Hyperwear SandBell Sandbag Training

Hyperwear SandBell Sandbag Training

  • World’s most versitile free weight can be used like a dumbbell, medicine ball, kettle bell, slam ball, and be slammed, tossed and caught indoors and out
  • Safe free weight for people and floors making the SandBell the best free weight for group exercise studios or at home
  • Only sandbag training weight that comes already filled with special dust free non-leaking sand
  • Best free weight for grip strength exercise and shoulder carry sandbag workouts
  • Designed in the USA and patented with proven durability, firm feel, and odor-free real sand

Simple Tools Powerful Results

Weight Training Will Never Be The Same

SandBell sand-filled neoprene disk free weights from Hyperwear are designed to deliver more effective lift, lunge, toss, squat and slam functional exercises.

Moving sand gets your body working in ways that dumbbells, medicine balls and kettlebells cannot. Made from soft but durable neoprene, Hyperwear SandBells are also safer for you and your floors. Free Online Exercise Directory- training compatible with the SteelBell, Hyper Vest weight vest and SoftBell system.

SandBell Lunge with Rotation

– Keep your weight on the front foot.

– Knees should track over the feet.

– Maintain a neutral spine throughout.

SandBell Uni Bent Row

– Do not twist through the midsection as you lift the SandBell.

– Maintain a neutral spine throughout.

SandBell Hip Swing

– Hinge from hip with a slight bend at knees.

– Use your legs to develop the power.

– Maintain a neutral spine throughout.


Weight training has never been safer. SandBells are the best weights for all ages from kids to older adults. Home floors are safe from damage, too.

Shifting Sand

Why train with a static lump of metal when you can have dynamic shifting sand working your core muscles and engaging your grip?


SandBell training starts with all exercises done with traditional free weights, but goes far beyond with slams, throws, catches and grip strengthening.

Stack and Store

So easy and simple to stack and store, SandBells come in weights from 2 pound to 50 pound that take up very little space; perfect for a fitness studio or at home. Storage cart available to house all of your Hyperwear gear.

Reviews of Hyperwear SandBell Sandbag Training

Hyperwear SandBell Sandbag Training Review 1: helping to age-in-place

this item has helped me to maintain the strength that my physical therapist initially brought me to. now I can: lift various items around my home, including carrying laundry to my basement & maniuplating the vacuum cleaner; and get supplies from the pet store so I can continue to care for my four cats.

This is definitely a quality-of-life life saver. I can continue to “age=in-place”, with the love and support of my pets.

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Hyperwear SandBell Sandbag Training Review 2: but seems to be just like the ones at Camp that get thrown

I used this for the first time at Camp Gladiator, and had to have one of my own. Since they are a bit costly, I bought one that was a little heavier than I am currently using, so I can grow into it.

I have only had it a few days, but seems to be just like the ones at Camp that get thrown, tossed, slammed every day.

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Hyperwear SandBell Sandbag Training Review 3: The bag is already filled with sand.

My bag was filled and ready to use. It is just like the one I use with my trainer at the health club, so now I am able to do those same exercises in my basement at home. I appreciate your follow ups with your customers.

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