CAP Barbell 2-Inch Olympic Grip Plate

CAP Barbell 2-Inch Olympic Grip Plate

  • Made of solid cast iron.
  • Oversized grip areas for easy handling.
  • Accomodates 2″ bars.

The CAP Barbell Olympic Grip Plate is a standard part of any advanced training regime. The oversized grip areas allow for easy handling and the plates are coated with baked enamel, in a black finish.

Increase the intensity of your workout with the CAP 2 in Olympic Grip Plate. It makes an exceptional addition to your weight lifting routine. The single CAP plate is made of solid cast iron. Each piece features over-sized holes. This allows the user to safely lift and load the plate onto the bars and other equipment. Additionally, it has a semi-gloss finish and convenient grips for added control. The weight is clearly marked with a contrasting silver color. This CAP 2 in Olympic Grip Plate fits on all 2 in Olympic style weightlifting bars, along with many other machines. The weights are available and sold separately in a 2.5 lb, 5 lb, 10 lb, 25 lb, 35 lb or 45 lb size.

Reviews of CAP Barbell 2-Inch Olympic Grip Plate

Review 1: Cancer Free Lifts

I ordered 6 of these so far (2×25, 2×10, 2×2.5) and my bodyweight scale measured each 25# one as 25.0 lbs on the nose. It’s not a hyper-accurate scale, but it’s relatively accurate to within +- 0.2 lbs. I plan to order 45s, 35s, and 5s to complete my set.


• I love the grips and the hammered metal finish (certain paints are capable of producing that hammered look when dry).
• Absolutely cannot beat the price for the 45s, 25s, 10s, and 2.5s. The 35s and the 5s break the pattern of ridiculously cheap, but they’re still not too bad for what you get.
• Each weight (25 lb) shipped separately in its own box to minimize potential damage from shipping, something I appreciate.

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• As others have said, the inner 2″ diameter cutout was roughly finished, but this was only true of the larger 25# weights I ordered, NOT the smaller ones. Both of my two 25# weights came with some sharp burred edges, but a quick touch with my Dremel, and everything was sorted out. Alternatively, one could touch up the sharp/rough patches with a metal file. Either way, this was not a big deal for me, and I placed my order fully expecting to encounter this.
• Of the three sets I ordered, the 2.5# weights took much longer to ship (roughly 3 weeks), but arrived promptly after shipping (within 2 days). No big deal for me, but just beware you may have to wait for your full set.

Aside note:

• I’m amused by people who see the Prop 65 warning for the first time in their lives thinking these barbell weights are going to give them cancer. You can tell these people are either not from California, or they do not buy many products aimed at California markets. To clarify: California requires, by law, a warning label on all products sold in the state when those products contain one or more statutorily defined chemicals “known to the State of California to cause birth defects or other reproductive harm.” This can include lead or lead-based paint. Yes, lead is a known carcinogen, and lead paint is toxic. It is also very common. The truth is, many of these one-star reviewers have likely encountered this substance in their own states WITHOUT such a warning.

For instance, bullets and air rifle pellets are overwhelmingly manufactured with lead as the main component. Lead is used in older formulations of pewter. Lead is commonly included in industrial paints. In fact, in older communities, lead was a material commonly used in potable water pipes to carry drinking water from city supplies into homes. While I am only guessing, I’d say the warning probably applies to the paint, which is likely lead-based.

So, what can you do to minimize adverse health effects from handling these barbells? The single biggest thing you can do to stay safe is not to eat the paint. Yes, I’m serious. Don’t be tempted to lick it, however tasty it may appear, and don’t let your children lick the barbells either. The other thing is to simply wash your hands like a civilized person after handling the weights. You should be in this habit anyway. Do these things, and if you still get cancer, I promise it was probably from something else.

Lol. Sometimes, you people really amuse me. Carcinogenic barbell weights. What will you internets think of next?

By the way, ethanol (the kind of grain alcohol in drinks like beer, wine, and other distilled spirits) is a known carcinogen. You’d be surprised what common products in every day life are carcinogenic. Common medications like benzodiazipines, barbiturates, albuterol, and atorvastatin are carcinogenic; also carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, carbon tetrachloride and many other aromatic hydrocarbons… to date, the list has accumulated more than 800 substances. Too much sunlight is carcinogenic. Not enough sunlight is carcinogenic. These barbells are the least of your concerns.

Review 2: Nice plates but the 45s are undersize.

I have these in 2.5#-45#, the 45# are smaller diameter than all of my other 45# plates which can be frustrating. The 25# and 35# seem to be about the same diameter as other brand 25s/35s so I’m not sure why the 45s are smaller. (Even from other Cap Barbell models). This is mostly a problem for Deadlifting where, if you’re using just these plates, you’re going to be at a small deficit, or if you’re using them with other brand plates, the other brand plates are carrying more weight. If you’re not doing lifts off the floor, the smaller diameter shouldn’t matter.

Out of 18 plates of various weight I purchased, all are very close to the advertised weight, I did not have any problems with the bores being less than perfect and the black paint quality on all of them is very high. (The silver paint on most of them had some registration problems, but I don’t really consider that an issue for weights…)

If the 45s were the standard diameter, I would rate these 5 stars.

Review 3: Work great for me.

Pleasantly surprised after reading some negative reviews.

Weight accuracy:

Out of 16 plates of various weights, some were right on the money, some within 1/4lb and some within 1/2lb. I only had 1 45 plate that was 1.5lbs off. I’m happy with that. After reading reviews on more expensive plates it seems like this is an issue until you’re ready until you spend ALOT more money.


I mean, its a little sloppy but its not bad. They have some minor bumps and blemishes here and there, the silver paint is sloppy. But they are meant to be solid, heavy weights with a 2″ hole; and they are. I still think they look pretty darn good, especially for the price.


They fit my 2″ bar just fine, no problems here.


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