Bodylastics Patented Anti-SNAP MAX Tension Resistance Bands

Bodylastics Patented Anti-SNAP MAX Tension Resistance Bands

  • UPDATE – Named BEST Resistance Bands by The Wirecutter, A New York Times Company (12-22-2017). 31 PCS MEGA Set – This set comes with 14 Anti-Snap bands (2x Yellow: 3 lbs, 2x Green: 5 lbs, 2x Red: 8 lbs, 2x Blue: 13 lbs, 2x Black: 19 lbs, 2x Purple: 23 lbs, 2x Orange 30 lbs); 6 Heavy Duty Handles; 6 Heavy Duty Ankle Straps; 2 Door Anchors; 1 small anywhere anchor; 1 large anywhere anchor; 1 large gym bag; 1 Instructional Resource.
  • PATENTED ANTI-SNAP SAFETY DESIGN – Every Bodylastics band incorporates our amazing Snap Guard inner safety cord. This amazing cord is super strong. It will prevent damage to the bands from over stretching, and protects your face and body in the rare case that a band does snap.
  • 404 LBS STACKABLE RESISTANCE – Bodylastics Clip Bands enable the user to add or subtract resistance to create the perfect challenge for every muscle group. Utilize and combine all of the bands in this set to create from 3 to 404 lbs! Our bands work just like stackable plate loaded machines.
  • GUARANTEED PROFESSIONAL GRADE QUALITY – Our tube band systems incorporate the highest quality, continuous dipped, Malaysian natural latex, super strong inner safety cords, nylon & ABS cores, woven nylon webbing, solid iron clips, and dense neoprene. You get Professional Grade quality at a non-professional price.
  • 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE ­ We’re SO confident that you’ll love this Bodylastics System that we offer a 100% Money Back Guarantee. Try this Bodylastics product RISK FREE. If it is not everything that we claim send it back within 30 days for a full refund.

Overview: Bodylastics Max Tension Resistance Bands Systems incorporate the best of the best materials for the greatest durability and workout experience. Each of these exercise band kits include either 5, 6, 7 or 14 of our top rated Anti-Snap Malaysian latex tubes with solid iron Carabiners, Heavy Duty Components, Travel bag and instructions.

12 Pieces Version – Max Tension 96 lbs:
-Five bands of varying resistance (ONE: 3 lbs Band; ONE: 5 lbs Band; ONE: 8 lbs Band; ONE: 13 lbs Band; ONE: 19 lbs Band)
-TPR Waffle Grip Handles (Set of 2)
-Door anchor
-Ankle straps (Set of 2)
-Carrying bag
-Printed Instructions

14 Pieces Version – Max XT 142 lbs:
-Six bands of varying resistance (ONE: 3 lbs Band; ONE: 5 lbs Band; ONE: 8 lbs Bands; ONE: 13 lbs Band; ONE: 19 lbs Band; ONE: 23 lbs Band)
-TPR Waffle Grip Handles (Set of 2)
-Door anchor
-Ankle straps (Set of 2)
-Small Anywhere Anchor
-Carrying bag
-Printed Instructions

19 Pieces Version – Max XT Strong Man 202 lbs:

-Seven bands of varying resistance (ONE: 3 lbs band; ONE: 5 lbs Band; ONE: 8 lbs band; ONE: 13 lbs band; ONE: 19 lbs Band; ONE: 23 lbs Band; ONE: 30 lbs Band)
-TPR Waffle Grip Handles (Set of 4)
-2 Door anchors
-Ankle straps (Set of 4)
-Medium Carrying bag
-Printed Instructions


31 Pieces Version – Max MEGA Edition 404 lbs:
-Fourteen bands of varying resistance (TWO: 3 lbs; TWO: 5 lbs; TWO: 8 lbs; TWO: 13 lbs; TWO: 19 lbs; TWO: 23 lbs; TWO: 30 lbs)
-6 Upgraded heavy duty handles
-6 Upgraded heavy duty ankle straps
-2 heavy duty door anchors
-1 heavy duty small anywhere anchor
-1 heavy duty large anywhere anchor
-Large Carrying bag with shoulder strap
-Printed Instructions

