Champion Cable Attachment Package Pack
Champion Cable Attachment Package Pack

Work your middle and outer back with this package of lat accessories. 20 inch straight bar with cushioned handholds is for pull downs while the rope lets you work triceps and lats at the same time. “V” shaped bar is for press downs. Includes 20 in. rotating straight bar triceps lat rope, V shaped press down bar. Ergonomic rubber hand grips that are knurled for greater comfort and safety. Solid steel, chrome-finished revolving lat bar. Warranty: One year. Cable Attachment Package contains the necessary tools you need for weightlifting in one convenient package.

  • Package includes 1 of each
  • 20-Inch rotating straight bar
  • Tricep lat rope
  • V shaped press down bar


I was really impressed with the quality of this product. All three attachments are gym quality and very solid.

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– The rope is very thick and heavy duty. The rubber ends are securely fastened.
– The straight bar has a ball bearing swivel (not the squeaky metal cuff on a metal bar you typically get).
– The V bar is nice and heavy.

Just when I was getting ready to spend $80-100 for three separate bars, I came across this deal. My first thought – great price…not so great quality. But, I took a chance and ordered anyway. The result: TOP-NOTCH! I couldn’t have made a better purchase anywhere. I’ve been weight training for 20 years now and I have used good and bad equipment (there is a difference) over that span. The 3 bars I received (in about a week) were of the highest quality and rank right up there with the best I’ve used.

Beginning or advanced, these bars are for you. You won’t be disappointed.

Got these like 3 weeks ago. Just about when I was contemplating replacing my old (early 2000 model) York home gym Pecs/ Lat machine, (equipped with an approx. 48″ long lat bar), I saw this set, and because of the tremendous reviews, I decided to try them…..Very satisfied with entire package/set! Period!

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These 3 pieces transformed that sleeping artifact into a Triceps/ Lat machine monster to say the least. All three pieces are really of high quality materials – Commercial Gym grade as they say- and you would find these pieces highly worthy of whatever type/ brand equipment you wish to use them with. Just one click into your existing carabiner clip and you’re off into a whole new “burn”. Just two (2) weeks of use and arm muscles that were asleep are suddenly bulging and I’m looking like I truly “pump”.
I wont even complain about the fact that I had to pay near 1.5 x the actual cost of the items for shipping etc. to get it to my address here in the Caribbean, (duties/ air freight/ Import vat and whatever else you have to pay- esp. as these are somewhat heavy pieces) because these things will outlast a lifetime. My great grand children will be using these most likely in the future!
The rotating 20″ bar is fantastic, really takes the pressure off the wrist so there’s no pain there the day after. My 14 yr. old son was pretty surprised when using it for the 1st time as he exclaimed, “Wow, it turns!”, as he merrily performed some kneeling lat pull downs! I can go on describing the great design/ durability/ and the proper ergonomic feel of the other pieces, but hey…..that’d be somewhat like talking through an entire movie, not leaving anything new for the other anticipating viewer, wouldn’t it? GREAT value for your hard earned buck! Rest assured……..These are all fantastic and add NEW life not only to your home gym equipment, but also to your very important targeted muscles!! 🙂

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