Champion Cable Attachment Package Pack
Champion Cable Attachment Package Pack

Work your middle and outer back with this package of lat accessories. 20 inch straight bar with cushioned handholds is for pull downs while the rope lets you work triceps and lats at the same time. “V” shaped bar is for press downs. Includes 20 in. rotating straight bar triceps lat rope, V shaped press down bar. Ergonomic rubber hand grips that are knurled for greater comfort and safety. Solid steel, chrome-finished revolving lat bar. Warranty: One year. Cable Attachment Package contains the necessary tools you need for weightlifting in one convenient package.

  • Package includes 1 of each
  • 20-Inch rotating straight bar
  • Tricep lat rope
  • V shaped press down bar

Reviews of Champion Cable Attachment Package Pack

Review 1: Great Buy

Well the product looked almost too good to be true when I was considering buying it. It seemed like a really low price for the 3 products that would honestly cost around $100 easily if you bought them individually. I was thinking these would be lower quality, “cheapo” items, but thought it was still a decent price even if they weren’t top quality.

The thing that sold me on this set was the previous reviews. So I’m writing this just to reinforce that these are good products. I’ve been an active member in a few gyms, and these products are just as good of quality as in any gym. There was no rust or signs of anything but shiny brand new quality products wrapped in plastic and packaged well.

The tricep/lat rope seems to have the ends secured on very well and seems like it will be lasting me a long time. The V bar is just like in the picture, good quality with textured handles and large ends for a good grip. The rotating straight bar is nice too. The only thing about it is that the straight bar is not the same one shown in the picture; there are no rubber grips and instead are round rubber ends. I’m pretty certain it’s actually this product: Champion Rotating Straight Bar (20-Inch).

It’s still a great product with the same textured handles for good grip as the V bar, it rotates easily, and the round rubber ends are nice so you don’t have to worry too much about dropping it back on the floor after a set. Also the rotating part of the straight bar was packed with grease and seemed to have gotten a light film of grease on all 3 products some time during transit. The straight bar isn’t really an issue to me, because it’s still a quality product and the grease is no big deal to just clean off; just a couple of things worth mentioning. I do think the picture and description should be updated to avoid confusion about the straight bar.

Overall, this set is solid. Great products for a great price, I’m pleased and the $50 was well spent.

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Review 2: Good price, good quality

I bought a used weight machine not too long ago but it didnt come with any of the main attachments. All it had was the chain and a clip on each end. This package is well-worth the cost. The pieces are all well-built and even with how rough i’ve been with them, i’ve seen no wear and tear on them.

You should consider wearing gloves when using the metal bars because the grain on the bars can crack calluses and blisters fairly easily and can cause new ones if you’re not careful. Overall, these are well-worth the cost and a great investment if you have a home-gym of your own.

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Review 3: Nicely Made, Sturdy Equipment

Well made, does the job, like being able to vary between the different handles for triceps pushdowns. Those that have had trouble with the ends coming loose on the rope attachment probably should not have put so much pressure on the ends. They are not designed or meant to be a knob you grab onto!

They are there more for weighting (to allow the ends to hang down nicely so you can readily grab the rope) and keeping the rope ends tidy. I grip the rope handles a good 2-3 inches above the knobs. They will then last forever without loosening. If your grip is so weak you need to resort to holding the knobs – work on your grip strength, but don’t misuse and abuse the equipment and then complain it is shoddily made.

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