light on yoga: Yoga Dipika
Light on Yoga: Yoga Dipika by B. K. S. Iyengar, Yehudi Menuhin

The definitive guide to the philosophy and practice of Yoga–the ancient healing discipline for body and mind–by its greatest living teacher. Light on Yoga provides complete descriptions and illustrations of all the positions and breathing exercises. Features a foreword by Yehudi Menuhin. Illustrations throughout.

B.K.S. Iyengar was born in India in 1918 and has been teaching yoga since of the age of 17. He has been one of the world’s leading teachers of yoga for over 70 years and is internationally recognized as a leading authority of hatha yoga. His own style of teaching, “Iyengar Yoga”, is followed by certified teachers across the world. Iyengar was the first person to teach yoga to large groups of students; he lays great emphasis on precision and alignment, a style that is faithfully followed by his students.

He is also the only person to teach the highest aspects of yoga – Atma Darshan – through asanas. Through his work, Iyengar has established the relevance of yoga to the treatment and cure of many illnesses, and has received a Doctorate from the United Nations Charter for Peace. At the age of 90, Iyengar still practices and teaches yoga, and also travels the world teaching and lecturing.

Reviews of Light on Yoga

Review 1: Classic Iyengar.

I go back to this book time and time again. Iyengar had a way of getting to the point without getting bogged down in the esoteric. This book inspires and challenges me, and I love the suggested sequences in the back of the book. A classic.

K. Kris Loomis is the author of How to Sneak More Yoga Into Your Life and several short fiction collections.


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Review 2: THE book on yoga.

This is THE book for an understanding of yoga. What most people associate yoga with is the “asanas” (poses). There is a lot more to it, which Mr. Iyengar outlines in this book. My primary uses are for deeper understanding of the proper alignment of these poses as well as a few pranayama (breath work) methods. Also included are asanas for common ailments and many sequences.

Whether you are a beginner or an experienced yogi, this book is a fantastic reference. Mr. Iyengar was a master.

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Review 3: I much enjoy reading the first couple chapters over and over about …

I bought this book because I am a visual learner and it really helps me to see the steps to each pose. I much enjoy reading the first couple chapters over and over about the basic fundamental spiritual part of yoga. This is a book for those who want to deepen their spiritual as well as their physical practice with health in mind. Not a quick weight loss trendy tricks book.


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