• The World’s Newest Anti-Slip Hand Grip Technology, Superior To Typical Gym Gloves. MAXIMIZE YOUR WORKOUT POTENTIAL, You’ve tried the REST now own the BEST
  • Secure your weights with specially designed textile material
  • Full Coverage palm protection, Firm and comfortable grip
  • Protect palms and hands from blister and callus formation


Ready to maximize your workout potential?

Get started with the best lifting grips for men and women on the market – Grip Power Pads!

Our Original Lifting Grips are a combination of lifting grips, gloves and pads – making them the ultimate alternative to workout gloves. There’s nothing else on the market similar to our exclusively patented product.

Get Prepared To Do More Reps Than Ever Before!

What makes our Grip Pads so unique? 
With this product, you’ll finally be able to say goodbye to calluses and grip fatigue for good! Anyone looking to firmly and comfortably secure their grip on the bar will find Grip Power Pads superior to other products. Our secret is the texture of the material that’s used to grasp the bar. It doesn’t allow your hand to slide off, and you’ll never have to worry about your hands sweating (like they can with traditional leather gym gloves).

Grip Power Pads are unlike any workout glove on the market.

Take control of your workouts with Grip Power Pads. Whether you’re an avid bodybuilder or just hitting the gym after a long day at the office, our innovative set of workout pads will take your routine to the next level. Simply designed and durably constructed, Grip Power Pads will give you the clean and responsive grip you’ve been searching for.

Feel. Fit. Function. They aren’t known as the best weight lifting gloves for no reason! Grip Power Pads feature a solid sponge construction with deep grooves on each side. Each pair is thoroughly tested for quality, and they’re manufactured with high-caliber materials that deliver tangible benefits in the gym.
Why use Grip Power Pads instead of other workout gloves?

  • Workout gloves are bulky. Grip Power Pads are sleek and simple. They fit in the palms of your hands and provide comfort and protection without the bulk. They tuck easily into any pocket or gym bag.
  • Gloves make your palms sweat. Grip Power Pads allow 80% of your hands to remain exposed during a workout. The ability for air to reach your palms decreases sweating, overheating, and calluses. Grip Power Pads are also constructed from odor-resistant rubber.
  • Gyms often ban the use of chalk. Grip Power Pads protect hands far better than chalk ever could. Chalk is useless on smooth surfaces, but Grip Power Pads provide a stable layer of protection on all surfaces from rubber to rough grit to smooth steel.
  • Body building gloves are not attractive. Minimal in design, Grip Power Pads are aesthetically pleasing and barely visible during an intense workout.

Grip Power Pads Classic Model is available in 3 Models:

All Classic Lifting Grips Made Proudly in USA.

Grip Power Pads Soft – Grip Power Pads Soft are our simple rubber grip pads. These pads are constructed of soft rubber and are approximately 0.2″ thick. They are simple lifting grips that don’t feature straps, and are the most economical product in our lineup.

Grip Power Pads Firm  ( MOST POPULAR MODEL MADE IN USA )– These are our simple rubber pads, constructed of firm rubber. They are approximately 0.12″ thick. These workout pads provide minimum palm coverage, ideal for keeping your hands safe from sharp metal points and bars. They will provide you with maximum support and grip while isolating any metal from your skin. Our Firm model is comprised of formed rubber which imitates the shape of the coated metal bars.

Grip Power Pads Foam – These pads are our simple foam pads. They are constructed of a mix of synthetic foam and rubber and are 0.25″ thick. There pads are recommended for more advanced weight lifters, who require more hand protection for their grip.

Say goodbye to Gym Gloves

Grip Power Pads are built for long-lasting use and function. The sweat-absorbing rubber and breathability gives you the edge you’ve been searching for. When you’re focused on proper form instead of unflattering smells and blisters, you will go the distance. With Grip Power Pads, you’ll no longer have to worry about losing your grip from sweaty palms.

Say goodbye to sore hands and blisters that stop you from achieving your goals. The use of Grip Power Pads adds necessary friction to all equipment, including hand weights and pull-up bars. Never again will you have to worry about leather gloves shrinking and absorbing moisture. You’ll feel safer and your workouts will be more productive. Choose Grip Power Pads for an all-around better experience in your quest for health and fitness!


Review 1: Beat wrist straps hands down.

I used wrist straps for years but found that I was relying on them and putting unwanted stress on my wrist. And my grip strength was basically gone. Decided to try these pads and they’re spectacular. They make gripping more comfortable. They’re the right thickness and size.

They don’t collect sweat and stink like the wrist straps did. And I can throw them easily in my shorts pocket so i don’t have to take a bag with me to gym. The three pack is really a bargain. I’ll be curious to see how long they last, but after a week of intense workouts I haven’t noticed one bit of wear. You’ll definitely have a life-long customer in me now.

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Review 2: Great pads!! Saved my hands!

Very simple but great product. The gym at my apartment complex community is ok.., not the best, but at least, I dont have to pay a membership nor drive everyday. They have a good selection of dumbbells but the grip is made up of a material that can mess up your hands.

Sometimes, when trying to lift heavy, I squeeze hard, but my hand palms suffered so I would give up and picked up lighter ones. Not fair! I hate wearing gloves. For some reason, they give me anxiety. I don’t feel comfortable with them. I looked up in Amazon and I saw this option. Well, since this pads were inexpensive, I wouldn’t lose anything by giving them a try. So WORTH the try. They do the trick. My hands don’t suffer anymore.

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Review 3: I am working out for last 15 years and like most other fitness junkies

Before I start my review I want to mention that this is NOT A PAID review and/or exchange for a FREE PRODUCT. I am working out for last 15 years and like most other fitness junkies, I tend to have really bad days with my callus. The 1st POWER PAD I bought was in 2012 and they were still going strong until I left them in the GYM locker room ( of course I was tired and wanted to take a shower ASAP ).

So I bought another paid recently to use them on the BAD CALLUS days. Do I use them on everyday basis ? NO. I prefer natural feeling, but when callus are in BAD shape, then I always look for my POWER PADS. My wife uses them most of them as she likes the grip and again she will not get callus. Do I recommend this product ? YES. There is nothing to loose for the price. Will I BUY again in future ? YES, I would always keep them in my gym bag for BAD callus day workout. I do Crossfit so I tend to get callus on very frequent basis.

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