Body Solid Oly Power Bar 7 ft Black
Body Solid Oly Power Bar 7 ft Black

Free weight exercise is more popular today than ever before. Cost, versatility and quality of workouts are all reasons customers are buying free weights and free weight equipment. Outside of the weights, the other essential to any free weight workout are bars and Body Solid is a great source for free weights and bars of all types.

  • 7′ Olympic Bar – Black Finish
  • 30mm Dia at Grip, 51.5″ between collars
  • 600 lb. Capacity, 44lb bar weight

Reviews of Body Solid Oly Power Bar 7 ft Black

Review 1: Not for Olympic Lifting

First off let me say this is a quality bar for the price. It’s built like a Mack truck and for home use is more than adequate for any Power-lifting (bench pressing, back-squatting, and Deadlifts). I can’t give it five stars because there are however several problems with the way this bar is portrayed on Amazon. Issue one it is not like any of the pictured bars. The sleeves are not pinned but held in place with an Allen bolt not uncommon but not good for “Oly” lifting either as the bolts tend to come loose with repeated drops using bumper plates.

Sometimes Loctite or a Lock washer can alleviate this. The bar itself is almost 32mm in diameter which is huge for an Olympic bar. Regulation bars are 28mm and if you’re used to them the difference is beyond noticeable. The knurling which is described as medium is more like cheese grater sharp and will have to be filed or machined down to prevent hand ripping. Also though the bar spins with ease the large diameter and sharp knurling pretty much prohibit Olympic Lifts. All in all a good bar for the money and great build quality.

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It arrived in only 4 days with a light coat of machine oil. Be warned though this bar is probably not your best choice for CrossFit or Olympic lifts if you’re an experienced athlete.

Review 2: Good Bar- Great Deal

This bar arrived with a light coating of oil on it. After wiping it down with rubbing alcohol to remove the oil, I used it for 3 weeks now with no problems. I have had no issues with chrome separation or flaking from the bar. Mine weighed in at 45.2 pounds. The knurling on the bar is very uniform and is not too aggressive. The bar ends spin freely.

The bar seems to have a minute amount of taper, very slightly larger at the outside and thinner toward the inside. Spring collars do slide slightly if tugged at. The weights will not slide all of the way off if held at an angle. This isn’t an issue for me as I bought the Bulldog olympic weight collars to secure the weights. This bar is very good and is a great deal.

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Review 3: Great bar, the knurls are perfectly spaced for deadlifts

Great bar, the knurls are perfectly spaced for deadlifts. The grain it a little sharp but I like it, (so does the ole lady) gives you that nice man hands feel. Weight is almost exact, 45.2 I believe it was when I weighed it. I don’t do cleans and snatches so I don’t drop it far, can’t comment on that. There’s nothing I don’t like about this bar.

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