LifeCORE Fitness Assault Air Bike Trainer

LifeCORE Fitness Assault Air Bike Trainer

  • Twenty Sealed Ball Bearings throughout the frame and pivot points to provide a smooth and durable feel
  • Unlimited Resistance for upper and lower body extremities based on Air Resistance; Get a complete Cross-Fit Workout
  • Computer features motivational programs providing many programs (Tabata, Intervals, Watts, Heart Rate) to accomplish your fitness goals
  • Twenty Five inch diameter steel fan delivers maximum resistance, with six way adjustable seat fore and aft, up and down and tilt
  • Set a calorie, distance, or time target goal with the advanced computer display

The All-New Assault AirBike

Workout Without Limits

No two athletes or individuals are the same which is why the Assault offers individualized and infinite adjustments for an unlimited workout. Keep it mellow and level to target a heart rate range, or jump into a high-intensity interval session that reduces you to a quivering heap of sweat.

Built to Take Punishment:

We set out to design a machine that can take what it dishes out. Thick-gauge chro-moly steel, sealed cartridge bearings and oversized pivots ensure the Assault holds up hundreds of thousands of maintenance-free hours of use on the military base, on campus, in the gym, physical therapy or at home. Built for the commercial environment and will prove to hold up to the most demanding abuse.

Built-In Durability

A 20+ Bearing Salute.

When we set out to design the Assault AirBike, we knew that integration of sealed cartridge bearings in every pivot and moving part was an absolute necessity and were more than a little shocked when the count totaled twenty. That’s a bearing or two in every pivot, be it pedals, bottom bracket, flywheels or linkage arms. Twenty sealed-bearings in all tucked and hidden neatly away under machined and formed steel.You can say that it’s the things that you can’t see that make the biggest difference.

The Computer, Watts Up

We started from scratch with the design of the Assault’s console. LCD technology offers a versatile array of display images. Large buttons and quick keys to offer faster access to the on-board programs, while the screen is packed full of useful data feedback.Simultaneously monitor heart rate, speed, RPM, time, Watts and calories..All this functionality in a sleek, compact heads-up display. Since Watts were important to to our development team, we knew we had to get this right- and we did. Our first task was to connect the Assault’s drivetrain to 20 horsepower electric motor, enabling us to deliver a constant RPM. We then coupled a calibrated torque measurement meter to the drivetrain and recorded output at each RPM increment from 5 to 150 RPMs. With a simple math conversion, the Assault was armed with actual Watt output values. The resut, what you see is accurate.

Custom Fit Features

The seat on the Assault Airbike offers you the traditional up and down adjustment, but adds another adjustment for fore and aft. This feature gives you the ability to make that finite adjustment to make sure you have everything properly aligned. With this adjustment, you won’t be reaching too much for the handles if you are short and the handles won’t hit you in the chest or legs if you are tall. Great bike, great fit for everyone.

Who is Assault Fitness?

At Assault Fitness Products, our mission is and always will be, to make the highest quality and most durable fitness equipment. The Assault Air Bike is the culmination of over two years of painstaking efforts by the LifeCORE Fitness development team of engineers, Crossfitters and fitness enthusiasts. We listened to your needs, likes, dislikes and fitness goals. This feedback gives us incredible insight and experience that goes into the development of every Assault product.

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Company Overview:

LifeCORE Fitness Inc. is the parent company of Assault Fitness Products brand. We are a family owned and operated manufacturer and distributor, specializing in cardio fitness equipment. We are located in Carlsbad, CA. We have been in business since 1994. Our biggest asset as a manufacturer is our fitness retail beginnings. It is this experience of being face to face with consumers, athletes and fitness enthusiasts of all levels which was the driving force to develop fitness products that meet and exceed the needs of elite athletes, weekend warriors and Mrs. Jones.

Reviews of LifeCORE Fitness Assault Air Bike Trainer

Review 1: LifeCore Fitness Assault Air Bike Is The Real Thing!

To give a little perspective to my review here is a short introduction to why I bought the Assault Air Bike. I am a bike fanatic and love riding my mountain bike, usually a few times a week. The great thing about a mountain bike is that it exercises your upper body as well as lower body (unlike a road bike). I have a top end spinning bike but never liked it much. In the vacation cabin we visit every winter the owners have a very old Schwinn Airdyne Pro in the basement. I always thought it just looked like a low tech waste of time. This year I hopped on and WOW I was in love! It was a full body exercise like an elliptical machine, but I was riding a bike and it didn’t hurt my back the way ellipticals do for me.

I started my quest to find an air bike. I looked up everything I could find online about air bikes. I thought the new Schwinn AD6 air bikes looked cool with their smaller appealing plastic rotary looking wheel, and they were significantly cheaper than the assault bike. However, fortunately, I was able to test one at a local store and the AD6 does not do it for me, nothing like the feel of the old original Airdyne. It seemed way too easy. So I decided to order the LifeCore Fitness Assault Air Bike and hope it was all it was cracked up to be – the industrial air bike for the hard core. I LOVE IT! It is just like the old Schwinn Airdyne I rode at the cabin, but even much better. It was obvious from the moment I began assembly that this was a very well made quality machine. The console provides all the info I need to monitor my exercises and had built in interval training.

My advice- If you want a machine the looks more futuristic in your home and don’t care much about how rugged it is made or how much resistance it provides then a Schwinn AD6 may be for you. If you want a very well made air bike that will kick your butt every day you get on it then the Assault Air Bike is the real thing!

