Perfect Basic Pullup

Perfect Basic Pullup


  • Adjusts to your fitness level
  • Easy to install
  • One size fits most – fits door frames from 27”- 36” wide


Traditional pull ups are hard, but the Perfect Pullup’s revolutionary swing arm brings the bar down to you.

Now, almost anyone can do a pull up! The Perfect Pullup helps you build upper body strength. The adjustable swing arm helps you work up to traditional pull ups by performing Standing Rows and Australian Pull ups. If you’ve already mastered the traditional pull up, use the swing arm to perform tricep presses, lunges, and a wide variety of other exercises.

Great for all fitness levels

– the Navy SEAL inspired workout poster provides beginner, intermediate, and advanced workouts. Perfect Pullup is easy to install and your door remains fully functional. Includes: Perfect Pullup unit, Navy SEAL inspired workoutProduct Details:Patented swing arm adjusts to your fitness level. 3 positions from beginner to advanced.

Fits door frames 27”- 36” wide. Easy to install and door remains fully functional

Reviews of Perfect Basic Pullup

Review 1: Great product – works well and is safe

After looking at several styles and types, bought this one because it has two heights. The versatility is nice as youth and adults can use it. Installation took about and hour, mostly because I hadn’t installed anything like this before. Instructions were really good, easy to understand and follow. We’ve had it for a few months now and we still use it.

It shows no sign of ripping out of the doorframe-very safe. Two small complaints: the bars don’t stay in place. They move apart (not a lot but just enough to cause me fits when I try to hook it up on the top rung). I probably can fix this but just haven’t taken the time. The other complaint is it’s hard to shut the door. So before you drill, come out away from the room (i.e. Don’t center it) a few millimeters so your door shuts easily. It’s not a huge deal but I do with the door shut easier.

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Review 2: Everyone gets a pull up!

This is actually awesome to have in the doorway. I notice every time someone in our household passes through, they get some pull ups in real quick. Its honestly a nice tool and is made with great quality. I wish I didn’t have to drill holes into it for it to stay, but I definitely understand. Wouldn’t want that thing breaking and I fall to my death mid pull up. No complaints here though, I’m super satisfied with what I got for the price. Must have! 🙂

Review 3: Make sure your doorjamb is flat

Not sure why it swings. They should just give you the bar and 4 brackets so you can have a high position for regular pull ups and a lower position for standing rows and Aussie pull ups. The latter are much more comfortable to perform with a static bar versus a swinging one. I’m going to rig mine so it doesn’t move while in the lower position.

Also beware you need a flat doorjamb to install this. All of my door jambs have trim in the center that butts up to the door’s edges when closed, I had to cut out a 2 foot section on each side so this would install flat. I thought that was very common but I didn’t see it mentioned in other reviews.

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