Withings Activite Pop Smart Watch
Withings Activite Pop Smart Watch (Activity and Sleep Tracker), Azure


  • Dimensions: Watch 1.3 inches, fits wrist up to 7.9 inches, watch weight 1.3 ounces.
  • Displays: analog display, 2nd dial to check activity level, tap glass to check alarm time.
  • App: Withings Health Mate app available for iOS and Android.
  • Materials: silicone wristband, stainless steel case with colorful PVD coating.
  • Battery: CR2-25 battery with up to 8 months autonomy.

The Withings Activite Pop Smart Watch is a radiant watch combining time and activity tracking. It tracks your activity level and keeps you in the know with clear Analog feedback. Withings Activite Pop Smart Watch automatically syncs with your Smartphone and offers up to 8 months autonomy.

I’ve had Withings Activite Pop Smart Watch now for about a month. Had the microsoft band and liked the features but hated the recharging. Researched and found that the wrist-mounted heart rate trackers are useless over about 140 so I went back to chest strap for HR and just wanted a step counter for my wrist that I didn’t have to recharge. The withings watch was the best thing I found and it’s done exactly what I hoped it would. The little percent-done tracking hand is an unobtrusive way to see how much I’ve done. I can see it at a glance without having to press a button and it’s not showing up in neon glow for everyone else to read. The sleep tracking is sort of useful as well – never could use my fitbits or the microsoft band reliably at night because they needed recharging. With this I can tell more about my patterns. For instance my deep sleep occurs right after I go to bed but not if I go to bed at 1am because my wife starts her restless period. Anyway, that’s nice to have.

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Waited to review to try out the swim feature. They just pushed the update to me yesterday for me and went swimming today. As advertised, it just appeared upon sync which was really nice. I’ve always been annoyed at having to write down when I swim. While this doesn’t integrate with apple’s health app (yet – hopefully coming??) it’s a very nice feature. Not sure how they are calculating calories – they do have weight but it seems effort dependent and i’m not sure pace gives you that. Anyway, you just see a duration, not a stroke count. Maybe that’s coming. I’ve never had a fitness product that received automatic firmware updates – that’s outstanding.

Finally a quick thumbs up for their customer service. I had two questions for them and they responded to both within a day. It’s nice to be as pleasantly surprised by a company as you are by their product.

I had Withings Activite Pop Smart Watch for 2 weeks and I think that my search for fitness tracker/watch is finally over. I’m coming from background of using many many other smartwatches, fitness trackers. Here are few noticeable once I used: apple watch; basis peak; fitbit hr charge; microsoft health; misfit; jawbone up24. I usually tried and kept these for not more than 2 weeks (except misfit that I had for about a year). They all were returned for one reason or another (usually actually more than one reason).
As you could tell I bought Withings Activite pop with a substantial experience in smart watches and fitness trackers.
Of course Withings is not a smartwatch, but good looking watch with sleep and step tracking. And here it comes to personal preference on “smartwatch” concept. As for me I realized that I really do not need another small screen bussing on my wrist and giving me same info as phone in my pocket. It just another distraction device that I really do not need!
So what I needed was fitness and sleep tracking and HR monitoring during the exercise. Some of devices (like Basis Peak and Apple Watch) actually came quite close to me keeping them, if not for one substantial flaw – they are incapable of providing accurate HR measurements during intense exercise. HR only works on wrist-worn devices when you sit on the couch or walk or jog. It will not measure you HR accurately if you do any intense, non-step based exercises. Not good for me.
So that was my reason for keeping Misfit Shine. It’s very simple, no need for charge (just change battery every 6 months), tracks step based activities and sleep very well. As for HR, I’m keeping my bluetooth chest strap (I’m pairing it with iPhone and Icardio app for tracking). Chest strap has unmatched accuracy and reliability comparing to wrist optical trackers.
Now to Withings. I think its a really good looking watch. It does not need to be charged every day (or every 5 days like fitbit or basis). It tracks step based movements as well as the others. It has cool dial to give you immediate glanceble feedback (you do not need to swipe through bunch of screens to get to it). And it actually has very good phone app and web-dashboard.
To put it simply, after using it for 2 weeks – I love it. I finally got normal-looking watch (that actually looks good) that just works and does the job.
Withings – you got it right!

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