Iron Gym Ab Straps

Iron Gym Ab Straps

  • Accessory for use with popular Iron Gym system
  • Allows you to challenge and strengthen core abdominal muscles
  • Sturdy polyester construction can hold users up to 300 pounds
  • Straps measure 11.5 by 13.1 inches (W x D)
  • As seen on TV, Iron Gym system mounts, tool-free, to any standard size door

These ab straps are a worthwhile accessory to be used with the popular Iron Gym system, allowing you to challenge and strengthen your core abdominal muscles. Sturdy polyester construction can hold users up to 300 pounds, and the straps measure 11.5 by 13.1 inches (W x D). About Iron Gym As seen on TV, the Iron Gym (sold separately) offers challenging, muscle-building workouts at home or on the road — anywhere there’s a standard size door.

The sturdy metal bar’s unique design wraps around your doorframe, using leverage to remain securely in place without requiring the hassle or damage of inserting screws. When used properly, the Iron Gym helps strengthen and tone your entire upper body, and three different grip positions (narrow, wide, and neutral grips) let you switch up your body’s positioning and continuously challenge your muscles. Product Description This straps transforms your Iron Gym or Iron Gym Xtreme Total Upper Workout Bars into the one piece of equipment you need to get a strong, ripped, six-pack abs quick!!

Reviews of Iron Gym Ab Straps

Review 1: Just What I Needed

These straps are great! It provides excellent support when used properly. However I do have the tendency to rock a little bit, as I don’t weight much for my height, and my upper body may be a little weak. But it’s possible to make it stop, so I see it as being similar to an exercise ball or any other “balancing” equipment. You’re actually using your core and upper body to stabilize yourself when exercising.
My abs felt wonderful afterwards, and I felt a little bit taller when I was done as a bonus. My chest still gets a little bit of a workout with the straps too. I had the iron gym for years but didn’t use it much. Now that I have these straps, I want to use it aaaaalllll the time, but I do skip a couple of days to rest my abs in between. I even use the bar without the straps a times! I have always done a variety of ab work, but it’s difficult to do this type at home without the right equipment. Should have purchase a long time ago!

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Review 2: Good Addition to an Iron Gym, Especially If You Like Velcro

Bought to use with my Iron Gym (duh) so that I could do hanging ab exercises. They do work well enough, but I sometimes question if they will hold me (the closures on them are velcro – and while the contact area for the velcro pads is substantial, I still hesitated at first to put my full weight on them. That said, they do hold (I’m about 175lbs) and don’t seem to be straining at all but I’ll knock off half a start for using velcro over a different hanging solution (not to mention the ripping sound of parting that much velcro when you remove them).

They do enable me to do the hanging ab crunches I purchased them for, but not the oblique movements – this is not due to a fault in the product itself per se, but more just a fact of how it works – since you’re hanging under the Iron Gym, you’re in the middle of a door frame. This means that side to side movements will be limited by the width of the door frame itself. So half a star lost here.

Still overall, a good product if you already own the Iron Gym (or similar) and want to expand your use of it.

Review 3: Great ab workout!

The straps easily attach to the pull up bar system allowing for easily switching between ab and arm/shoulder workouts. They are comfortable and continue to stand up with daily use over the past year. A good deal for the price

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