Hand Gripper Grip grips Forearm Strength
Hand Gripper Grip grips Forearm Strength 100, 150 & 200 SET


  • 100 150 and 200 lb Hand Gripper in this set
  • Excellent for increasing your grip strength
  • Increase your grip and lift more
  • Great for recovering injured hand exercises
  • Super for weightlifting and Powerlifting grip

100, 150, & 200 LB in this set Hand grippers. Heavy Grips Aluminum HAND GRIPS. Super quality with machined aluminum and super grip at the handles. These sharp hand grippers are rated at 100, 150, 200 lbs at the spring Hand grippers are a must for strengthening your grip on all of your pulling movements. Deadlifts, rows, shrugs, pully work etc etc. These grippers are for your average lifter to your strongest lifter, 350 lb grippers are pretty tough. Add grippers to your lifting and you will pump out more reps as your hand and forearm strength will increase. Hand grippers are not to replace lifting straps totally, but to add to your grip regardless of if you use straps or not. Train like a pro and do it right. You can use these anywhere and anytime. (great when driving in traffic or watching TV)

Hand Gripper Grip grips Forearm Strength is a great set of grips for someone who is looking to get into grip training. They are probably not as substantial as the Captains of Crush grippers, but at this poundage I don’t see that as a huge deal. If you are advanced gripper who needs 250lbs+ of force, then the Captains of Crush are probably a better bet. The handles on these grippers bend inward relative to the spring. A slight adjustment of your grip position can remedy this, though.

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I am a fairly advanced weight lifter, and even for me the knurling hurts my hands. Specifically, I wind up with abrasions and bruises about halfway down my fingers where they come in contact with the handles. This is especially bad when doing numerous repetitions. When closing and holding the gripper, the hand irritation is less severe.

So while I am definitely going to use these in my grip training regimen, I won’t be using them exclusively. For me, heavy barbell holds are much friendlier on my hands and will have to take the place of some of the gripper work until my hands toughen up a bit.

Hand Gripper Grip grips Forearm Strength are very high quality hand grips. I don’t have any experience with the premier brand COC grips, but at twice the cost, I can’t see those grips being better value than these, at least not for my personal needs.

With regards to the strength necessary to close the grips, I’m glad I bought this set that started with 100 because I was debating getting the set that starts at 150. Although I can close the 100, I find that I don’t have the endurance to be able to close it easily 7 or 8 reps, which is what they recommend per set. Just for context, I am a 155 pound male who is fairly out of shape and can only do about 3 pull ups.

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