Reviews of Bodylastics Patented Anti-SNAP MAX Tension Resistance Bands

Bodylastics Patented Anti-SNAP MAX Tension Resistance Bands Review 1: Comparision this bands with another excellent ones in the market… THIS PRODUCT IS EXCELLENT

I bought a set of elastic bands for my girl and after searching and researching for pretty good bands and pretty good price I ended up buying the Aylio elastic bands to her.. why? Because they come with an outstanding booklet guide with the exercises and also they come with a really nice and very practical DVD where you can watch the videos of the exercises you want to perform so you can perform them right. Now those are for my girl because she will start her working out with the bands and pretty much starting working out again after a couple of years without working out.

I know for a fact that the elastic bands save you space and money and you don’t need to go to the gym every single day and spend your money on going and coming back and stuff like that, but you can perform pretty much the same exercises you do into the gym with this bands, So I decided to buy another set of bands for me. I was about to buy the Aylio that I bought for my girl but for me, but then those became unavailable, so I saw the Bodylastics pretty much at the same price as the Aylio and then I decided to research about these Bodylastics Bands, The Aylio are pretty good indeed and they have a good reputation and a very nice warranty which is lifetime warranty but I will describe the pros and cons between them.

Pros and cons in comparison:

  • Both have an excellent customer service and customer satisfaction.
  • While Aylio have heavy duty elastic bands and they are very good, they still have some snap problems from customers with snapping bands. BODYLASTICS they use DGS technology which i was shocked when I saw this technology with my eyes on the bands. This technology you can feel with your fingers on the bands and the DGS technology is that while you are pulling the elastic band and when you try to pull beyond the snapping point, the DGS technology will stop you to snap the band and will not let you break your band, simple and effective as that. I will upload pictures on all of this.
  • The handles I think for me are just the same they are both heavy duty and padded with neoprene which is excellent, but in one of the videos of Bodylastics an SUV pass over the handle without breaking it so I guess might be true, I don’t want to try it though; but one big difference between them is the rings that they have for clip the bands into them, they are HUGE and not exaggerating, Bodylastics claims to put all the bands into the same handle or ankle strap without any problem and that is true, you can clip all the bands together in the handle ring or in the ankle ring straps.

    The Ayilio handles are padded with neoprene also and the handle itself is heavy duty plastic material or something but they are also strong, the difference is that the Aylio ring to clip the bands is very small and the number of bands that you can clip to the handles is limited i guess no more than 4 clips per handle.

  • The ankle straps in the Bodylastics are very well padded with neoprene and high quality Velcro and as I wrote above, the ring for clipping the bands are huge, just notice the ankle straps they are not only for your ankles, they can be used for any other purposes according to the exercises. The ankle straps in the Aylio are just pure nylon and not high quality Velcro, also they are not padded ans the ring for clipping bands are small so the number of bands that you can clip on them are limited and as they are not padded with your workout you can hurt your skin in someway.
  • The door anchor, both are well constructed with heavy duty nylon but there is a HUGE difference between them. The Bodylastics door anchor is just HUGE, is heavy duty constructed with heavy duty foam padded so it will not hurt your door at all and also the Bodylastics door anchor is padded with a neoprene so your bands will not be scratched by the band-nylon friction so your bands will last longer and will not be scratched or snapped at any time even when they have lifetime warranty so your investment will be worth.

    The Aylio door anchor is just a heavy duty nylon constructed without any neoprene padding in the other side and for the yip of the anchor they use just something like a heavy duty small plastic ball inside of the nylon so this anchor will hurt your door really bad and I’m afraid they will tear your door and cause some damaged; also with this construction of the Aylio door anchor, you cannot use the anchor under your door because if you have more than 3/4 of an inch of space under your door, this Aylio anchor will slide under the door and will not hold on place, instead will be snapping into you so this anchor for me is useless and this was the reason i bought a separate door anchors that are pretty similar with the bodylastics anchors but smaller. Again the Bodylastics door anchors are huge.