Review 2: Love The LifeCore Fitness Assault Air Bike! WORTH. EVERY. PENNY!!!

This is a great bike for working out. I have bad knees and so am limited in the types of exercise I can safely do. Swimming is OK once per week, but the chlorine gets to me and I don’t like doing it more than that. Rowing is OK but it doesn’t give me much of a lower body workout. The fancy electronic stationary bikes at the gym are fine for legs, but it is a waste of time for the upper body. Elliptical machines give a nice full body workout, but my knees won’t tolerate much of that. Resistance training is also good but only once or twice per week. Pilates, Yoga and stretching are great exercises and have their place but they don’t fill the need for cardio. Walking, Running, and Stair steppers are absolutely out of the question for me. So, my personal favorite form of exercise is the Dual-Action Stationary Bike for a well rounded workout that gets my heart pumping, uses all of my limbs, and puts absolutely no pressure on my knees.

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For 30 years, I have enjoyed an old time Schwinn Airdyne Comp which served me well. It has preserved my health by keeping my handicap from making me hopelessly sedentary. But for the past year or so I could see the end of the line coming when my old faithful Schwinn started making unusual noises and shuddering in a strange way. Much to my surprise, I couldn’t find anyone who could work on it. No one could get parts for it, no one even knew how it was put together. Even Schwinn no longer makes these and they do not support repairs of a bike that they no longer produce. I kept my Airdyne going for as long as possible, but the day finally arrived when I knew that I had done my last ride on “old Faithful”. I was forced to look for a new bike.

Imagine my dismay when I set out to find a new bike and there was NOTHING that even remotely measured up to my beloved Airdyne Comp! Everything was flimsy. Everything was plastic. I even tried out one of the new-fangled Airdynes in the store and it actually collapsed with me in the saddle! Yikes! To tell the truth, I was scared that I might not find a worthy successor to the bike I had come to know and love. Then, I was researching bikes online and reading as many reviews as I could find, when one reviewer mentioned that he had returned his bike for a refund and spent the necessary bucks for and Assault Air Bike. I immediately googled that term and was delighted to find a bike that looks like the younger, cooler, and more hip granddaughter of my old, worn out Schwinn! I ordered it immediately!

The  LifeCore Fitness Assault Air Bike came today and I am in love! If possible, it is even better than the old Airdyne that served me so well. It was really, REALLY fast and easy to assemble because of the clearly presented video that is included in the ad on this page. Within 30 minutes, my new bike was up and running and I had my first workout. The ONLY negative is that the seat of the Assault Air Bike is atrociously painful! I am not sure why such seats are made, but by the time I finished my hour ride, I was weeping in pain. For awhile, I was regretfully considering that I might have to send the new bike to Amazon for a refund. Then, as I looked longingly at my old Airdyne Comp and dreamed about former days of riding in the comfort of the wide, cushy Schwinn seat, it dawned on me that I could probably ditch that nasty instrument of torture that came with the Assault, and replace it with my old fave, the Schwinn Airdyne Seat! Yay! Within 10 minutes, my new bike was just as comfy as the old, and I was so inspired that I indulged in a second, oh-so-comfy spin!

Some of the great features of the Assault that make it a step beyond the old Airdyne is the way the seat adjusts not only to height, but also to length. This gives a great custom fit to my body. I also learned very quickly that the onboard computer is much more complete than my old Comp and gives me great choices for incorporating HIIT training, which is just the perfect compliment to my new-found Paleo lifestyle. The new Assault computer is a little bit different in the way it counts calories, but that is not a problem for me, since I don’t measure calories burned, but only time, distance, and heart rate. A few things are different that I wish they had kept but those things are minor. All in all, it is a worthy successor to my old Airdyne.

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So. I purchased my Schwinn when I was 30 years old, and now I am 60. If the Assault gives me the same amount of years that I got from the Airdyne, I will be 90 by the time I need to buy yet another bike. Do you guys think the Assault will still be around by then, or should I just go ahead and purchase a back-up Assault Bike just in case? 😉

Review 3: Well made, great exercise with low impact

I waited for a long time for the  LifeCore Fitness Assault Air Bike and jumped on it when it was the deal of the day on Amazon recently. The bike arrived in a 100 pound box, and was quite easy to put together. There is a video that explains how it is done.

The operation of the bike is smooth and all the parts appear well made. Certainly nothing that is flimsy or appearing prone to breakage. Once assembled, the footprint of the bike is small enough that it can be accommodated in most home gyms. There is a little play (1-2mm) in the handles once fully assembled, but one of the documents on the manufacturer’s website assures that this is normal.

I am finding the exercise provided by this bike vigorous, and at the same time, without impact to my mid-forties joints. The seat takes some getting used to, but after a while, doesn’t bother the rider. This bike is a useful adjunct to the treadmill and weights. More variety, and IMHO safer for kids because there is much less of a chance they will hurt themselves on this bike rather than on a treadmill.

I wish that the warranty had labor as well. At the very least, I would have liked them to sell a service plan. While the bike appears solidly made, I do not feel competent to replace any parts that may fail other than a few superficial external ones.

In summary, experience so far is that it is well made, and likely to last a long time. Expensive at list price, but if you’re willing, like me, to wait a year or so for when it goes on sale, you might get a great deal.

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