Firm GRIP POWER PADS – ALTERNATIVE TO GYM GLOVES, Weight Lifting Straps and Gloves

  • Best Lifting Grips by GRIP POWER PADS – The Alternative To Gym Workout Gloves | Maximize Your Workout Potential With Grip Pad. Our Pads Divided Into 2 Series Professional Patented Lifting Grips (PRO, NEO, FIT) & Classic Grip Pads (SOFT, FIRM, FOAM) Please Choose Below From The Color Variation Best Grips That Fit Your Needs. Non Slip Grip – No More Calluses & Grip Fatigue – Secure Your Grip! For Man and Women & Weight Lifting Exercise Crossfit Workout
  • Best Lifting Grips These new Grip Power Pads® are a combination of Lifting Grips / Gloves and Pads. There is nothing else on the market similar to this product – so be prepared to do more reps during your workout with these lifting grip pads. The secret with these new grips is the texture material that grasp the bar and does not let your hand slide off. In addition, your hand does not sweat like they do when you use traditional leather gym gloves.
  • MAXIMIZE YOUR WORKOUT POTENTIAL, You’ve tried the REST now own the BEST
  • They are very comfortable lifting pads, the best Non-slip grip you can get during your workout. They are ideal for heavy lifting. The most popular Grip Pads among our customers.
  • Secure your weights with specially designed textile material, Full Coverage palm protection, Firm and comfortable gripNo restrictions on palm movement, No finger loops, No sweaty hands

Grip Power Pads® -The World’s Newest Anti-Slip Hand Grip Technology, Superior To Gym Gloves.

This is not an option for lifters, it is a necessity. It is required hand protection for optimal workouts.

Increase your performance by reducing sweat and hand fatigue. Grip Power Pads® are designed to support lifter grip and prevent loss of grip during exercise. Padded surface prevents development of blisters and calluses on all parts of your hand. You will have a confident and comfortable grip. No restriction on palm movement. We offer pads designed for men and women from the beginner to the professional user.

  • Best Lifting Grips
  • MAXIMIZE YOUR WORKOUT POTENTIAL, You’ve tried the REST now own the BEST
  • Secure your weights with specially designed textile material
  • Full Coverage palm protection, Firm and comfortable grip
  • No restrictions on palm movement, No finger loops, No sweaty hands

I’ve been bench pressing for 13 years – multiple gyms – never needed/wanted gloves. However, my gym just bought brand new bars that have a ridiculously rough/sharp grip texture…I had to do something or deal with the 24 hours of sore palms I got from using the new bars.

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I searched for gloves and everyone complains that they make you sweat, they smell bad, they fall apart when washed etc. etc. Plus, I don’t particularly see myself wearing gloves and hate the idea of it.

Then I saw these. A near flawless rating (rare full 5 stars) on Amazon and only $6.55? They seem too good to be true but they are NOT. They just plain work – easily, hassle free, no gloves. I keep these in my pockets at the gym and use when needed. I bought the soft ones, for no real reason other than soft sounds more comfortable than firm.

You simply make a flat hand and place these little pads on them. Then grab the bar and grip. For my bars the pad is a little bigger than needed but it doesn’t matter – just squeeze it between your clenched fingers and don’t worry. They seem quite durable (no wear at all after 3 weeks) and after the first few days I was used to them. It’s a little awkward in the beginning but not a problem at all.

They 100% prevent any slip or hand pain from gripping the bar. If by any chance I lost them or they actually fell apart in a few years, I would buy 2 more just in case. What a stupid simple idea that works perfectly! I can’t think of any way these could be improved upon.

UPDATE: 10 months of use and they show no signs of wear at all. Still very happy with this purchase!

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