Iron Core Warrior
Iron Core Warrior Volume 1 and Volume 2 DVD’s

  • Single Kettlebell Intermediate Follow Along Workout and Double Kettlebell Intermediate Follow Along Workout
  • Intermediate Level and For Those Who Have Mastered The Basics
  • Works Every Muscle of the Body at Once
  • Burn Fat, Build Lean Muscle and Achieve Core Strength
  • Includes Two DVD’s- Single Kettlebell Workout and Double Kettlebell Workout


Volume 1 is a 30 minute single kettlebell workout and Volume 2 is a 30 minute double kettlebell workout. Both will challenge you not to set the kettlebell down until you have completed an entire 4 – minute set of 5 brutal kettlebell exercises.

First let me say I have all of Sarah Lurie’s Iron Cores, volumes 1, 2 and 20 minute Express dvds. They are all a great value and pack a punch. Sarah’s newest Iron Core dvd, Iron Core Warrior, is no different and doesn’t disappoint. The biggest difference in this workout is the format. You do not put the kettlebell/kettlebells down for 4 minutes and you will perform 4 or 5 exercises in a row. This is a two-disc set and the first disc uses one kettlebell. The exercises performed are alternating swing, alternating jumping lunge with overheard press, side lunge, high pull, and snatch. Each exercise is performed for one minute with no rest in between. This format really gets your heart rate high. You will perform 4 sets with 60 second rests in between. You can also do optional jump squats as Sarah recommends during the rest if you choose. If you aren’t winded enough and can do the ab circuit, then you will do 4 sets of 2 exercises(russian twist/hot potato) with a 30 second rest between sets. Disc 2 uses 2 kettlebells and once again you will not put the kettlebells down for 4 minutes, performing 4 sets. Exercises performed are 2 kettlebell windmill, renegade rows, clean and push press, clean and squat combo, suitcase deadlifts, and double snatches. There is a 60 second rest in between sets again and jump rope is the optional exercise Sarah suggests to use if you don’t want to rest. You will finish with a 4 minute ab circuit that includes russian twist and a plank hold. You will not rest during this ab circuit as the exercises are alternated for 4 minutes. The cons: The circuits on both dvds repeat the same set of exercises for each circuit. That can be a little repetitious. Also some may not like the fact that there are no warm ups or cool downs. I personally don’t mind as I often get right into it and just use common sense by not lifting heavy off the bat. The music is non-descript and didn’t really affect me one way or another. The pros: Definitely more intense than Sarah’s previous Iron Cores, if you love circuits like I do, you will love this format! If you’re looking to increase your endurance and cardiovascular strength, Iron Core Warrior will do that!

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