CAP Barbell Olympic 2-Inch Power Bar, 7-Feet
CAP Barbell Olympic 2-Inch Power Bar, 7-Feet

Cap’s 7’ Olympic Power Bar offers supreme quality craftsmanship from end to end and is the only reason this bar has a powerful reputation and tolerates even the toughest workout. Designed with medium depth diamond knurled surface and sleeves that swivels at the most delicate touch. This prohibits the bar from warping and reduces pressure on the wrists.

  • 1500 Lbs. Capacity
  • Black Finish
  • 30 Day Manufacture’s Warranty

Reviews of CAP Barbell Olympic 2-Inch Power Bar, 7-Feet

Review 1: Good buy

Review 2: Heavy, solid bar for any lifting program.

Review 3: Best bar for the price!

This bar might not be considered a high level bar as some of the others out there that costs twice as much if not more but after using this bar for a month I don’t doubt the quality of this bar one bit. At nearly $160 shipped (which I don’t consider cheap) I think this bar is very comparable to higher priced bars out there and a much better value for the price. So what else do I have to say about this bar…
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  • I love the black finish. It’s a bar, but it just looks so nice. Yes, over time it will start to scratch up but who cares, if you’re trying to get bigger, stronger or whatever you shouldn’t be worried about that.
  • Some reviewers have complained about the knurling being too aggressive but after using it for month I feel it’s just right. On other bars I’ve used when I do lifts such as deads as I start to fatigue I tend to start losing grip and would have to readjust my hands the last few reps. However, with this bar I haven’t had that issue. I also like the fact that the bar itself doesn’t have a smooth finish so even there’s very good grip on the non-knurled sections as well.
  • It’s rated for 1,500lbs. I will never be able to push that kind of weight and I don’t know how accurate that rating is but I don’t doubt this bar can handle very heavy weight and can take abuse. Not only does the bar look nice but it’s built tough as well.
  • The ends are capped. Anyone who has ever used bars where it’s an allen type bolt with the ends exposed knows the issues those can have.
  • Price and value. Again, for the price this bar is well worth the money. It’ll be nearly impossible to find another bar as tough and rugged as this one without paying nearly twice as much if not more.
  • It won’t look as nice over time. If you use it and a lot, wear and tear will be more noticeable than your typical silver, chrome finish bar.
  • Some may not like the threaded sleeves. I myself prefer the sleeves to be smooth but that wasn’t a big deal to me.

This is the best bar for the money. There really are no cons as the ones I listed and what I’ve read in other reviews are more so personal preference. In terms of the value and quality of this bar you can’t go wrong.

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