Hand Gripper Grip grips Forearm Strength
Hand Gripper Grip grips Forearm Strength 100, 150 & 200 SET

  • BREAKTHROUGH YOUR PHYSICAL LIMITS – As most athletes know, if you want to improve your overall fitness you MUST train your weakest link. But there’s a difference between knowing this and DOING IT. If you’re looking to take your power lifting or other feats of strength to the next level then this is how you succeed… you TRAIN YOUR GRIP.
  • DESIGNED TO INCREASE YOUR GRIP STRENGTH – There’s nothing in a typical gym that compares to these hand grippers. Just think about it. Nearly every piece of equipment you touch wasn’t SOLELY created to target and isolate your forearms, fingers, and wrists. Meaning there’s no chance they’ll be as effective as these grip strengtheners.
  • ON-THE-GO HAND EXERCISES – Unlike most training, you can do these exercises just about anywhere. You can use these while you’re at the office or even in the car if you travel for work. They’re basically a discrete training tool that transforms your job and downtime into productive workout sessions.
  • CREATE HANDS OF STEEL – Just like in life, you’re going to have to get comfortable with being uncomfortable. We mention this because our grip handles weren’t built for dainty little hands. They were built to toughen you up and that’s how finger exercises should be. Trust us, your hands will get used to it and, afterwards, you’ll be grateful for it.
  • THE PERFECT PROGRESSION – No matter where you’re starting, and how strong you want to get, there’s always room to grow. That’s why our grippers increase at 50 lbs increments: to help you stay physically challenged. Thus, if all 6 grippers seem like too much then just start with the first 3 weights (100lbs, 150lbs, 200lbs). Whatever your needs, we’ve got you covered

Develop Tremendous Grip Strength With Heavy Grips

Hand Grippers That Help You Create Athletic Breakthroughs

Unlike most folks in the gym, you appreciate the GAINS that come from hand exercises. Since, as you know, real strength comes from training every group of muscles in your body.

If that weren’t the case, you wouldn’t be reading this page right now. Instead, you’d just be working on the same old workouts and failing to achieve any significant improvements.

Thankfully, that’s not the case. You want to develop serious strength and Heavy Grips is here to help. If you’re ready to improve your grip, and overall fitness, then you’re going to like what your arms look like after using these grip strengtheners.

No Piece of Gym Equipment Even Comes Close

While there’s plenty of great exercises to do in the gym, there’s not much that comes to mind to specifically train your grip. Especially when you compare them to a set of REAL hand grippers- not the plastic-handled wannabes.

And just like with any sport, you need to complete SPECIFIC workouts in order to properly prepare for it. So, you need to do the same with your grip. Otherwise, it won’t get dramatically better.

That’s why we’ve designed the Heavy Grips to build up your forearms and all the supportive areas around it: to finally give you a bone-crushing grip.

If that’s what you want then keep reading…

Turn Downtime Into Valuable Workouts

With a lot of weight training, you can’t just do it anywhere you please. You need to head to your local facility in order to fit in a tough session of lifting. That’s just the way it is.

However, what’s great about these grip strengtheners is the fact that you can use them just about anywhere you want- so long as you remember to bring them with you.

That means you can break them out while you’re on your morning commute to work or you can fit in a few reps throughout the day at your job. It’s a win-win either way.

Reviews of Hand Gripper Grip grips Forearm Strength

Hand Gripper Grip grips Forearm Strength Review 1: Surprisingly Good Grippers – Better Than Expected

A little bit about myself so that you can gauge whether these grippers are right strength for you. I’ve been working out in the gym for many years, but I’m by no means strong in comparison to many people. I’m also not big at 6′-0″, 165lbs. I’ve been doing some minor grip training once or twice a week using Ironmind Captain of Crush grippers (COC) for the past year.

I can close the Ironmind COC #1.5 (167.5lbs) with both left and right hand. I’m within a few millimeters from closing the #2 gripper (195lbs) with my right, but far from closing it with my left (doing negatives). The only other grip training I have is working out with sandbag lifts and weighted rope pullups.

Now to compare the strength difference between these Heavy Gripper (HG) and Captain of Crush (COC).

The COC grippers are rated as follow:

COC #0.5: 120lbs
COC #1: 140lbs
COC #1.5: 167.5lbs
COC #2: 195lbs
COC #2.5: 237.5lbs
COC #3: 280lbs

As mentioned previously, I’m within a few millimeters to closing the COC #2 grippers, which is rated for 195lbs. In comparison with HG, I was easily doing reps with the HG200 with both hands, which is rated for 200lbs. To me, the Heavy Gripper HG200 seems a bit easier than the COC #1, maybe just a tad heavier than COC #0.5.

