De La Cruz Magnesium Carbonate
De La Cruz Gym Chalk – Magnesium Carbonate


  • Gym Chalk
  • For gymnastics or weight lifting
  • For sports or weight training
  • 100% Pure

In the event that you are one of those individuals who adores heading off to the fitness center for exercises, for example, weightlifting, rock climbing and acrobatic or gymnastics, then you are in all probability mindful of how critical “gym chalk” is. Gym chalk otherwise called magnesium carbonate is extremely advantageous to you as you work out. It doesn’t just upgrade your hold yet it likewise helps you attain exceptional results with your work out. This is particularly true for those people who have sweaty palms. For weightlifters, grip quality is an extremely basic component in weight lifting. Having a loose hold on the bar may hinder the weightlifter from lifting the bar properly. This may be an issue particularly of sweaty hands which can at times essentially diminish the grip quality. Nonetheless, utilization of gym chalk has helped numerous weightlifters evade such circumstances, providing for them the opportunity to have a solid and firm hold. This is on the grounds that when gym chalk is used, it goes about as a drying substance and assimilates sweat totally from the palms.

Utilizing gym chalk has a great deal of pros in light of the fact that it diminishes cuts and tears on the hands making the skin to become stronger. A better grip likewise helps stifle the agony connected with lifting heavy bars. It additionally diminishes the dry hard feeling on the hands and lessens the chance of slipping of equipment from the hands. The other great point of utilizing magnesium carbonate is that it is less costly compared with other choices used for grip control. This makes it exceptionally inexpensive to most fitness center clients. Gym chalk is additionally extremely convenient to handle making it simple for one to effectively move around with it.

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Reviews of De La Cruz Magnesium Carbonate (Gym Chalk) 2 OZ.

Review 1: Used frequently and I would recommend

I have used this for several months lifting 5-6 times per week. I put this whole block in to a sandwich ziplock bag (to keep the mess to a minimum) and just apply to my hands when I need it. Works very well, does not crumble as easily as other blocks may. However, still easy to work with.

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Review 2: Chalk eaters, Pica and Pregnancy 🙂

I buy these to eat them actually lol. 7 months pregnant and i love them! Definitely have that “wet dirt” (pica, low iron) we crave during pregnancy. My doctor cleared me to eat these but definitely ask yours before consuming them. 🙂 Helps with my anxiety too but do not over do it because they also work as mild laxatives (they do not give you cramps though!) which is great! 🙂

Review 3: It’s chalk! It does all the chalky things that …

It’s chalk! It does all the chalky things that chalk should do and was shipped on time and arrived in one piece!

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