Valeo Deluxe Speed Rope
Valeo Deluxe Speed Rope

Adjustable 10 ft. long durable solid rubber rope. Molded handles with foam grips and sealed ball bearings for even rotation.

The Speed Jump Rope from Valeo is designed to provide consistent and fast training with an adjustable 10 feet of length. The rope is constructed of durable, solid rubber and the molded handles with foam grips provide a comfortable and secure hold. The rope’s sealed ball bearings keep the rope rotated quickly and evenly for fast jumping. Highly portable, this jump rope provides a great way to get an aerobic workout virtually anywhere.

  • Improve your balance, coordination, flexibility, and endurance
  • Helps develop core strength.
  • Exercise several muscle groups at once.
  • Adjustable-length jump rope designed for speed training
  • Rope measures 10 feet long overall and can be shortened to any length
  • Durable solid rubber rope construction
  • Molded handles with foam grips for comfort
  • Sealed ball bearings for even rotation


Reviews of Valeo Deluxe Speed Rope

Review 1: Preparing the rope for use

The rope is of a rubber material and is supplied with ball bearing handles. Since the rope is 10 feet long, most people will need to shorten it, which require a pair of slip joint pliers to “un-crimp” a crimped on brass eyelet. Most ropes are sized by adding 3 feet to your height, so 10 feet would be good for a person up to 7 feet tall.

The rubber rope takes a set from being folded when shipped. To remove the set, place on the dashboard of a closed car on a sunny day, get the rope nice & hot, then hang straight until it cools. Store by making nice loops about a foot or so in diameter. I added a very small drop of light oil to each bearing – it may not have been needed, but it made me feel better….

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Review 2: Solid Jumprope – Just Measure Twice and Cut Once

My husband and I purchased two of these jump ropes when we started training in Muay Thai. They do measure the described ten feet, which is pretty long for the average person, but can be shortened if needed. Unfortunately, unless someone else knows something we don’t, the only way to shorten them is to cut the actual rope and reattach it to the handle. It is not a difficult process.

The problem came in when my husband cut one of the jump ropes too short and there was nothing we could do about it. It was still usable, just not as comfortable. I would also note that if you are using them without shoes, which we had to do in Muay Thai training, and they hit your feet, it will hurt A LOT. The rope is solid and thick, which is great for durability and not so great on your poor bare toes.

Solution: Use sneakers haha. They lasted us both almost a year with no problems. Mine, the shorter one, is still in like new condition. I use it with sneakers now. It is a very solid investment. My husband lost his recently at the gym and reordered the same jump rope, so that I think that speaks to how much we liked it. Just remember to measure carefully before you cut and maybe leave it a little longer than measured to be on the safe side.

Review 3: Great rope!

One of the most important thing on buying a skip rope is getting the right length. This rope is 10 feet long, and according to a guide from a skip rope website, a 10 foot long rope is suitable for a 6’0″ to 6’6″ person. Most people just fall under it and so, all you have to do is cut the rope to your size. For those taller than 6’6″, you will have to get your size on special orders, which I figure is just about the same as you buy other stuff like shoes and clothes. The rest of the guide goes like this: 5’6″ to 6’0″ needs a 9-foot long rope, 5’5″ and under needs an 8-foot long rope.

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The rope is made of solid rubber which has a good velocity on it. Both ends has a small bearing in the handle which helps it rotates easier and smoother as you jump. The handles are made of dense black rubber foam for a non-slip grip.

I found adjusting the length of the rope relatively easy. You can remove the top of the handle with a strong finger nail, but I will not recommend that. Instead get a flat screw driver or a bread knife. There is no thread, you just have to snap it off. After that, push the rope towards the end of the handle. You will see two metal stoppers. One is crimped to the default size of 10 ft; the other is loose for your use once you determined the right size. All you need is a pair of pliers to crimp it and you get the new length. Then you can cut the excess rope on either the end.

You have to be wearing shoes and socks. You can hurt your feet when you hit them with this rope.

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