Peace Yoga Set of 2 Yoga Blocks
Peace Yoga Set of 2 Yoga Blocks

  • Package Includes: Set of 2 Peace Yoga Blocks
  • Fully slip-resistant to prevent slipping and sliding during use, Peace Yoga blocks are made from high-density foam for long-lasting durability
  • Functional yoga blocks deepen and elongate your stretches to help you get the most from your yoga practice, providing you with a safe and comfortable foundation
  • A versatile and stylish addition to your yoga practice, Peace Yoga blocks are perfect for on-the-go, in the studio, or at home use

Product Details

Find flexibility and freedom while performing difficult poses and be on your way to increased muscle strength and support with Peace Yoga’s yoga blocks. Perfect for supporting any posture or stretch, our yoga blocks are made from sturdy and supportive foam material for the ideal addition to your yoga routine.

If you have trouble executing a certain pose or achieving your favorite stretch, Peace Yoga Blocks will provide you with the extra lift and push you need to open your chest, reach your feet, and master your most challenging poses, all on a safe and comfortable platform. Intended for both novice and seasoned yoga practitioners alike, these blocks are designed to offer optimal comfort while helping to improve the overall alignment of your body.

Lightweight yet fully stable, we offer a variety of vibrant yoga block colors to perk up your yoga practice. Build your confidence with Peace Yoga’s yoga blocks – made for your comfort, made for your support, made for your success.

Reviews of Peace Yoga Set of 2 Yoga Blocks

Review 1: ONE inch more makes a difference

This Peace Yoga Set of 2 Yoga Blocks product is slightly larger than the set of blocks that my wife purchased for her yoga practices. I had been using her 9x6x3 inches blocks for while, whereas these are 9x6x4. What a difference one additional inch can make for a man that is less flexible than a woman. Surely, it is possible to improve, but I enjoy the added support this set gives me when a position requires more flex than I am capable.

Beginner yoga students will benefit from these larger blocks, most especially men. And for those macho guys out there, I practiced marital arts for several years, until an injury cause me to rethink what I was trying to accomplish. Flexibility is muscle building exercise. Stress reduction is the most important element of optimal health. At the age of 61, I think it will be a good thing for me to practice yoga for the rest of my life, and to reduce the potential for injuries to undermine or sideline my routines.

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Review 2: Decent Yoga Blocks for the price

I have used yoga blocks before and my wife has started using mine for her yoga since this year. She found some links on youtube for a 30 day stress free yoga and she loves that.. So she has been using my block which I bought a few years ago for about 20 $ a piece and now decided to find a cheaper alternative. This is a set of 2 blocks which came in nicely packaged. I was used to blocks with some dimpled / beveled surfaces or at least that was what my previous one looked like; this one is a smooth surface. This does not in any way affect the products utilization, just a preference.

The one I have is not a very high density so it would compress a but and was more rubbery than foam material. The Peace Yoga Set of 2 Yoga Blocks are made of high density foam and did not compress much for usual usage. The blocks right out of the package have some chemical smell smell and it did not disappear even after a week of usage. I have read reviews for this product where others tried to clean it with vinegar etc. to remove the chemical smell; I will try to do that and update the review if I succeed. This is the only reason I gave these a 4 stars instead of 5. I think these are priced just right at 8-10 $ for 2. These are great for everybody, but very economical for beginners who do not want to spend a lot of money on something that they are not sure if they will use / practice yoga for long.

These are is a slip resistant so you can use it on hard wood floor or tile and this did not slip out or slide during usage. These are very very light so easy to carry or hold but not small sized so may not be easy to carry for travel etc. especially if is traveling by air.

Review 3: Note the dimensions! But they are perfect for what I needed!

Peace Yoga Set of 2 Yoga Blocks. Exactly as described! NOTE THE DIMENSIONS!!! The 3″ is much smaller than a standard yoga block so I have trouble with them if I turn the block certain ways and try to use for some poses. However, they are perfect for working on my yogi squat since I can’t quite sit on the floor, but a normal block is just high enough that I don’t get a good stretch and am not really challenging myself. Since they are a little shorter, I am able to support my triangle, but still get a little deeper than on a normal block.

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