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  • Slightly padded 100% Genuine Leather Palm for a Durable and Firm Grip.
  • Cool Neoprene 4 Finger Loop Backing keeps them in place and wicks away sweat!
  • Doesn’t Restrict Movement – No Need To Take On and Off. Put em on and keep em on!
  • High-Performance, Triple Stitch Technology – Designed to outlast even the most grueling workouts!
  • #1 Top Rated Exercise Glove on Amazon – and It’s Not Even A Glove!


When’s the last time you did a Pull up or lifted a dumbbell with the BACK of your hand? Of course you never have!

You don’t need bulky old weight lifting gloves! GymPaws® give you the protection you need – Right in the palm of your hands! Protect against calluses that lifting and working out can cause and avoid slippery sweat palms.

Don’t be fooled by impostors that are made of flimsy fabric or spongy rubber material! They’ll fall apart faster than you can toss ’em in the trash!

Where a pair of GymPaws® ProGrips Gym Gloves to your box or gym and let everyone eat your dust because you’ll be pumping out more pull ups or powering through more bench presses than anyone around! Your hands won’t get tired before you muscle do!

GymPaws® Workout Gloves are made from Genuine Leather – This means they’ll last through even the toughest workouts! The 4 Finger Loop backing is made from Neoprene which is the same material used in scuba gear. They won’t absorb sweat like traditional bodybuilding gloves.

GymPaws® are Unisex in Design and Sizing. Available in Black, Blue, Grey, Red, Yellow, Pink, Zebra, and American Flag designs!

“Workout your Body – Not your Hands!”TM

Reviews of Gym Glove Alternative GymPaws

Review 1: I prefer Gym Paws glove alternatives over regular gloves.

I needed a new option for my workouts because I was going through gym gloves like crazy and for the prices of good quality gym gloves you would expect them to last a lot longer. That wasn’t so with me at least.

My gloves would always end up getting ripped on the seam of the palm or the threading around the padding would break down over time and the padding would start to peek through the side. The worst part of leather gym gloves is cleaning them without ruining the leather.

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I like the gym paws because they are more breathable and they feel less restrictive but still offer you a comfortable and supportive grip for exercises. The only downside to the Gym Paws is the smell that they have when brand new.

The smell is quite awful and smells like a mixture of a chemical. Not sure how to explain it but it’s strong and it lingers for a long time on the glove so don’t expect it to wear off right away. I ended up spraying the palm part with alcohol in hopes of removing the smell and it worked a little but there is still a little bit of an odor.

Review 2: The anti-ripper gripper pads!

I’ve used the pads a few times now and after last night’s workout I fell in love with these bad boys! Whenever the WOD has a high volume of pull-ups or toes-to-bar I always have issues with my hands ripping on my fingers and around the callouses on my palms. Ouch! It finally got to the point where I did not look forward to the gymnastics movements on the bar because it would always shred my hands, which takes several days to heal. Sucky! GymPaws has finally fixed this problem for me!

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I’ve looked at leather hand grips but they leave exposed the area of my fingers that tend to rip. I’ve tried taping my hands but that has several issues: 1) Time consuming and uses a lot of tape – I had to tape every finger and create straps to protect the palm area; and 2) Created large blood blisters on my fingers because of the pinching around the edges of the tape.

GymPaws perfectly covers the entire surface area of my hand, both fingers and palm, that makes contact with the bar. I was able to comfortably hold onto the bar with excellent grip during the entire set of pull-ups. At first it felt a bit different having some padding, but I was able to quickly get used to it and they didn’t affect my grip. After the session I check my hands, no tears and no pain!

I highly recommend GymPaws to protect your hands! I’m the only person at my gym using these right now… I’m definitely going to be promoting this product and I’m sure it won’t be long before everyone else picks up a pair too. Thanks GymPaws!

Review 3: If you’re worried about callouses or dropping weights, buy these!

Been using the gym paws since the day I got them in the mail. I’m a gym newbie (and a woman) so I was having a hard time with callouses on my hands. I don’t like the look of them, nor the feeling. After a day or two of researching I came across the gym paws and decided that real leather was going to be my best option.

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I love them! I don’t have to worry about feeling like I’m wearing mittens in the gym and my grip ability has improved by about 40 lbs since the skin on my hand doesn’t feel like it’s going to rip off! …my husband borrows mine to do the row machine and really likes the added protection from the knurling on the grips. ….I also enjoy that it protects my wedding ring since I hate taking off my band for a workout.


Improves grip ability without being “in the way”


None thus far

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