MAXFIT Athletica Resistance Bands

MAXFIT Athletica Resistance Bands

  • ACTIVATE, BUILD AND TONE: Our booty bands can be used with a variety of workouts. ACTIVATE your posterior muscle groups including glutes and hamstrings by including these NON-SLIP hip resistance bands to your Leg and Booty workout Routine. These booty bands are designed to provide a UNIFORM resistance during leg workouts. Our booty bands will rev up your workout no matter what fitness method you use to BUILD and TONE your Legs and Booty!!!
  • TOP QUALITY BANDS: These hip bands comprise of QUALITY fabric + polymer blend, materials used for these hip bands will NOT cause IRRITATION or REACTION on your skin. A unique fabric-polymer blend DESIGNED for comfort and feel, and ENGINEERED to provide CONSISTENT and UNIFORM resistance on legs and booty. These bands will NOT SLIP or ROLL UP like many elastic rubber bands sold on market. Our bands maintain the SHAPE, RIGIDITY and ELASTICITY over time. Make Sure to ADD TO YOUR 🛒 NOW!!
  • SET OF 3 BOOTY BANDS: When you order these premium bands on Amazon, you’ll receive 3 bands of different sizes (SMALL, MEDIUM, LARGE). Each band color have been chosen to appeal both WOMEN and MEN’S. We GUARANTEE! You will find it EASY and CONVENIENT to switch between bands for optimal RESISTANCE LEVELS and RANGE OF MOTION during your workouts. The bands come with 1 x TRAVEL POUCH. So you can TAKE THEM ANYWHERE. These bands make a GREAT GIFT for Friends & Family!
  •  RECOVERY, FLEXIBILITY, MOBILITY AND STRENGTH: Are you recovering from an INJURY OR Trying to improve overall FLEXIBILITY & MOBILTY? These fitness bands are a GREAT AIDE to SPEED-UP your RECOVERY and REGAIN STRENGTH. Use these bands to correct and maintain your FORM and ADD UNIFORM RESISTANCE to your Glutes, Back, Core and Legs. Consistently using these bands during your workout and stretching routines will ENSURE incremental improvement in MUSCLE DENSITY, STRENGTH and MOBILITY!!
  • GREAT FITNESS GEAR: No matter where you are on your FITNESS GOALS, you will find MAXFIT ATHLETICA booty bands will prove to be GREAT workout aide for your PERSONAL TRAINING PROGRAM. BEGINNERS often use them to add different levels of resistance to their workouts and build up LEGS and CORE strength. ADVANCED users find these bands more useful to maintain form during WARMUPS, SQUATS, DEADLIFT, WEIGTHLIFTING and More. WE GUARANTEE 100 percent SATISFACTION TO OUR CUSTOMERS.


Are you a fitness fanatic that loves to be active, but want to take your exercising to a whole new level? Would you like to know the pro-athlete trick to increasing strength, mobility and stamina?

Look no further because we have the #1 revolution in peak fitness enhancement that is not a supplement or trendy diet fad, just a very clever workout buddy that will give you the best results ever!


Exercising with a hip band will take your workouts to levels you never thought possible. Designed to help enhance workouts in any fitness routine from CrossFit to Yoga, our hip resistance band will support better muscle toning, help improve your form for squats or lifts and give you an extra kick for warm-ups.

Easy to take with you anywhere, you get 3 resistance hip bands with varying strengths and sizes, and come with a handy drawstring bag to keep them in. You can take them to the gym to enhance your workouts or use them at home to amp-up your daily exercises.


✔ Improve your performance and can help even with gentle stretching exercises
✔ Great for people recovering from injury for home physiotherapy exercises
✔ Uses super stretchy, durable cotton and latex blend that won’t snap or stretch out of shape
✔ Washable and easy to clean after workouts
✔ A priceless gift for any fitness fanatic in your life
✔ Backed by our hassle free no questions asked money back guarantee


– 3 x Hip bands with different resistance levels or lengths
– 1 x Drawstring bag


Reviews of MAXFIT Athletica Resistance Bands

MAXFIT Athletica Resistance Bands Review 1: Best booty bands I’ve ever used


As a personal trainer, fitness coach and athlete…I like to use the best of the best products. For the longest time, I’ve been using rubber booty bands, and while they’re fine and great when you’re wearing pants, they hurt like hell when it’s on your skin.

I got these bands from Max Fit and not only am I obsessed with the colours…the quality is just incomparable.

I guarantee you’re going to get a great booty workout in with these bands and it also comes with a handy carrying bag that you can just put into your gym bag!!!

10/10 would recommend

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MAXFIT Athletica Resistance Bands Review 2: Best Bands!

I use these bands to activate my glutes before leg day. I found that the rubber bands at my gym were not strong enough, even when I doubled up. These bands are much stronger and I can feel my muscles burning right away.

Also I prefer to wear shorts and the rubber bands were sooo painful. These are not at all. I find that activating my glutes leads to a much harder workout overall. I’m so happy that I found these! I take them with me to the gym every day and use them at home while im watching tv! So handy to have to get some exercises in while I watch my favourite shows!

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MAXFIT Athletica Resistance Bands Review 3: Great quality, customer service, and product!

I was hesitant at first with a new, not as known company but max fit had amazing customer service from start to finish! My bands came in 2 Days, 3 different sizes and carrying case-great value!

I’ve used them 3 times now before writing this review and have to say I’m super impressed. First off this takes leg day to a whole new level, talk about glute pump!

I even had my 200lb bodybuilder boyfriend give them a try, the material and quality stood up perfectly and even gave him a run for his money on squats. Highly highly recommend, males and females!

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