. Black Mountain products Gym Rings are professional grade and are perfect for any fitness level. B.M.P. gym rings are a great way to exercise your upper body, core and agility.

Great for cross fit training, body rows, push-ups, pull-ups, dips, any many other exercises. Rings can easily installed and taken down. Each set of Black Mountain Products Gymnastics Rings comes with a lifetime warranty.

Reviews of Black Mountain Products 1200lbs Rated Multi-Use Exercise Gymnastics Rings

Review 1: They do the job, no need for chalk, good grip, enough rope length and cheap.

I bought these 5 months ago to do core exercises outside. I am no gymnast but I do some rock climbing.

The material of the rings is plastic but you probably won’t need chalk to get a good grip. The plastic is not as soft as wood rings. I am used to rough surface so I really don’t mind anymore but my girlfriend thinks they are too rough.

I hanged them on a tree. It took 2 minutes and I haven’t moved them since. They are on a tree branch that is around 5m high. There is more cord left and I don’t know what to do with it.

I like them. Maybe there is a better package available but those do the job.

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Review 2: Tell Your Gym Membership to Take a Hike!

Outside of buying a bike and a camelbak, buying these has been the best use of money toward personal fitness I’ve made.

With these you can work out outdoors and not in some stuffy gym filled with a bunch of attitude.

These are dirt-simple to use and require only a stable horizontal bar for use. I think I paid about $25.00 for these and use them at least twice a week — great for working those stabilizer muscles! Some may get into a spirited debate about these vs. TRX bands. My 2 cents is that rings like these afford the user a wider range of motion (e.g. doing a Skin the Cat) than with TRX bands. I’ve got a TRX system from work so I didn’t have to pay for them… I hear they’re way more expensive.

Bottom line: Rings allow you to do more than with TRX bands at a fraction of the price…especially if you buy these. Highly recommend.

Review 3: sturdy

Built my own pull up bar and attached these babies to it, made it totally awesome! Been using it for already a year and it works as intended. The only thing is I wish it had some measuring units on the strap to make it easier to adjust make the rings at a equal level since it’s sometimes difficult to align them. However, the product itself is good!

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