Chalk Balls - Camp USA
Chalk Balls – Camp USA

  • Mesh sack contains 2 oz / 56 g of chalk
  • Lasts longer than block or powdered chalk

FEATURES of the Camp USA Chalk Ball Mesh sack contains 2 oz / 56 g of chalk Lasts longer than block or powdered chalk

Reviews of Camp USA Chalk Balls

Review 1: So chalky

This was my first gym chalk purchase, EVER!

It’s chalk. It’s in a ball. I don’t make a mess at the gym for the owners to complain about. My deadlift easily went up 150lbs thanks to this stuff.

Ok, not really. It did help get a few extra pounds on the bar without having to switch to a mixed grip or straps though. I only use it once a week so this should last me a very long while, not sure if it can be refilled or not, I will have to figure that out when the time comes.

Review 2: Ant repellant

This chalk ball is broken up and spread in a circle around the base of my hummingbird feeder. It works like a charm for keeping the ants away from the feeder.

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Review 3: Good buy and last quite a while

Great stuff.

Takes a little work to break appart the ball so chalk can be applied as you are climbing. Other than that, it does the job wonderfully.


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