With the HG250, I was able to close for 1 rep with my right hand (about an inch from closing with my left). Certainly the HG250 is a little bit lighter than the COC #2, but a bit heavier than the COC #1.5. The HG250 is perfect for me to build my strength up to the COC #2.

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Ignoring the “rating” and strength differences, overall, these are very good grippers for a much cheaper price than the Ironmind Captain of Crush. These are defintely a thousand times better than the typical big-box store’s grippers and comes with a lifetime warranty. The handles’ knurling is little less aggressive than the Ironmind, which is great.

The handles are slightly closer together in comparison to the COC, which makes it easier to grip for those who have smaller hands. If you are not a grip fanatic and your goal is primarily just to develop stronger crushing grip strength, these grippers are the way to go. However, if you are striving to get your Ironmind COC certifications, you should just go with the Ironmind grippers to get used to the way they feel.

Hand Gripper Grip grips Forearm Strength Review 2: Awesome

I purchased the 100, 150 and 200 and also the 250, 300 and 350

Let me start off by saying that I have pretty intense forearms and grip to begin with. I have 50, 60, 90 and 100 lb rubber rings that I squeeze alot. I broke the 100lb ring and decided that I needed to revert to metal. I would have gone to these in the first place if I had known about them!

Very good value and very good quality. Every heavy grip comes with a lifetime warranty. I see reviews complaining that something broke, well get a replacement for life! I had no problems at all with my grippers. They were right in-line with their rated spec weight. Because I had already been doing the rings etc the 100lb was not enough and I gave it to a buddy. I started with the 150 and 200.

\The gripper package tells you, but I will emphasize again train like you would with any other weight and you will see impressive gains in your hand strength. 10-12 reps and then do the higher weight 10-12 and then drop to the lower weight and do 10-12 more reps. Negatives or using your non gripping hand to assist squeezing then slowly releasing with your gripper hand works too. Then give yourself a day to recover.

So I started with the 150 and 200 and in 5-6 days (or my 2nd or 3rd session) I started integrating the negative 250 lbs down to the 150. After about 8-9 days I am only using the 200 and 250. I did a bunch of reps with the 150 for the heck of it earlier after a set with the 250 and 200 though.

I plan on starting to integrate the 300 with negatives in another 5-7 days. When you get to the point of doing the 200, 250, 300 or 350 no one will have a stronger grip than you. I squeeze my reps with the 250 and no one that I work with can come close to squeezing it once. A guy who I work with saw the 250 in the drawer at work and picked it up and tried to squeeze it.

He looked at me and was in disbelief that I squeezed the thing (He actually didn’t believe that I did until I grabbed it from him and knocked out 10 reps) You get to the 200 or 250 and Popeye will have nothing on you. Beyond that and you need to be very careful when you shake other peoples hands.

Great quality grippers delivered promptly and inexpensively. I highly recommend.

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Hand Gripper Grip grips Forearm Strength Review 3: Great for building grip strength

This is just one tool you can use to help build your grip strength. Grip strength is important in sports, but also benefits general hand health.

These grippers are well-made and very durable. I found that I could squeeze the 150 with some difficulty at first, but it was much easier a few days later. I’m still finding the 200 gripper quite a challenge to squeeze, and I’d consider myself a fairly strong individual.

I cannot fully close the 200 gripper, but it’s very close. I have not yet tackled the 250 gripper, but I can only imagine that it’s very difficult to close.

I’ve never used the CoC grippers, so I cannot compare them. But, the consensus seems to be that these grippers are just as well-made, albeit the weight estimates may be slightly inflated compared to the CoC. Regardless, the price difference justifies this discrepancy.

Bear in mind that training with grippers only trains very specific parts of your forearms and hands. You should complement gripper training with other types of grip strength training.

Two good exercises I can quickly recommend: sand training and towel rolling. For sand training, simply fill a bucket with sand. Now practice submerging your hand rapidly into the sand and squeezing as hard as you can. You can also practice turning your forearm in the sand, as well as isolated finger exercises.

This is my favorite way to train my forearms. Last but not least, towel rolling effectively works the forearms as well. Get a towel sopping wet and stand over your bathtub. Now practice rolling the towel up and squeezing the water out of it. Your goal should be to get the towel bone dry.

A final tip: Avoid overtraining! I was pleasantly surprised to see this exact recommendation on the box of these hand grippers. The directions suggest only training with the grippers 1-2 times per week. I think that’s sage advice as your muscles need time to recuperate.

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