Yes4All T-Bar Row Platform

Yes4All T-Bar Row Platform

  • INNOVATIVE : Solid steel axle pivot point with dual bronze oil-lite bushings provides full 360 degree swivel plus smooth up and down movements.
  • VERSATILE : Designed specially to fit all olympic bar 2″ and standard bar 1″, secure tightening knob always keeps the bar in place.
  • CONVENIENT : Simply a plug and play device by placing under rack tree or weight bench (2″ tube) or bolted to the floor, easily fit it any workout spaces at home and gym.
  • EFFECTIVE : Great for variable exercises : backs, traps, shoulders, abs, hamstrings and much more.
  • DURABLE : Constructed for heavy duty use, supports up to 300 lbs, comes with 30 day satisfaction and 5 year warranty.

What makes the Yes4All Pivot T-bar Row so different? We win our customer heart with the Best Price of the online market and wonderful quality. Our pivot runs smooth, completely free of any slack, with accurate tube and powerful attachment.

WHY NOT NOW? With a bar and weight set and our T-Bar Row, you can create your own T Bar Row Machine for bent over row exercises.

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Product features:

• Designed for Home Gym lifetime heavy-duty back-blasting workouts!!!You can blast your back or greatly improve muscles by many types of bent-over exercises.
• It can fit all 1″ standard and 2″ Olympic bars.
• Full 360 degree swivel-up and down ability.
• Heavy duty, versatile, compact, affordable. Bushings for a smooth movement, steel for durability.


• Bolted to the floor or attached to a 2″ or 2.5 frame tubing (on base of dumbbell rack, bench, or rack).
• Cannot be used independently without being secured to base frame or floor.
• Use with either Olympic or Standard bars.
• Put one end of your bar into the platform cup and load the other end with your weights then start to work out.

Reviews of Yes4All T-Bar Row Platform

Yes4All T-Bar Row Platform Review 1: Very well constructed, inexpensive, works great!!

There are so many uses for a barbell landmine device and this one is so reasonably priced I can’t believe I didn’t purchase one sooner!

This unit is very well constructed. I attached it to one of the supports of my weight tree and it works GREAT!!

Don’t hesitate, purchase this NOW!! 🙂

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Yes4All T-Bar Row Platform Review 2: I love this thing

I love this thing! I’ve pictured a contraption like this over and over again for my garage gym and somehow came across this in a “recommended products” stream. It is perfect for One arm barbell rows, “T-bar” style rows, and Standing Barbell Twists. I clamped it to the underside of my lat pull-down tower and it stays in place perfectly. I currently use five 45-lb plates for T-rows and there’s no problem. It beats the mess our of sticking the barbell in a corner with a dumbbell or plate on top!

Yes4All T-Bar Row Platform Review 3: Best bang for buck!!

I was skeptical at first because of the price compared to all the others on Amazon. I took the leap and have no regrets! This is as strong and sturdy as the ones I’ve used at past gyms. I don’t know why you would spend more for the same piece of equipment just to have a brand name. A+. I have put up to four 45lb plates on it with no problem. Also purchased the monkey tbar handle on Amazon to go along with it. Here is to a swollen back!!

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