Sunny Threaded Solid Chrome Curl Bar (47-Inch)
Sunny Threaded Solid Chrome Curl Bar (47-Inch)

  • 47” Solid steel curl bar with chromed finish
  • Fits 1” hole standard plates
  • Threaded ends with star-lock collars

Perform a variety of exercises with this threaded solid curl bar. Bar for use with standard weight plates. Comes with 2 collars. Single-piece inside collars. Medium depth diamond knurled grips. Adequate sleeve length for easy and safe workouts.


Product Description

The Sunny Health & Fitness 47 in. Threaded Solid Chrome Curl Bar provides strength and style to your weight training workouts with its solid steel construction and attractive chrome finish. It fits standard plates with 1-inch holes, and has star-lock collars to hold them securely.

Additional Information:Solid steel construction; chrome finish Fits standard plates with 1-inch holes Threaded ends; star-lock collars hold plates securely Manufacturer’s warranty included: see complete details in the Product Guarantee area

About Sunny Distribution: Sunny Health & Fitness has been importing and distributing high-quality health and fitness products for over ten years. From their headquarters in Los Angeles, California, they import equipment from direct sources in Taiwan and China to provide more competitive pricing than the average health and fitness equipment distributor. Because they are committed to excellence and stand behind the quality of every one of their products, Sunny Health & Fitness has become one of the fastest-growing companies in the market. Solid steel with chrome finish. Fits standard plates with 1-inch holes. Threaded ends with star-lock collars.

Dimensions: 2.75 diam. x 47L inches; Weight: 13 lbs.. Manufacturer’s warranty included.

Reviews of Sunny Threaded Solid Chrome Curl Bar (47-Inch)

Review 1: Solid equipment, I just wish the entire bar was knurled for better grip flexibility.

Good product, but I wish the knurling on the handles went a bit further. The solid, smooth surface is super slippery. I would pay more for a bar that had the entire bar between the inner collars, knurled for grip, giving you the greatest flexibility in hand placement.

I use these mainly for high-rep, bent-over rows and it works well. The collars have rubber o-rings on them to help them grip the weight plates when tightened down, so the collars don’t spin off during your sets. I use threaded handles of all types to workout with and I just use short tabs (3 to 4 inches) of packaging tape around the threads behind each collar, once they’re tightened in place, to keep them from coming loose during high-rep sets.

The tape is reusable for many sets, and it works well, just make sure to bend-over one end of the tape so it pulls off easily. Overall, I’m happy with this purchase. It’s a solid bar that should last me a lifetime, and I’m an advanced weightlifter that workouts religiously, so that’s a ton of use.

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Review 2: Love the bar. Love the collars it came with even more.

Good bar. I was having trouble finding the right threaded EZ curl bar for French Presses. This one is almost perfect, but it is a bit awkward given how pointy and triangular some of the curves are. Doesn’t cause any pain or discomfort, it just takes some getting used to.

Also, I’m a bit sad that the ends of the bar aren’t as long other bars I’ve owned. I could normally fit an extra plate on each side of my old bars, but…for the price, I’m still very happy with it. The steel is high quality, and the collars are very good thanks to the rubber rings attached to them.

It helps give a better and more secure fit. I think that’s enough to give it 5 stars, because loose and clanky weights interrupt workouts incessantly. The collars that come with this bar make a huge difference in preventing that.

Review 3: Back to the basics

It has taken me a few years to really get back into working out. From 1990-2010, I worked out religiously. Then I ended up moving across the country, building a new house for my family and working out just became too much of a hassle. I put on about 50 pounds over a two year, non-workout period.

I started buying new pieces for a home gym last year and for whatever reason, I really don’t know, I bought a two-piece curling bar. I didn’t even think much about it since I still wasn’t working out. Over the last 4 months, I’ve slowly started working out again. I can’t tell you how much I hated that two-piece curling bar. The reason I can’t tell you why I bought it is simple, this one by Sunny is only six dollars more than the two-piece was. My wife insists that I wanted the two-piece with portability in mind, but I don’t think that’s why I bought it.

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Either way, I saw this bar on sale and ordered it. I got into the condition I was in when younger with just dumbbells, one of these curling bars, a tricep bar, a standard bench and free weights. I’m in a better financial situation now than then, but I still prefer free weights. I now have this bar with roughly 300 lbs of free weights and a set of the Bowflex adjustable dumbbells.

I was so happy to be able to do spider curls, forearm curls and bicep curls with automatic pronation. This bar should be in every home gym based on free weights. I guess some have complained about the collars slipping, but that was always a reminder to focus for me. Giving the collars one to two good tight twists before each set. This bar is nice and sturdy too. I always find bars hard to weigh, but from the best I can tell, this bar, with collars on it, is roughly 15 lbs. The bar is around 10, the collars are 2.5 each. Highly recommended and very glad to have found for it for such a good price.

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