CAP Barbell Olympic 2-Inch ECO Chrome Bar, 7-Feet
CAP Barbell Olympic 2-Inch ECO Chrome Bar, 7-Feet

7’ Olympic Bar is the most popular international bar on the market. Precision engineered for balance and long lasting performance. Designed with medium depth diamond knurled surface and sleeves that swivel at the most delicate touch. This prohibits the bar from warping and reduces pressure on the wrists.

  • 500 Lbs. Capacity
  • Chrome finish
  • 30 Day Manufacture’s Warranty

Reviews of CAP Barbell Olympic 2-Inch ECO Chrome Bar, 7-Feet

Review 1: Worth the price.

This is a 2″ standard bench-press/squat bar. It weights 45lbs. It may or may not have a 500lb capacity. The construction is fair to good. I would use it in a gym setting with moderate foot traffic. I would not allow power lifters to clean and drop this bar. I would not allow people to use this in excess of 400lbs. After about three months of service it is still straight and attractive. The hex bolts back out nearly daily but welcome to gym management. Worth the price.

Review 2: Good bar, but a few cautions

My main purpose in writing this review is to confirm that it is 37 POUNDS. I bought it with hope that one reviewer was correct in saying that it was 45lbs, but that is false. That said, it is still a very nice, sturdy bar.

I am replacing a Gold’s Gym bar which had a defective sleeve (the sleeves are held into place by bolts; in cheaper bars, like the one I replaced, the drilled hole/bolt are not always perfect, which means that doing anything rough like a deadlift or leaving weights on the bar will strip it quickly, which is bad), and so I took this one apart to make sure the drilling was legit, and it is.

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Overall, I think this is a bit overpriced for the quality and the weird weight, but still the best you are going to get for less than a hundred bucks.

Review 3: Great product for the price!

I was afraid it this bar might be sub-par considering the low price – but it’s fantastic! The collars are very slightly larger in diameter than the ones at my gym – I have to really grip the spring collars to get ’em on – but this is a minor issue. Standard Olympic plates are no problem. Love the knurled gripping areas on the bar.

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