Iron Core Kettlebell
Iron Core Kettlebell


Kettlebell expert Sarah Lurie is a former body-building competitor, and did traditional weight training for more than 10 years. After experiencing a debilitating injury during a workout, Lurie discovered that Kettlebell training helped her overcome her injury and get back into a comprehensive fitness routine.  The Kettlebell workout is designed for people who are willing to push themselves at a high intensity. A Kettlebell workout usually takes around 45 minutes, but can take as little as 15 to 20 minutes. This unique program appeals to men and women of all ages, recreational athletes and professional athletes alike, because it combines an amazing strength training, muscle conditioning and cardio workout simultaneously.

Kettlebells the Iron Core Kettlebell Way 1:

Volume 1 teaches you foundation Kettlebell exercises, like the swing, clean, press, front squat, Windmill and more!

Kettlebells the Iron Core Kettlebell Way 2:

Volume 2 teaches you Kettlebell exercises like the snatch, clean and press, deck squat, Turkish get up and more!

Iron Core Kettlebell Warrior:

Get inspired to push yourself to another level of fitness with a 2-part routine system touted as one of the toughest Kettlebell workouts ever created.

Iron Core Kettlebell Boot Camp:

This Iron Core Kettlebell only workout will test your mettle as you sweat through 4 rounds of 5 exercises.

Great price for 4 dvd set! Two dvd’s are instructional and a must do if you have never had instruction. Third dvd is the Iron Core Boot Camp , a challenging workout. 4 sets of one arm deadlift/balance combo , cleans, snatch-squat combo, lunges, and swings. 4 sets of swings at the end for abs. 4th dvd has two workouts- Iron Core Warrior I (one kettlebell) and II (2 kettlebells) ending with variations of Russian twists, even more challenging. We had the kettleworx set but sold it after getting these, prefer Sarah’s quiet style and the even flow of these dvd’s. Love that she is a strong woman doing real strength and not a skinny minnie jumping around with lighter kettlebells.

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Followup (4 months later) : I have gone a bit nuts with other kettlebell DVD’s but keep returning to this set, especially the Bootcamp workout, as our favorite. The clustered sets (5 minute clusters with 1 minute rests, repeated 4 times) is a rhythm that i really like and hard to find elsewhere. Most other dvd’s offer more interval workouts- 30 seconds on 30 seconds off , for instance. Also, there are not very many double kb workouts out there so I use the Warrior 2 workout a lot also.

Note: I started with a 10 lb kb but am now using 25 lb KB (I weigh 125 lb) and burn about 10 cals per minute on my HRM for the bootcamp workout including the programmed rests and a short cooldown (done on my own). That’s about the same burn rate as running 6.5 miles per hour continuously for me. I use two 20 lb KB’s for the double workout and that is QUITE a heart pumper!

Just found out that Sarah was 3 months pregnant when she filmed the Warrior workouts. Yowsa. YOU GO GIRL!

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