Valeo Deluxe Speed Rope, Black


Adjustable 10 ft. long durable solid rubber rope. Molded handles with foam grips and sealed ball bearings for even rotation.

  • Improve your balance, coordination, flexibility, and endurance
  • Helps develop core strength.
  • Exercise several muscle groups at once.
  • Adjustable-length jump rope designed for speed training
  • Rope measures 10 feet long overall and can be shortened to any length
  • Durable solid rubber rope construction
  • Molded handles with foam grips for comfort
  • Sealed ball bearings for even rotation


I saw a few complaints about adjusting the length of this rope. However, I had no issues pulling the caps off the end of the handles and did so by hand. Then I measured the length I needed – to measure a jump rope correctly, stand on the middle of the rope with both feet. The ends should come up to your armpits. There were two extra crimp bands included, so I just cut off the extra length, used a pair of small pliers to crimp the new band in place, and put the cap back on. I recommend you use a rubber band wrapped around where you think you need the crimp band first, try jumping with it for a few rotations, then put the crimp band on where the rubber band was. Too easy.

OK, the first point is: this rope costs less than $5, delivered.

For the price, it’s fine.

The handles are lightweight plastic, with a foam cover. They feel comfortable, but I would have prefered if they were a bit longer. There are some rough spots on the handle, left over from the plastic-casting process; these are annoying but easily remedied. In any event, the rough spots are not on the part that you hold when you are spinning the rope. The foam is comfortable and useful, but it will pick up dirt if you lay the rope down in a dusty spot. Each handle has a plastic end cap that snaps into place. I suppose it’s conceivable that the end cap could loosen and be lost, but it hasn’t happened to me. If it did happen, it wouldn’t affect anything at all other than by altering the rope cosmetically.

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The rope is adjustable, but you’ll need some pliers (and something with which to cut the rope) to do the deed. With tools, length adjustment takes less than a minute.

The ball bearings work fine.

The rope itself is kinked when it comes out of the package, but this is par for the course with most speed ropes. It’s not a problem because as you swing it at a normal pace while jumping it will straighten itself out. Hang the rope when not in use and it will straighten out in time.

There are faster ropes out there, but you will pay a minimum of 3 times as much.

Unless you’re a jumprope athlete who has already developed a preference for some other brand or style of rope, this rope will serve you well.

Yes, it’s a decent speed rope for the money and yes, it’s extremely frustrating to adjust. For me, the problem wasn’t so much in getting the metal cap off (easily done with a simple, sturdy flathead screwdriver pinned in the center of the tab) nor was it in actually adjusting the length of the rope. The problem was in getting the tab back in the handle. The cylindrical metal tab has to be snug in the handle lest it fly off during your excercise, but OH MYYY!!!, getting it back in requires an incredible and equal amount of pressure on all sides at the same time. I spent almost an hour before I finally got lucky and was able to push it back in. Good luck!!

As for the review concerning knots, I can see how they might prove to be cumbersome with the hindering of the motion of the rope. However, I’m not sure why anyone would want to tie knots in the first place. Just cut away the excess rope.

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Now that my frustration is gone and my rope is fixed, it does a great job.


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