  •  Aylio doesn’t have DGS technology on their elastic bands. Bodylastics has the DGS technology that prevents the bands getting snapped because of the over tension and you can see and feel on the bands. Aylio has a pretty nice bands and you can feel them they are very well made but the Bodylastics are way much better, also the Aylio they are pure latex bands and they come like powdered, the Bodylastics they don’t come with any chemical or powder to keep the bands in good condition, they come ready to use although you need the Armor All protectant to maintain your bands.
  • Aylio comes with a booklet guide with the 101 exercises that you can perform with the bands for every part of your body and also comes with a DVD that shows you with videos on how to use your bands and how to perform correctly your exercises and start working out. Bodylastics comes, depending on the package or set of the bands you buy, they come with a massive 3 x4 feet wall chart where the exercises are printed and some tips on how you can find exercises on their website and also how to perform these exercises correctly.

On the chart on each exercise you see there, there is a code or a number where you go on the bodylastics website and look for that video number and then a video will come up where Blake Kassel, the CEO and founder of bodylastics will show you how to do the exercises correctly, also, bodylastics will offer you a 3 or 6 month suscription to liveexercise where you can watch live or on demand the people working out an different types of exercises using the elastic bands of course.

Just in the MMA training set you get a DVD for training or with exercises I guess but with my 3 month subscription and the tons of videos that they have on youtube and on their webpage, you can easily get what you need and workout what you want to work out, you have videos for Yoga, Pilates, MMA training, regular exercises, Cardio, resistance, etc. Now this is great compared with the only or simple guide that Aylio offer in their booklet and DVD but still even Bodylastics has tons and tons of videos with even Blake himself working out and showing videos from how to use your bands and your anchors, it might become in handy for people who start working out for the very first time with this stuff have a DVD and/or a booklet where can show you in short videos how to perform the exercises properly.

Bodylastics they have if you go online and look for the video codes then that video for that exercise will show up, but that is a waste of too much time. It will be wonderful if Bodylastics can just make a DVD with the same videos of the exercises on the chart just translate them into a DVD so you can save time and just start working out right away without any interruption. just watching the videos and your are done. Bodylastics can increase the price a couple of more dollars for the DVD and the booklet even if is simple and basic but sometimes for people who just start with the bands will save a lot of time and will help them / us to start with something and start properly.

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Bodylastics Patented Anti-SNAP MAX Tension Resistance Bands Review 2: Safe, affordable, convenient, what more could you ask for?

I love the exercise videos Blake from Bodylastics does on youtube, and that’s primarily why I chose to purchase this brand of resistance bands.

I’ve been using these bands almost daily for the past 3 months, and they’ve held up amazingly well. I found a great beginner lifting routine that is a 5 day split, and started with just the 3 lb bands, learning how to do all of the exercises with good form thanks to Blake’s videos. When I could do all of the sets of a particular exercise at 3 lbs, I moved up 5 lbs the next week. When I mastered an exercise at 5 lbs, I moved up to 8 lbs, and so on.

The great thing about these bands is that they are stackable, so when I was done with 8 lbs, I didn’t have to jump straight to the 13 lb band. I simply added the 3 lb band to the 8 lb band and had 11 lbs of resistance to work against.

I was skeptical at how much muscle I could build in just a few months working out with resistance bands, but I’m obviously making steady progress with using heavier and heavier resistance loads each week, and my muscles are definitely starting to show.

If you’re just getting started with strength training, resistance bands are a great way to build up muscle before jumping over to heavier free weights!

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Bodylastics Patented Anti-SNAP MAX Tension Resistance Bands Review 3: Great quality!

After reading some reviews on the cheaper bands and seeing all the horror stories, I decided to pay a little more for these with the antisnap! Very solid build and very easy to stack to get the resistance I want to achieve.

I created my own Home Depot made Bowflex by putting up 2×4 and anchors hooks rated more than I will need. With 24 different points, I purchased two sets of these bands to have a set for each extremity to work my chest, back, or any other exercise I can imagine. So have only had these for a short time but love them so far!

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