• 1″ Solid Steel Safety Pins & J Hooks included
  • Professionally knurled chinning bar on back.
  • Sizes: 57″ W x 49″ D x 72.5″ H
  • Bold numbers on all posts
  • 25 holes 2″ apart with numbers for adjustment

Q: Understand the depth is 49″ but what is the distance between the post (lifting area) for the POWER RACK 72″ HIGH?

A: 30in. Sounds small but its doable. I’m 6’1 250 and have no problems

A: Are you asking about the width? If you are, it fits a 7 foot olympic bar pretty snug. Meaning, if you pull the weight off the rack to squat and walk sideways, you’ll bump the plates into the racks, but this happens in any power rack when using a 7ft bar.

Q: I disassembled the POWER RACK 72″ HIGH and now I need to put it back together but lost the instructions. Is there a PDF or something I can download online? Thanks!

A: No PDF that I know of but it’s easy to put together .

Q: How high off of the floor is the #1 setting for the POWER RACK 72″ HIGH?

A: The top of the hole is 16″. Not sure if this is relevant but the measure from the actual hook of the j hook to the top of the hooks pin (that goes into the rack) is about 4 3/4″

A: Depending on how tall you are, just below your knees.

Q: Would I be able to wear a dip belt and do weighted chinups on this power rack considering I have a 7 foot ceiling?

A: You should have head clearance, but the weight may hit the ground at the bottom of your chinups if it hangs below your knees.

A: How tall are you? I am 5′ 11″ and it is not feasible for me to use the pullup bar. If you are looking to do pullups this is not a good squat rack for anyone average height or taller.

A: As long as you can bend your knees w/out them touching the floor you should be ok.

A: You may not be able to do full range of motion chinups. I have a similar setup and I can’t go down all the way on my chins and I most often only rise up to the point where my nose is at the bar to avoid hitting the ceiling. 6 ft tall.

Reviews of POWER RACK 72″ HIGH

Review 1: Annihilation Station!!!

This squat rack/cage is perfect for low ceilings. My basement ceiling is 7 feet tall and I was wondering if I should have gone with a bigger one. After assembling it I realized it is the perfect size. You can still tip it to move it around with plenty of clearance. It is super sturdy and well built. It did not come with the numbers on the uprights (which look dumb anyway). There are bolts on the bottom of the supports which are not the greatest idea but I have a carpet under it so I don’t care.

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The parts all came bubble wrapped but somehow I had a few scratches on some pieces. No big deal. Its going to get a lot of use. I shopped around for a while and found that this was the best bang for the buck. I can safely put up more weight by myself without worrying about getting hurt. Plus this allows me to do many more exercises that I couldn’t do with my old bench alone. After a week of amazing workouts my body is super sore (and I’ve been lifting for 20 years). I am so glad I bought this. They should put the words “ANNIHILATION STATION” on it! Do yourself a favor and just buy it. You know you want it. You will get huge doing heavier sets all day long. BUY IT NOW!!!

Review 2: Impressive Power Rack

This rack is perfect in my basement with 7ft ceilings. It was easy to put together. It shipped quickly. The rack is sturdy and will hold all the weight I care to use. The safety bars and j-hooks slide easily through all the holes. It looks just like the picture and has the numbers. The numbers are very helpful. It had a few minor scratches due to shipping (it is heavy metal after all). Given the purpose of a rack, a few scratches and chips in the paint will be inevitable. I’ve added some minor scratches through normal use, and the rack still looks awesome. The paint has been very durable.

I’m tall (about 6’4″). I was initially hesitant to buy the rack because I was concerned it might not be tall enough for me. Now that I have it, I wish I’d bought it sooner. Still, the main reason for me buying a short rack is my low ceiling. If you have a spot for the rack with 8ft ceilings, then I’d recommend the regular size rack from this same company (I expect it is equally awesome).

I’m sure others may have concerns about how well this rack works for taller folks, so I’ll describe my experience with some common lifts in the rack (particularly those where height can be a problem).

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Bench Press – My height is not a factor for flat, incline, or decline bench presses. I’ve found my perfect settings for each, and I love being able to safely bench press heavy weight (between 200 and 300 pounds is heavy for me). The rack is always stable when I return the weight. In fact, it is so stable that I can’t imagine the rack ever tipping over even with much heavier weight.

Pull-ups – I didn’t buy this rack for pull-ups, but I can do pull-ups with it. It works pretty well. I just need to lift my legs up to my chest. I have plenty of head clearance under the 7ft ceiling. It isn’t the ideal height for a pull-up station, but I could make it work. I have a place upstairs where I prefer to do my pull-ups.

Squats – I prefer to rack the weight in the front to avoid hitting my head on the pull-up bar. It is just as stable in the front as it is in the back. The highest setting for the J-hooks is plenty high for my starting point. When assembling the rack, I adjusted the top bars as high as possible to allow me an extra inch or so of clearance. While standing with the bar on my back, I have about 2-3 inches between the barbell and the top bars (perfect).

Calf Raises – Obviously, 2-3 inches of clearance isn’t enough for standing calf raises in the rack. I can do seated calf raises in the rack, but I prefer standing calf raises on a 2×6 block of wood. I’ve been doing these outside the rack. I’m comfortable with this because I always stay over the hooks. The J-hooks go on the outside of the rack the same as they do for the inside. For added safety, I put an Olympic rack that came with my bench near the front of the power rack (it is conveniently narrow enough to just fit in the power rack). I place it so that I have hooks in front of me and behind me.

Military Press (seated, of course) – This one could depend on your bench and the length of your arms. My bench has a slight angle for the military press setting. I can do military presses without hitting the top bars, but I come very close to the top bars. If my bench was perpendicular to the floor, I’d be hitting the top bars.

I’ve been using this rack steadily for 2 months now, and I love it. It supports all the exercises I want to do. I think a person who is one or maybe two inches taller than me could still do squats in the rack. If I needed the rack to be a little taller, I can imagine (at my own risk) a way to raise it. I’d put a couple 2x8s (fastened together) under the bottom footprint of the rack and strap the rack to the boards. That would raise it about 3 inches and should be safe. Fortunately, I haven’t found that to be necessary.

I highly recommend this rack to anyone needing a power rack in a place with low ceilings.

Review 3: The welds on it are excellent and it shipped very fast

Very solid rack for the money. The welds on it are excellent and it shipped very fast. Best rack for price range.

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-It comes with two washers per bolt, so make sure you put one washer on each side of the square tubing, I made a mistake and put the two washers on one side of the tubing and tightened it way too much and slightly bent the steel on part of the rack.

-If you are over 6’0 and like to squat this rack may be too short for you because you might hit your head on the pull up bar. I am 5’11 and my head barely clears. So you may want to consider the taller rack by NYBB.

-If this rack appears wobbly at first, it is probably because your floor is uneven so try moving it to a different place.

Overall I am a happy with this purchase and it is a very well built piece of equipment.

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