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PowerLine PPR200X Power Rack


  • Power rack for helping weightlifters exercise safely and efficiently
  • Wide walk-in design offers plenty of side-to-side movement
  • 2 heat-tempered liftoffs and 2 saber-style safety rods
  • Ideal for squats, incline presses, flat bench, and shoulder shrugs
  • Measures 44 x 82 x 46 inches (W x H x D); 10-year frame warranty

Fire up your workouts with the PowerLine power rack, which helps weightlifters work out safely and efficiently while performing squats, military presses, and more. The power rack boasts a wide walk-in design that offers plenty of side-to-side movement for a variety of exercises, along with two heat-tempered liftoffs and two saber-style safety rods that hold up to heavy use through the years.

In addition, the rack offers a total of 18 positions, helping it accommodate a ton of different heights and exercises. Whether your workout regimen includes squats, incline presses, flat bench presses, shoulder shrugs, or calf raises, the power rack makes your routine easy and safe. The rack measures 44 by 82 by 46 inches (W x H x D), weighs 136 pounds, and carries a 10-year warranty on the frame and one-year warranty on all other parts. All barbells, weights, and collars are sold separately.

Reviews of PowerLine PPR200X Power Rack

Review 1: Saved me from a possible hospital visit

Was kinda tired after doing a set of heavy squats (275lb) and didn’t properly rack the weights after I was done. I don’t know what I was thinking but only one side had been racked. I just backed away and the side that wasn’t racked came crashing down right into the side vertical support. Important thing was I was okay. Next I thought for sure that the rack had been damaged. I got the weights off and assessed the damage. I thoughtfor sure that it was going to be bent or the tubing slightly collapsed in. Nope. Some metal and paint had been shaved off. It was still perfectly level and straight as an arrow. Even got out my 36″ framing square and checked the straightness. Perfect. I have no doubts about its strength or quality. This thing will protect you and that’s what its for.  

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Review 2: Sturdy, safe, lots of exercises, easy to assemble. Great buy


This cage is capable of handling serious work-outs. I’d feel comfortable using 300lbs of weight on it. I’m 6’1 and the proportions of the cage fit me just fine. It’s sturdy & has a relatively small footprint. The best part of using a cage is that you can self-spot and, therefore, push yourself w/ less risk of injury.

If you add a 300lb weight set (Weider’s rubber-coated is an incredible buy and will not rust), an adjustable bench (FID46 is good choice – sturdy & comes w/ leg extension, incline, decline) & dumbbells (adjustable take up less space, but Weider’s rubber-coated plates can be used as makeshift dumbbells), you will have a very functional gym that goes beyond general fitness.

I looked at a couple of other cages, and BodySolid’s Powerline is the best buy.


The unit arrives in three large boxes. It’s heavy (which is good) and surprisingly easy to assemble. All parts were included with my shipment and all parts fit as they should.

EXERCISES (after adding weights & a bench)
Everything you need to get in shape and build all parts of your body with the safety of self-spotting


No major complaint. The 2 lift-offs and 2 safety rods are painted. When slid through the cage holes, paint peels from them every time. Not a big deal, but they should’ve been left unpainted.


10-year warranty, chin-up bar

The lat tower is an option, but I find chin-ups much more effective at building back muscle & symmetry. Plus I save money and space.

I’m 210lbs and this unit is able to support substantial weight on the lift-offs while I perform chin-ups. Though not professional-grade for power lifters who use over 400lbs, if you’re still wondering if it’s stable or sturdy enough for you to lift heavy weights, the answer is absolutely. This unit is hearty enough for you to get buffed. I’m pleased with my purchase.

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Review 3: Highly surpassed my expectations!!

I didn’t buy my PPR200x from amazon, I actually got it from sam’s club, but I figure I might as well right a review here for everyone to read.

This rack comes in 3 boxes that are approx. 45-50lb each. Upon opening, the first thing I did was grab the single page manual and started organizing the parts. You’re going to need two 3/4″ wrenches. The instructions, like what many have already mentioned, is basically a blown up diagram of the rack itself, but it incredibly EASY to follow, im talking about IKEA level here. I built it myself and it took me roughly 50 mins. Would’ve been about half that time if I had help.

As far as stability, its very stable. I am 5’10 and weigh 180lbs and there is no shaking/wobbling of the rack while doing pullups. I have loaded 400lbs worth of plates on it already and this thing handles it all too easily. The max load capacity is marked at 600lbs, but we all know putting 601lb wont tear the thing down. In all honesty, I think this thing can easily handle 1100-1200lb of weight, but of course the manufacturers have to put a ‘safe’ number. Understandable.

However, I do have 2 complaints:
  1. The paint chips off way too easily. After my first workout, all the paint from the hooks, and half the paint from the safeties have scrapped off already. Personally i dont care as I use this to train and not for show. But this may suck for those that worry about how their equipment looks. On the flip side, a tiny bottle of paint is included in the packaging for situations like this, but dont bother as you will run of out it quickly or you plan on painting over it after every workout. Some guy had but foam noodles in his safeties, thats a good idea.
  2. The 3′ hole spacing sucks. You’re just going to have to get lucky when it comes to benching safety placement. A right bench height could save you the trouble, but for me, my bench was in a ‘dead zone’. The only safety above my chest height was too high therefore I couldn’t complete the whole bench press movement as the bar will hit the safety before the bar got to my shirt. This was solved by adding extra padding underneath my bench. Yes, it states the hole spacing prior to purchase, but you just have to get lucky with your weight bench height.

As you can see, these complaints are more of a personal thing. Overall, this is a very good beginner/intermediate rack. This rack, a 300 olympic set, and a solid heavy duty bench, will take you a LONG way.

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