Nayoya Gymnastic Rings

Nayoya Gymnastic Rings for Full Body Strength and Crossfit Training

  • BEST RATED GYM RINGS ON THE MARKET; Includes 2 Gymnastic Rings with straps and adjusting buckles; The rings are made of textured, grippable PC Plastic (to reduce slippage associated with sweaty hands)which is stronger, more durable and of higher quality material then ABS plastic rings and are capable of supporting up to 2,000 lbs making them the best quality gymnastics rings on the market
  • TAKES 5 MINUTES TO SET UP, USE AND ADJUST providing your with a great home gym substitute
  • UNLIMITED BODY WEIGHT EXERCISES; Suspension training is a very mobile and versatile way to engage your muscles and core with exercises such as pullups, pushups, dips, rows, muscle ups for a functional and varied free range of movement; Great for kids to use in the backyard and for crossfit and exercise lovers to use in the gym or anywhere they can safely hang them
  • THE PROPER WAY TO INSTALL THE STRAPS is to go from underneath the buckle and slide the straps in the same direction the arrow on the buckle is pointing to; Note where the arrow points on the buckle for proper installation; Proper installation will ensure that your straps will be secure and non slip
  • DEVELOP the aesthetically pleasing physique of a gymnast while strengthening your core, tendons, joints and accessory muscles

How do Nayoya Gymnastic Rings benefit you?

Ring workouts build muscle, core strength, stability and coordination that comes from intense concentration and focus during ring exercises due to their instability. Intense training with only a few ring exercises can be almost 4 times MORE EFFECTIVE then dozens of regular gym exercises.

Not only will your muscles work harder than ever to keep your core engaged and body balanced but your accessory muscles, tendons, and joints will get stronger as well. While results may vary, to understand what kind of results consistent gymnastic ring training can produce all you have to do is look at the strong, muscular and aesthetically pleasing physiques of gymnasts who perform ring workouts daily.

What kind of quality can you expect from Nayoya Gymnastic Rings?

Heavy duty, sturdy, durable, high quality materials: Get strong, lean and muscular with ring workouts. Gymnasts who perform on the rings arguably have the most lean, and aesthetically pleasing physiques in all of sports.

You can build a gymnast physique with consistent ring workouts. You get a great suspension workout, letting the rings move freely so that you can train your core to the max because of the rings instability and free movement.

The surface of the rings are textured and provide a great grip without the need for chalk. The height of the rings is EASILY ADJUSTABLE for any height whether short or tall. Supports muscle-ups, pushups, dips, pullups, chest flyes and many other exercises.

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Easy to set up and take down: These rings are an amazing training tool for athletes of all levels whether beginner, intermediate, or elite. Due to the natural positions the user is placed in during exercise, there is less stress to the shoulders, elbows and wrists creating the ideal workout environment.

Reviews of Nayoya Gymnastic Rings

Review 1: 5 Things To Consider Before Buying These Rings

I bought the black version of these rings about a year ago and have been very happy with them ever since. However, I think there are some things you should know before buying these rings.

  1. They come with instructions about how to use to metal buckle for a reason: if you insert the strap one way it will slip; if you insert it the other way, it absolutely will not slip.
  2. In my house, I have a loft with a 16 foot ceiling that I use to hang these rings. That works out perfectly for me. If you don’t have a high ceiling or rafter to hang these from, you may end up hanging them outside.
  3. Hanging these rings outside, from a tree, can be harder than you think. I found myself moving the ladder over and over to get them spaced out right, then having to adjust height several times. It worked out, but wasn’t lightening fast. I’d say it’s best if you can hang these in a dedicated place to not create any disincentive to using them.
  4. The rings themselves are hard plastic. I put cloth first-aid tape on them to enhance grip. You may find you want to wear gloves or are just super tough. I go for gloves or the tape.
  5. And perhaps the most important thing to know is that you’re gonna want to master the false grip for many of your workouts, especially doing muscle ups on these rings. The false grip, in my experience, takes time and is kind of painful to begin with. So hang in there.

If I were to add a sixth thing, it would be that these rings are really great and adjustable. I benefited a lot from watching tutorials online, as there are many progressions you can do to make having these rings worthwhile.

Review 2: Ran over these with my car, nothing broke or bent

The description said the type of plastic was better than other rings and while I was indifferent while purchasing the rings, I’m glad I purchased these rather than any other brand.

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I ended up running over the package they day they were delivered. Apparently the delivery person thought the front porch was too mainstream so he/she put the box in front of the garage door. I should have noticed the box but since I didn’t, I ended up running over the rings with my car. To my surprise, they were not damaged beyond a small scuff. The buckles were still straight and the rings where not broken or cracked. I am very impressed with the quality and durability of this product.

Review 3: Great Rings – Solid Design and Construction

Great rings for a variety of body weight exercises. I have mine installed on a wall-mounted pull-up bar in the basement. I’ve so far used them for pull-ups and ring-dips. As other reviewers have noted – make sure to read the directions when adjusting the straps – improper configuration will result in slipping straps.

  1. Heavy duty construction – rings, straps, and metal
  2. Easy to adjust
  3. When configured properly, the straps do not slip at all



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