CAP Barbell kettlebell
CAP Barbell 20 -Pounds Kettlebell

  • CAP Barbell kettlebells are both versatile and durable
  • Offers a varied series of exercises to tone your entire body
  • Particularly effective in toning core muscles
  • Weighs 20 pounds; made of solid cast iron
  • Includes limited 30-day manufacturer’s warranty

The  CAP Barbell kettlebell has long been loved by those looking for an extraordinary edge in strength and endurance. Training with Kettlebell develops strength, power, endurance and balance. Working out with kettlebells will shape and tone the whole body on the grounds that lifting and controlling a kettlebell powers the whole body, and particularly the core, to contract as a whole, while building both strength and endurance. Kettlebell workouts activates different muscle groups all together. They are an extraordinary choice for getting an entire body workout in a brief period of time. Made of strong cast iron, these kettlebells are both versatile and solid. Caution: This item contains one or more phthalate chemicals known to the state of California to cause conception deformities and other conceptive damage. Shopper may return the product for a full refund, including transportation cost for both receipt and return of the item inside 15 days of his or her receipt.

The Classic CAP Enamel Coated Kettlebell

CAP Barbell’s Enamel coated kettlebell has the smoothest surface and handle available. A cast iron core is coated in a high-gloss enamel to give it a smooth surface for easy handling and swinging.

Kettlebells were originally designed for Russian Red Army soldiers and world-class athletes and are designed to work all the muscles you use for balance and leverage. Steadily progress the intensity of your workouts by incrementally adding weight. Increase your agility, build strength, and improve your endurance. Great for squats, throws, clean and jerks, snatches, rotational swings, and much more.

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(Note: I have the 50 pound bell)

At the current Amazon price with free shipping, this kettlebell is hard to beat. Still, it could be a lot better.

What’s good:

+ This is a rock-solid 50 pounds. The handle and ball are cast as a single, sturdy unit. The bottom is flat enough that I think you could use it for push-ups, but since I only have one, I can’t swear to it.

What could be better:

– The bell and handle are coated with shiny black baked enamel. It looks very nice, but seems fragile. By the time it arrived at my doorstep, a fist-sized piece had chipped off of the side of the bell. Even if yours makes it through shipping in one piece, my guess is that it will eventually end up chipped from hitting other bells, a rack, or whatever. Also, the handle is smooth, which requires a little better grip. (I don’t have a problem with the smooth grip, but if you do, be warned.)

– The handle is noticeably more narrow than that on my 35 pound GoFit 35-Pound Kettlebell, which makes two handed swings and mid air hand-to-hand exchanges a little tough. I have fairly small hands, and can’t get my pinkies inside on a two handed grip.

– I normally don’t comment on packaging, but in this case it has an effect on the product. Especially given the enamel, the packaging on this is really less than it could be. It’s basically just stuck inside a plastic bag in a box. As a result, the box showed up in tatters, and the ball was chipped. Even wrapping the ball in packing paper and tape might have protected the enamel in my case, and packing it in a Styrofoam mold would probably be ideal.

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– Lastly, it’s a shame this isn’t 24 kg/52 pounds. It wouldn’t be that much bigger, and would match the regulation weight for the SSST Kettlebell test.

Still, at the price and with prime shipping, I would probably choose this same kettlebell a second time. Recommended, but could be better.


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