CAP Barbell Olympic Bar
CAP Barbell Olympic Bar, 2-Inch, 1000-Pound Capacity, 7-Feet


7’ CAP Barbell Olympic Bar is designed to take on super heavy workloads and is the top choice for professional weightlifters and club owners. Precision engineered for balance and long lasting performance. Medium depth diamond knurled surface and sleeves that swivel at the most delicate touch. This prohibits the bar from warping and reduces pressure on the wrists.

  • Accomodates 2-Inch Olympic plates
  • 1000-Pound weight capacity
  • Black oxide finish with polished steel sleeves
  • Medium-depth diamond knurl

Reviews of CAP Barbell Olympic Bar, 2-Inch, 1000-Pound Capacity, 7-Feet

Review 1: Excellent bar for the price

Was doing alot of online research on Amazon looking for a decent bar for someone on a tighter budget. CAP gets a bad rap for being considered “cheaper” than most brands, but I think otherwise. I have an EZ curl bar from them, olympic dumbell handles and plates, and they all work just fine. This is a great bar for the price. The knurls are at a nice medium depth not to deep, and not to smooth (there is no center knurl for those who do snatching, etc. But I personally prefer my bars without it).

I gave it a test roll on the floor and this bar rolled perfectly flat, as it should, so I know it isn’t bent or warped. The end sleeves have a nice spin time (for those who don’t know, sleeves spin to reduce tension on the wrists, allow the weights to move easier, and allow for smoother lifts). I tested both ends three times each, and the average was about 4 seconds, giving it a pretty hard double hand turn. The most I’ve added to this bar so far was 605lbs for a standard deadlift, and there wasn’t even the slightest bend, so this bar definitely can handle heavy weight.

The ONLY complaint I have, and it isn’t even the bar itself, is the poor packaging. It came in a cheap tube with BOTH ENDS EXPOSED. It looked as though there may have been plastic covers on the ends at some point, but fell off during transport. Thankfully the bar wasn’t damaged.

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Review 2: Good barbell for the price!

The packaging came open on one end, so I expected the chrome end to be beat up, but it was just fine. Overall, this is a high quality barbell used on days I can’t make it into the gym. It’s good for the price. The knurling is just right in terms of size and spacing. The bearings are smooth – but I have only used it for a few weeks. I havent tested it with any heavy weight so I cant speak to the tensile strength or ‘whip’.

Bottom line, I wouldn’t use this for anything more than a light home gym setup, but that’s what it was built for. Would recommend to anyone looking for that purpose.

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Review 3: Bought this a year ago

Bought this a year ago, have used it three times a week since in a not-climate-controlled garage in Seattle. It’s still like new, except for having some chalk on it. I’m happy with the quality on this one, and stupidly happy given the price compared to some of the competition. I haven’t had more than 350 lbs on it, so I have no idea how well it holds up to 500+… but I’m slowly working on finding out.

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